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1:16 AM
Q: What is the rules of this site?

FluffydaboyWhat are the rules for this site since I keep getting my questions closed from the rules I want to know so I can avoid breaking these rules

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5:51 AM
Q: Why did this anime reject the main character?

KuroiHow could this anime character be so cruel and reject her feelings for the main character?! https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm37386050

@Kiki'sExpressDelivery not ever trying to cover it up this time it seems
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1:40 PM
THIS I didn't expect.
Spirited Away live-action stage play
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3:08 PM
Q: help find title of this old manga

Abista VD(sorry for the tag did not match this post) i know this is unclear information but this is what i can remember about that manga: manga school /fight? he's got a tattoo on his back mc is transfer student students break the windows of his classroom he jump from 2nd floor with something and beat th...

3 hours later…
7:24 PM
Q: What anime is this image from?

OhtarIt's the drama genre link on funimation, but I don't see it in that category. Looks like it's a zoom on a poster...

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9:32 PM
Q: need help finding manga please any recommendation too

animeIts about this girl who is a photographer and she was looking for a celeb to take pics of but then she saw this guy in a pool and she was staring with the camera in her hand then he thought she was taking pictures of him without permission so he started searching her pls i need help finding this ...

Q: How strong is Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen?

sabayke bremsoI know that one of his primary techniques is the convergence of an infinite series due to which he can bring "Infinity" to reality. Things approaching him slow down and never reach. Also, by amplifying the "Limitless" (infinite) and "Negative Numbers", impossible situations like having 1 apples a...


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