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2:37 AM
Q: Whats the name of the manga?

user140133So in this manga, it turns out the MC died because of an evil god having messed with his fate? So they were going to reincarnate him as an apology but the evil god messed with his life again so his abilities showed up late. He was disowned by his noble family and started working as an adventure, ...

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4:18 AM
Q: can someone tell me what manga is this?

may can some please tell me what manga is this ive been trying to look for it everywhere but couldn’t find anything so if you know please tell me <3

5 hours later…
9:19 AM
@Dimitrimx A skin many would probably pay for.
@SPArcheon It would be a great one after all ;p
@Dimitrimx oh, I was just browsing reddit to see how long it takes for users to start ranting about the hide&seek event.
Apparently the update will have a prop-hunt style game, and I would assume that in order to work it would force multiplayer.
And ... I would also assume some players are going to hate that.
If anything, because some player don't like to play with people that they don't know.
9:36 AM
I'd understand that, I wouldn't want to play it with random people.
To me it's just not the game for it.
@Dimitrimx Part of a larger issue in games that try to force you into social networks like mechanics
Dreams is kinda the same.
The footprint you leave while browsing content is just... bad, to the point I refuse to take part in any moderation/reporting activity.
10:41 AM
user image
@SPArcheon that and it starts a downhill slope
first forcing social interaction
then there's ranks competitions against AI
then against players
then pay-to-win
11:06 AM
@Memor-X I don't think that is the direction they want to go, the game is mostly built as a single player thing, it is too late to change direction and it would hurt a lot the market position they claimed (if one want competition, there is plently of games that require less money and less grind to be played as action games. LoL, Fortnite and so on)
This seems more of an innocent idea, that failed to take in account that due to the world we live in, one does not generally want to advertise their account exist on a gacha online game....
Since thief are still as common as they where 10 years ago, accounts are still hacked and so on
4 hours later…
3:29 PM
Apparently I now have permission to use the close queue ;')
@Dimitrimx yeh i was getting that too
first saw it on Movies and TV and thought i was mistaken in thinking i had close voting powers before
4:33 PM
@Dimitrimx if one day you log and the house is no longer there....
you know why.
Q: In Naruto, what would happen if Naruto had Madara Uchiha's Rinnegans?

Stylerr.In Naruto Shippuden, Madara Uchiha gives his Rinnegans to Nagato Uzumaki, who later forms Akatsuki, Pain, and gathers many criminals as members. If Naruto Uzumaki had these Rinnegans, combined with the power of the 9 tails, how powerful would that make him? I ask this because if Nagato never had ...

5:15 PM
Q: What would you My Hero Academia or any other anime character be if you made one?

BlockBlaster08One day I was wondering what would my My Hero Academia character be, I came up with an answer but I wanted to hear others ideas. So if you could create a My Hero Academia character (or any other anime), what would it be and why?


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