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1:19 AM
Q: Can Blast shoot lasers from his eyes?

PabloI've heard that in the databook Fubuki says Blast can shoot lasers from his eyes. Is this true? Can Blast shoot lasers from his eyes?

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4:55 AM
The Flower that Follows the Sun pg. 1 by Youkochou. Marisa's spazzing over mini-yuuka.
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8:00 AM
8:19 AM
@Memor-X How are things?
@Dimitrimx things are ok. my last cables came in yesterday along with my extra portable HDDs. i'll be finishing my PC build Saturday and hopefully not blow anything up and ideally meaning that i'll be playing some of my higher end steam games and/or fixing up my Visual Novels and Emulators
nice :D
You should be fine on the building part. It ain't all that hard
portable HDD wise last night i was copying over my Steam Library from my old portable hdd because it's been acting weird so hopefully this works but as i was copying 100+GB windows decided to force shut down when it was 10 minutes off from completing. have to redo that part
At least, it's quite hard to blow things up ;')
@Memor-X that's a big oof
8:25 AM
@Dimitrimx well i just have this paranoid pessimistic side that thinks i've done something bonehead dumb since this is my first Custom PC Build i have done myself and it's an expensive one
i sorta hope that the Thermal Paste is fine, that's the one thing i can't double check
Well, if you do ever need support on it. Feel free to give a hauler. I do, with some sorta regularity, put together new pcs
The most recent one last week ._.
@Dimitrimx well if i need help i'll shoot a DM to you on discord
sure ^^
Meanwhile, it's going quite well here as well.
Kinda bored, yesterday did 2 releases and handled some applicants.
Today, Im the only one in the office, and got nearly nothing todo.
@Dimitrimx Automation research time
or atleast that's what i would be doing on a slow day with nothing to do
giving myself work to give myself less work and they have more time of doing nothing lol
8:43 AM
I tend to just twiddle around with some discord bots in down times ;p
9:23 AM
@Memor-X Portable HDDs are usually really low quality. They break easily.
They're actually internal HDDs that failed QA testing, but instead of being thrown away, they're put in a non-user-serviceable and sealed SATA->USB enclosure and sold for a lower price.
So if your portable HDD is ever acting weird... Throw it away. Buy a portable drive enclosure and buy a real internal hard drive (laptop or desktop, depending on enclosure size).
@forest well so long as you don't drop them they're fine. i have a bunch of WD ones and they last me a while
I have (had) a bunch of WD ones too. About 20% died.
generally it's the interface chip that fails first but i have a SATA USB dock so i can just rip them out and use that
but the one i've been using for steam i have dropped before. been fearful i fuck it up badly but it still worked. though it may have still gotten bad sectors because of how the download work, how some are always needing updated. Warhammer Vermintide is download 30GB again and a bunch of games i used to play offline need updates when i tried updating them on my offline PC
You're certainly more lucky than I am with portable HDDs. :/
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1:28 PM
Q: How works the eleventh water breathing technique?

xmastertjeIn the last episode (20) you see Giyu Tomioka use an eleventh breath technique. He stopped the blood threates without doing anything. So how does it work? And it was said that there were only 10. So why didn't Tanjiro know about this?

2:07 PM
Q: Code Geass - What is the song playing in Episode 1: The Day a New Demon was Born

Royal AngDoes anybody know what song is playing at 15:12? (The introduction of C.C.). I've looked at all of the unreleased songs, but many of the OST is blocked due to copyright. Apologies if the answer is obvious.

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4:05 PM
Q: Naruto, trying to find the order to watch it

aewaeaweawewaso I've been looking for what to watch after Naruto itself from Netflix sense I just finished the 5th season. I cannot find whats after that, so do people mind explaining that to me, of the whole order it goes including the movies. Are the movies even needed to be watched?? When looking at oth...

4:54 PM
i'm late to the party, but the site design is on point!
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9:39 PM
Q: The episode when Sakura fought a burned child ghost

sakuraI look for the episode number on which Sakura fought a child ghost that caused fires. He was burned because his mom hadn't be able to evacuate him while a fire broke out. Does anyone recall?

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11:32 PM
Perfect Cell puts the Perfect in Perfection
@Memor-X i just realized now that when my new computer is done, i have really little need for my old computer and i could take out the C Drive in it and put it in the doc
said C drive has all my save data for games and Emulators
.......i've been backing up that shit like an idiot
11:48 PM
user image
also, rather than a third image i give you 113 NanoFate images. fair warning, i was just able to survive it

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