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12:08 AM
that homunculus q is on the hot list
2 hours later…
2:35 AM
@Darjeeling somehow i got this trap alarm ringing
@Tyhja trap alarm as in warning you that the person is a trap (boy who looks like a girl)?
@Memor-X yes
@Tyhja well your alarm is broken, because it's obviously Reimu Hakurei because her dress is her Hakama and those selves are her altered Haori which gives her the nickname "The Armpit Shrine Maiden/Priestess"
trap wise (as in a lure) is correct however because it's a trap to ensure curious youkai in Gensokyo where they then become gay
or it's for her Wifey
@Memor-X i'd bet there is a doujinshi when its actually a trap
i have no doubts
@Tyhja obviously but i wouldn't care for it
2:50 AM
@Taisho i too would like to know
2 hours later…
5:07 AM
5:55 AM
@Memor-X: slightly surprised about it being a HNQ, since I thought that anyone who paid attention to FMA would have known that the premise of the question (e.g. Hohenheim is a homunculus) was clearly flawed...
@Maroon well considering that the question was about Brotherhood and the OP appeared to over tag they may have gotten confused in how Father is a homunculus and looks exactly like Hohenheim and they both have Philosopher Stones in them
one confusing thing in 2003 is how Ed recognized Envy to be his brother when Dante's form didn't change when she body jumped so why would Hohenheim which could lead to that Hohenheim's body was a homunculus one made to look like him
ofcause 2003 had no Xerxes so they can't have confused stuff from it
infact if you ignore the inconsistency in Yuswell the Prologue Arc in 2003 can be used in Brotherhood but that's it. Liore was totally different
@Memor-X: FWIW Mustang visited the Elrics for a different reason in 2003: he got a letter the brothers had sent to find their father, while in the manga it's just for state alchemist recruitment
Hmmm, good points though.
Honestly I had to actually look up the Wiki to jog my mind for details of the 2003 series; guess that's what happens when I don't think about the series too seriously and haven't seen it in a while.
@Maroon who is there to recruit? the Elrics were too young as Mustang points out after the train incident so do the State Alchemists just travel around to random towns looking for other Alchemists?
6:11 AM
So in the manga, the train incident happens after Ed joins the army. Mustang goes to Resembool to recruit the Elrics based on reports he heard of competent alchemists. (The reports also said that they were in their 30's, I think.)
@Maroon ahhhhh
i think how it happens in the 2003 anime is better. Ed gets the idea to join the State by Mustang who tricks him to help on the train. shows how calculating Mustang can be
I would think that "normal" State Alchemists don't do stuff like recruitment (I mean, we never see Ed do anything, and Shou Tucker seems to just sit at home doing sketchy research) and that Mustang's recruitment visit was more a duty that he had as an army officer.
Mustang struck me as a lot sketchier in the 2003 anime, even if he turned out to be a good guy; I remember distrusting him even from when he first showed up in Resembool.
@Maroon lot sketchier in the 2003 anime? he is alot sketchier there. he wants to become Fuhrer to make female officers wear tiny miniskirts!
it's like Frisky Dingo Season 2. but instead of Killface and Global Warming it's Mustang and Mini Skirts
> Taqu'il: He's a one-hit wonder: Mini Skirts.
Mustang : Want it. (Baby Lamont chirps)
Taqu'il: Shut up, Baby Lamont.
Mustang : Hey, bro!
Taqu'il: His foreign policy is unrealistic...
Mustang : Mini Skirts.
Taqu'il: His domestic policy is non-existent...
Mustang : Mini Skirts.
Taqu'il: Health care...
Mustang : Mini Skirts.
Taqu'il: Immigration...
Mustang : Mini Skirts.
Taqu'il: Welfare reform...
Mustang : Mini Skirts.
Taqu'il: Man, do you even know what these terms mean?
Mustang : I...know that I want Mini Skirts.
@Memor-X: ha, don't remind me.
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8:25 AM
8:56 AM
dips @Darjeeling into tea
9:13 AM
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10:57 AM
Yay i got my flu jab and my arm isn't hurting.....yet
1 hour later…
12:19 PM
I almost caught cold or maybe I did a few days ago, but as soon as I felt that I'm sneezing way too often all of a sudden and my head started to feel that special kind of dizzy, I grabbed a packet of that hot flu powder drink, closed all windows and put on a scarf. After 20 minutes it was all gone.
gotta act fast
@Taisho yeh, kill it before it takes ahold
the flu jab gives an extra boost for colds aswell. since i started taking them i got colds less oftern even when my brother or dad bring them home
@Darjeeling ^ bigger
yea, I resized some of those picture
@Darjeeling you can add m before the extension. ie.
then the wrapping hyperlink goes to the fullsize
well I could but most of those picture height are 240px and I want to make it look neat so I resized them.
1:05 PM
Q: The many Sabers of Nasuverse

DarjeelingThere are a lot of version of Saber (Arturia). Some that I know are the original blue Saber, Saber Lily, and Alter Saber. I also saw some other version like Sakura Saber and Master Saber. There are also Saber look alike, Jeanne d'Arc and Red Saber. So how many Arturia version were there and w...

@Memor-X nice
1:19 PM
Q: Euros? What's so funny about it?

DarjeelingIn episode four, the girls are running out of toilet paper and decide to go buy some but they don't have enough money so they ask the crew member to donate some of their money. Some girls don't have money, one of them want to use check and one other even want to donate a Zimbabwean currency. But ...

@Darjeeling brexit?
i think people should have laughed at zimbabwe dollars
that currency is a joke
dips @Darjeeling in tea purchased with zimbabwe dollars
You need to get a truck sized load of zimbabwe dollars to buy your bread
yeah true
whaaa D:
1:29 PM
@Ikaros "considering that your truck load of moneys is used to buy the same bread i get with this shiny gold coin, why don't i buy that truck for 2 gold coins"
@Ikaros holy fuck, what happened in 2000 and screwed them over
@Memor-X IDK, didn't read it all, there is the article
of is this the country who's leader passed laws that always benefited his personal businesses
But yeah the inflation went mad
@Memor-X That's the vision we have of most politicians in France ;p
Especially since we go through the elections
@Ikaros you're french right?
@Memor-X well hyperinflation to the extreme
eventually they abondoned there currency
and shifted to USD
1:36 PM
@Ikaros I can buy truck load of currency with 1-10 USD
@Memor-X I am!
@Ikaros you guys avoided Frexit apparently
@Memor-X We weren't really exposed to Frexit anyway
@Ikaros but that La Pen wanted Frexit didn't she?
1:40 PM
@Memor-X lol true
who got through in the election?
Opposed to what she may have announced, M. Le pen planned to restructure Europe rather than leaving it
So does JL Melenchon
But anyway, the second "round" of the election is between Emmanuel Macron & Marine Le Pen, so the chances Le Pen win are really light
Still, a lot of people really dislikes Macron
@ColdFire ^ Macron
They just hate Le Pen even more
sounds like a Decepticon
For a lot of people, it sure is
This year's election is quite troubled anyway
1:43 PM
@Ikaros that Macron is a Decepticon?
@Memor-X Lol, I did read Deception, and not Decepticon
What do you mean by that? The guys from Transformers?
@Ikaros yes, Macron, Megatron, Unicron
The ultra-liberal Decepticon
1:45 PM
@Ikaros you either vote for The Pen or a Decepticon
to be honest i rather the robot
@Memor-X Robots are fun
But Macron isn't :P
@Ikaros but name sounds like it
don't blame me after he wins he transforms into a French Style Gundam
With a béret mask and baguette arms? :P
@Ikaros baguette sword
i had a baguette today. baguette and BBQ chicken for tea
@Memor-X French bread is nice :D
When you get it still hot and crusty from the bakery
2:02 PM
@Ikaros i always wanted to get something like that
wish some cheese and bacon and ham in it too
@Memor-X Come to France ;D
2:14 PM
Q: Berserk - The meaning under "Causality" under berserk?

Akil RiazI just finished reading Berserk and tbh I find it extremely interesting. The story evolves greatly around the themes of friendship, betrayal, love and etc. Honestly everyone should read it right now because its that good! However, during a certain chapter the skull knight and void talk about so...

3:00 PM
Q: Does anyone know what the name of the music is on episode 6 of parasite the maxim at 7:19 to about 8:30?

Matt StockI can't seem to find it on the ost, maybe I'm being a dumbie but if anyone has the answer then fair shout!! it plays as shinichi is setting off to go get revenge for his mum.

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9:08 PM
Q: What would happen if someone were to have every anime power/ability?

HenryRuizAs the title suggests, What would happen if you had every anime power/ability? It may seem like a dumb question. But I'll add this, What would you do with it?

9:22 PM
Q: In episode 49, how did Rokuro get his hands on the Byakko charm when we saw Seigen using it in episode 48?

Arjit DixitIn episode 49, how did Rokuro get his hands on the Byakko charm to break the cocoon when we saw Seigen using it in episode 48 as Rokuro and the gang ran off? I just finished the series but this question is bugging me. Also, How is Arima still able to summon all these shikigami even though he s...

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