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1:16 AM
Q: Numbers in every episode TPN

AiriWhat is the date of when Norman, Emma, and Ray go to the gate? As in- Emma saying she wanted to ride a giraffe.

1:34 AM
Q: Forgot a manga and want to find it

user140122A manga where the Mc was a blacksmith but lost in a battle and decided to end there so he deleted his account and left for a while than comes back Can someone tell me the name

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5:33 AM
user image
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11:24 AM
Q: Do you know what is the name of this Anime Character

SaraThank you in advance for the help getting to know the name of the character.

2 hours later…
1:07 PM
@SPArcheon Soul Calibur?
Q: What is the name of one piece in japanese

Celestial Cye| Attack on Titan = Shingeki no Kyojin | Food Wars = Shokugeki no Soma | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure = JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | Darker Than Black = Kuro no Keiyakusha | Fighting Spirit = Hajime no Ippo | Assassination Classroom = Ansatsu no Kyoushitsu | Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion = Code ...

1:29 PM
@Memor-X yep, just a random picture I found on the web
2 hours later…
3:12 PM
I have discovered that Temmie actualy does livestreams.
Saddly, it seems like she uses a normal voice.
3:26 PM
@SPArcheon how do you mean normal?
@Memor-X normal as in "her normal speaking voice, without filters and/or acting"
Basically, nothing like Gura for example.
Yet, I can see the reason. The stream are from the real Temmie, not the Undertale Temmie based on her.
4:05 PM
mumble... lets try this :p
fell the mahou shoujo vibes, @Memor-X.....
you should play Genshin... :P
@SPArcheon lol, my powers are attuned to yuri. magical girls just provide a greater chance for yuri to blossom
@Memor-X and that is also the character stuck in permanent blush.
@SPArcheon i'm aware of that one
To be fair, the color scheme already looked like Sayaka, so...

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