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12:53 PM
Q: Should Yuzu and Mei have fallen in love?

ZeeBeeDo you think that Yuzu-san and Mei-san should have fallen in love although they are step-sisters in Citrus? Or do you think it made no sense for step-sisters to fall in love?

3 hours later…
3:32 PM
Q: Does the Riddle Story of The Devil Special Make Sense?

ZeeBeeIs the Riddle Story of Devil Special a remix of the prequel or does it make sense? I ask this because I feel like they were on another mission against Haru to get whatever they wanted. They had to get Haru's pink pin before sundown to win, just like they had to kill Haru in 48 hours. So, does thi...

4:18 PM
Q: Who should Yuzu fall in Love with from Citrus the Anime?

ZeeBee1)Matsuri Mizusawa 2)Himeko Momokino 3) Harumi Taniguchi 4) Sara Tachibana 5) Nene Nomura 6) Nina Tachibana 7) Kayo Maruta 8) Mitsuko Taniguchi 9) Suzuran Shiraho 10) Mei Aihara


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