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12:53 AM
Q: How does Nine from the Boku no Hero Academia movie have All for One's quirk

Aka-InuI was watching the movie Heros Rising and while they were describing how Nine got his quirk it briefly shows "The Doctor". He explains to Nine that he has All for One's quirk, which means he can have nine quirks as well as his own. It's never explained how this works, so I was wondering if anyone...

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10:07 AM
... for a second I though there was a new user. And then I realized it was just @hyper-neutrino with a different avatar
@hyper-neutrino new Winter Bash-able avatar? I guess hats wouldn't fit the old one that well...
11:01 AM
someone posted this on reddit
must be an IQ test.
If you choose to win every 50/50 over the 80primo gem cost...
(for context: a wish cost 160 => with a cost of 80 you get double wish. So in 90 pull you get 2 characters and you can lose the 50/50 only once. Therefore with this option you "win every 50/50 pull over 90 wishes AND get one more character also...)
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1:59 PM
Q: Manhua/manhwa (boys love) the main character replaces a prince/dukes first love?

CrazyI can try to go into detail but it's been long time since I've read it. There are two blonde twins that hold the most power in the castle (being princes or dukes, I can't remember), but the older brother doesn't like his younger brother. So he assassinated his younger brothers lover or got rid of...

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4:11 PM
@SPArcheon yeah, there's literally only one option and it's not even opinion based lol
obviously infinite mora is objectively best
cuz, you know, it's not like farming massive amounts of mora doesn't really take all that much time
@SPArcheon nah it's cuz this message got pinned and 5 stars in my site's main chat room
in The Nineteenth Byte, yesterday, by caird coinheringaahing
@hyper-neutrino I hereby demand weeb profile picture
@hyper-neutrino about 150k for one bloom. Depending on the location, some bloom take seconds, other may have you run around for minutes.
I was able to make some basic comparison thanks to my friend.
The blooms by the water on the Watasumi coast are all asking for problems.
with sayu it never takes more than like teleport loading time + 20 seconds to get to the next blossom lol (at least in the vast majority of mondstadt ones)
Specters, Mirror Maiden close enough to join the mess...
but yeah like
always win 50/50 is... objectively a silly choice when the red one is just that but way better
have enough for 45 wishes => very small chance to get it with guaranteed 50/50
@hyper-neutrino Exactly one Qiqi better.
4:18 PM
have 45*160 primos => 50% chance to get it with red option
@SPArcheon hahaha true...
also, because of 50/50 guarantee, "always win 50/50" isn't even 2x better, so even not factoring in the 4*s and weapon fodder and starglitter you're getting, the red choice is already better
Now, IF the resin option was instead "infinite resin" that could maybe compare.
Or "guaranteed weekly billet"
And even those would not be even close to "Artifact upgrades work like in Sword Art games".
(which is still grindy but not as random)
1 hour later…
5:31 PM
okay i might actually take a better artifact system (make it not totally RNG) over the 80 primo change
because artifact RNG is so annoying
the thing about that much resin is you'd need to farm a shit ton to make it worth it and I'd easily get burned out by that just like I did with warframe
being able to farm 24/7 is only more frustrating with how bad the RNG system is and the fact that it takes average like 80 runs or something just to get a goblet with the right elemental damage mainstat
5:54 PM
@hyper-neutrino If they really need some sort of grind, having a system more similar to how upgrades works for example in Sword Art Fatal Bullet would be better by far.
There, you sacrifice an item to either replace the substat of another one or upgrade an identical substat by a small percentage of the sacrificed value.
That way you would simply need to start from a decent enough initial artifact and then swap around.
The item has also a max cap for substats so you can only improve it to a set ammount.
You still waste a lot of money, time and resource but at least you always make progress.
6:17 PM
@hyper-neutrino I knew that you can find basically any Genshin weapon as a replica (including thing like Lost Prayer and Trilling Tales)
but... this too???
they even have Tartaglia earrings that I never even noticed he wears in the first place
1 hour later…
7:47 PM
Q: From what anime is that anime girl?

German0533 From what anime is that picture? All i know about it is that people use it as a pfp.

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9:05 PM
Q: Do all of the editors/assistants of Berserk know all that the author wanted to do?

dilep27623The question above says everything. Do they know all or some part of the future/ending of the series?

Q: Who are the characters in Aquaterrarium drawn on the sand?

Eric StdlibIn the ending Aquaterrarium (アクアテラリウム) for the first half of nagi-no-asukara (凪のあすから), during 30 sec - 45 sec, there are around 13 characters drawn on the sand. A few screenshots are below: Who are those characters exactly? The images above come from: https://naginoasukara.fandom.com/wiki/File...

9:31 PM
Q: Why wasn't Kochikame translated into English? (Official translation and scanlation as well)

dilep27623The question above says everything. Why wasn't Kochikame translated into English in any form?

10:23 PM
Q: Why was all of the hiatus in the big 3? (Vagabond, Berserk, Hunter x Hunter)

dilep27623The question above says everything. Why was all of the hiatus in the big 3? Was it because of health problems or research reasons? Why?

11:16 PM
Q: Could someone please help me upload something to Comic Vine?

dilep27623Could someone please help me upload the latest issues of Weekly Shonen Jump and the latest volume covers of One Piece of Planeta de Agostini to Comic Vine?


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