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12:01 PM
@Ave pizza with mayonnaise and blockchains
pineapple pizza
12:29 PM
I had pineapple pizza
For some reason pattern of pineapple kept triggering gag reflex and I nearly threw up
Perhaps the cubes were too tall? Idm
Mfw I'm the most powerful student in school now so cab't dye hair and go #rebel
die it blue
Now I can take the legal path
12:47 PM
try pastel goth look xp
Hnnnnghhh I want to so much
it often feels like you've got to be a special kind of cute to rock it though :/
idk it'd suit me tbh
I know it wouldn't suit me xD
you've got the right kind of hair to dye though :D
well yes
I wonder how terrible black lipstick looks at me
12:59 PM
I'd look so nice with pastel hair but idk if I can withstand the crushing pressure of attention
not sure they go super well with your glasses
@Taisho I want to see that :D
the pressure is REAL
I feel my lungs compressing just thinking about it
@Ave the answer to "should I wear black lipstick" is the same as the answer to "should I use blockchain"
@Gallifreyan oof. savage.
oh ALSo
1:02 PM
I would never go for black lipstick in a serious setting, maybe for a cosplay
It's the hard truth. I've only seen really gothy-looking girls pull it off
in fact, no lipstick whatsoever :o
@gal I checked and I have a shiny black and matte blue nail polish if you want to try them out
It would require a very pale face
Matte blue sounds nice
the only cosmetic customization of my body I'd ever allow myself is to dye my hair a little, and only if I very carefully pick the color gradient, so when it grows out it doesn't look trash as it usually does for 99% of people
no holes, no permanent ink bleh
1:04 PM
What about cybernetic limbs?
just read to the last chapter of shishunki butter charge which came out 36 days ago and it only just got real so damn I wanna read more :I
cybernetic limbs are fine, but you know, there's a certain minimal standard of quality I expect like no metal poisoning, no cancer inducing bullshit, no cold peripheral limbs syndromes, you know, the usual
@Gallifreyan actually I tried rn
it isn't the worst
would be better if I had black hair
or PASTEL colored hair
fact: everytime you say pastel, @Morwenn gets pinged
black lipstick kinda assumes the whole rest of the dressup
I can pull that off~
@Taisho ... degrees of freedom enough to scratch your own back freely...
1:08 PM
yea I wonder if I can pull off cybernetic limbs in my lifetime, it sure would be fun to try
@Ave are you pinging me everytime someone says "pastel"? :o
uhh… I can scratch my entire back freely as is, that's what I do every morning in the shower anyway
(speaking as both a cat with a talking scarf and as a yung professor)
I often want to scratch my whole upper body when I strip before going to sleep
that probably means you wear some wrong type of clothes which irritate your skin
my god
1:10 PM
@Taisho nah, it's the chill because it's cold
or u use some irritating products like deodorant or something
I don't use anything like that xD
it's not that itchy, it's just... when I scratch something slightly I want to scratch everything
1:11 PM
a few years ago I tried a new scented shampoo from the same brand I usually use and my skin got like I'm some grandpa and it got itchy and flaky and I freaked the fuck out and thought that's fucking it for my body I'm gonna die soon x_x
@Ave upload makeup photos, they'll take you :D
then I stopped using that shower gel and it got back to normal in a few weeks
so yea these things actually happen, even though I have no known allergies, maybe it's the one I do have, idk
my sister reported very similar effects from that thing, but our mom had no reaction so that's weird
dad didn't have a reaction either, so we're the cursed children
never to use a vanilla scented shower gel OR WE DIE
@Ave Just a heads-up, your gist links on your Anime & Manga profile are 404
user image
1:15 PM
@milleniumbug yes I renamed
« You can't see my eyes. I concealed them. »
john cena theme plays
one eye has it, one doesn't
(that feeling when I think I could share my pics online by I don't wanna risk it coz I'm gonna get involved in pretty high profile game development in a couple years)
the pressure is real
I'm already pretty worried about just the stuff I posted potentially being used to fuck with me in the future
I know these internet fuckers will find out all of my accounts one day
1:30 PM
And they'll know you've called them internet fuckers
oh they know already
they know what they are
that kinda reminds me it's the end of the year and I gotta pay for all my domain names
I just used even more makeup and dfjkghkdfjshgskdjfghksdfg
when I looked at myself and spoke I couldn't believe the masc voice myself.
@Ave left one on the photo?
@Morwenn left one doesn't have it
yay guessed correctly
1:38 PM
ok, I'm bad x)
I think it's supposed to hide the red part under the eye
good thing I don't try to apply makeup, I wouldn't be able to tell how bad I'm bad at it xD
@Morwenn that would be hilarious :D
the only few times I wore makeup, there was either someone applying it for me or telling me how to do
nobody wears makeup in my family, so I can't even ask them :p
1:42 PM
mom sucks at it.
@Ave next step is to ask yourself out :D
and blush
I should do that
and then write PHP
kink intensifies
@Morwenn haha
I wish I knew how to use maekup for occasions but I don't have the motivation to learn :/
2:22 PM
find some cosplay convention
I meant regular makeup, not cosplay makeup x)
the eye makeup in cosplay is more than often outstanding :p
get some girl friends that can show you :)
I'd love to help~
many of my girl friends don't wear makeup xD
All I know is how to do nails
2:29 PM
I can't do nails
@Ave we're « only » a few planes away
haha yup
note to self: don't trust microsoft
nor their documentation :(
what's with this culture of cooking large complex dinners to invite people to
everyone knows cooking a lot of complex meals is not a fun thing to do
and eating a shitton of food is not healthy
"here's lots of food coz we're wealthy and everything is good" is such a childish idea
just get a bit of something really good and enjoy it together
guess I just dislike cooking and don't want to see people stressed and drained over trying so hard for something I don't appreciate
make raclette, no cooking involved
3:12 PM
it's pretty easy
you do:
Base Coat, Color, Top Coat
with gaps to dry between
and then you can get fancier when ur a pro
im not a pro though
3:33 PM
@Ave i dont see any difference in the eyes?
what you mean?
yo @ToshinouKyouko
below the eyes
@ColdFire yo
4:13 PM
my first nice genji play on PC :P
2 hours later…
5:55 PM
I just remembered why I stopped using ritalin
Q: What's the deal with rotating voice actors in episode 6 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Zoku?

HakaseThe second half of the episode shows a word play on wisdom teeth (alternatively read as "teeth which parents don't know about") and during the entire gag, voice actors change around for every character. What's the joke in that?

I don't feel like myself
@Ear dailymotion.com/video/x914bp the ultimate shoujo art style
what is it supposed to cute?
6:02 PM
it supposedly reduced attention deficit disorder
@Hakase I'd have guessed seinen based on the art ^^"
@Hakase I could use some xD
idk about drugz against self-control issues
I'd be afraid to lose myself
the whole narrative that "you're already not yourself without drugs" is kinda borderline gaslighting
I already take enough meds on a daily basis, so I try not to take more if I can avoid
6:06 PM
I get taking drugs in case you're depressed and having very real suicidal thoughts, but having poor self control doesn't warrant taking in mind-altering chemicals, in my view
I know I've got issues with self-control and I think it's part of who I am
I like drowning myself in 1 activity until it's all depleted and I'm totally done with it
it's something I think is very valuable, to me at least, that I see many people unable to do
I'm often somewhat depressed, but not enough to take drugs (well, I do take hormones and am less depressed thanks to them)
@Morwenn adhd/add
pretty often it's not what I"m supposed to do at the moment, but yea, that's the downside of that
@Hakase at least you can sleep after that :D
well… I mean my sleep cycles are like 26-27 hour days so idk
6:09 PM
@Ave Oh ok, I didn't know :o
thanks to freelance work I can do that for now
6:27 PM
ah so that's how
there are hot questions with the same tag as my questions which results in me getting some of the upvotes
user image
7:31 PM
reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/comments/7ietay/… oh yea sure who doesn't love the thought of someone watching you through all these windows from the bushes
@Hakase but why, some would like it
yea, I guess some people wear clothes at home at all times
@Gallifreyan so... realistic
@Gallifreyan that'd probs still be illegal in canada
9:22 PM
Crytek just announced CRYCASH, a cryptocurrency "for gamers." Am I being very very very cynical for thinking this can't end too well?
9:43 PM
> warface turkey
haha yes
buttchain solves everything
@milleniumbug I think those are called "anal beads".
buttcoin based on the buttchain technology
10:07 PM
@Yuuki h-how would you mine that?
and how would transfers look like?
@Ave by getting it out of uhm, a mine
sounds fun.
how can I invest in this new distributed ledger technology
there gonna be an ICO
just send'em money
do they offer discreet shipping of the aforementioned DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY
nope, ICOs just take your money and disappear
10:19 PM
@Abyx Don't you mean princesses?
@Ave I don't know what they would look like but I imagine they're very unsanitary.
@Yuuki you'd need some equivalent of the coin mixers I suppose
something to clean the coins' histories up
2 hours later…
11:59 PM
Q: In what order do I consume the Blame! universe?

dot_Sp0TI recently stumbled upon the Blame! movie on Netflix. I eagerly watched it, enjoying every minute of it - not least for the underlying amazing world. I realized that it was based on the manga of the same name and looked it up. Now there's more than just the manga, to my knowledge there is: Bla...

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