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Q: Can Genjutsu be used like Shadow clones for training?

BejGenjutsu especially Tsukyomi, gives the power to the caster to control over time space and reality of person. Whatever done to the victim, even though didn't happen, is considered by the victim's body and mind as something that really happened. Based on that, can someone put a person or himself...

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@Memor-X hello
watup peeps
Hello, Hakase
does anyone have a working firefox extension/userscript to download reddit's v.reddit videos with sound into mp4s or mkvs like you'd normally right-click a gif or embedded html5 video and just save like a normal person would?
I'm really considering writing an extension and publishing it on AMO if it doesn't exist yet
my next question would be "does anyone have a tutorial/demo extension source that just compiles for me to test and modify"
11:46 AM
Good luck with that...
because reddit stores video and audio separately (urls are different) I guess we'll need to call local installation of FFMPEG to combine them into one file
I wonder if that's possible via extensions
worst case I'll have to write a context menu extension or a js userscript that sends the url to a locally running c# app listening to a local address and port for these commands, and do it c# way but that's dumb
it's 2019 why doesn't everything exist already
@Dimitrimx oh thanks
Beyond that, there seem to be some desktop apps and web clients. Which does hint to the fact you likely need to combine it using ffmpeg
I'm not against ffmpeg I just don't know if extensions allow to call random exes like that
basically all I need is a way to add "save as..." into context menu when clicking these vids, to save like a normal image/gif/vid to a specific path
then I'll be able to work it out via c# app or something
doesn't have to be all js
11:53 AM
Note that for "Complete YouTube Saver", even though it's not stated anywhere, you can just put the ffmpeg.exe in the Firefox profile folder. The only thing is, in order for it to know to look in the profile folder, you first have to set the about:config preference "extensions.cys.ffmpeg.dir" to any folder path (such as C:\) - this will work even if ffmpeg.exe is not located there or if your Firefox profile is on a completely different drive.
So apparently you can use ffmpeg.exe, if it's located in the profile folder
the script itself just loads the video in a tab, doesn't initiate the "save as..." dialogue
Yeah, I am combining some resources here xd
The few working examples I found where not really open sourced.
12:25 PM
@Hakase could try youtube-dl. on the list of supported sites it lists reddit and if you have ffmpeg it'll automatically use it to merge the files (since you can download audio and video separately on youtube)
@TheMattbat999 hi
@Memor-X doesn't do audio automatically
my primary inconvenience is that I have no way to right-click > save as... > pick target file path
with ydl I have to right-click > copy link location and then Win+R > youtube-dl [ctrl-v] [enter]
and it saves god knows to where
I have to then search for the file among 3 possible directories
I'd write to Firefox forums to fix this as a bug but they're aliens from another world and don't speak normal language
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9:41 PM
@Hakase youtube-dl will defaultly download to the same directory as youtube-dl from my understanding unless you specify the directory
there isn't a way to get the urls via javascript?
because i have a PHP and Powershell Scripts what runs youtube-dl using a .txt url list. if you can get the video and audio files from the site via javascript it's just a little extra work to modify the powershell script to then kick off ffmpeg to merge the files if it doesn't merge automatically
Function Write-Log($msg)
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Gray "[LOG] - ${msg}"
Function Write-Warning($msg)
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "[WARNING] - ${msg}"
Function Write-Error($msg)
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Red "[ERROR] - ${msg}"
Function Write-Success($msg)
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green "[DONE] - ${msg}"


$downloaded = 0
$retry = 0
$failed = 0

#$format = "test/[%(uploader)s] %(title)s-(%(display_id)s)-(%(duration)s).%(ext)s"
$format = "Playlist/_%(uploader)s/[%(uploader)s] %(title)s-(%(display_id)s)-(%(duration)s).%(ext)s"
^ that's the powershell though it's tailored for just downloading from youtube
the detection of when a video has been download could do with some work since it'll say Playlists failed to download
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