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7:47 AM
Q: How much does manga art/illustration differ from anime illustration?

BCLCI read a comment in a forum somewhere like 'I want to read the manga specifically instead of just watch the anime adaptation because I want enjoy the illustration of [insert the manga illustrator's name].' Are they really that different in general? Please provide examples. Based on examples from ...

8:38 AM
Q: Is the dad Isanari of the Uesugi siblings, Fūtarō and Raiha, named after Izanami or Izanagi given the kids are named after Fūjin and Raijin?

BCLCThe kids' names are Fūtarō (Fuutarou) and Raiha. As we see here referencing this, they are named after resp gods Fūjin and Raijin. I notice the gods have Izanami as a parent and then Izanami apparently has a child with another god Izanagi. So Isanari is I guess named after Izanami or Izanagi right?

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4:23 PM
And the stupidest theory of the day award goes to...
in Genshin Impact Talk, 39 mins ago, by SPArcheon
the character is small normally, turns into Theresa version during burst.
> The Great Jahy Dendro Archon Will Not Be Defeated
Random not-so-anime-or-manga news: A random JP guy registered Yukkuri as HIS OWN TRADEMARK (Reddit discussion)

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