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2:09 AM
Q: Why did they change Todoroki's hero suit?

urmomOk! So in the first season, this was Shoto's hero suit. And I think sometime in the Third season it changed. Now, I really like his suit! Don't get me wrong but, why did it change all of a sudden?

2 hours later…
4:14 AM
Q: Where is this pool fom?

Tang HoI read a manga and one panel showed a swimming pool. Some readers commented "didn't expect to see that pool here" and no one would tell me where the pool was from. I presume it was from an anime or other manga just wonder which swimming pool is so famous that people refer it as 'that pool'

4:41 AM
result is unsurprising
@Sakamoto incoming HNQ
1 hour later…
Q: How many times have Pokemon actually died of old age

Hammerhead Shark GamerI was wondering how many times Pokèmon have cried of old age. Theirs Stoutland form the anime, but that's there only time. In Lavender town in one of the retro Pokemon games, there are Graves for Pokemon. There is also the Old Cemetery card, but it is unknown if this is for people, Pokemon, or bo...

3 hours later…
9:26 AM
And now why someone decided to put 'Shy in there with Baron?
1 hour later…
10:30 AM
I never knew this happened...
And I found one specifically for @Memor-X
1 hour later…
11:58 AM
@SPArcheon which one?
1 hour later…
1:18 PM
last one obviously.
and this is for @hyper-neutrino
2 hours later…
3:33 PM
Q: Please help I'm trying to find a manga I read ages ago

HirmarinPlease help I'm trying to find a manga I read ages ago. It is a shoujo manga where a girl was with black short hair helps out with her father's handyman business and she ends up doing household chores at this guy's house who has blonde hair and comes from a wealthy family, they end up falling in ...

4:02 PM
@hyper-neutrino want to bet that the next patch rerun is not Xiao/Ganyu like everyone hopes but Xiao/ Yoimiya instead?
I wait with trolling trepidation the day that a new RED bow is leaked and people will start to panic :P
4:31 PM
@SPArcheon that would be really funny and i would have to stay off reddit for a month or two again
@hyper-neutrino btw, did that artifact set that released just after the banner ended help in any way?
5:13 PM
@SPArcheon which one, the new geo one?
5:40 PM
@hyper-neutrino nono, I was talking about the old Shinemawa’s Reminiscence from 2.1 that released just after Yoimiya banner ended since she was in 2.0.
Like Kokomi getting that new artifact with the overlong description NOW, months later she is gone.
poor scheduling AND marketing
yeah it really doesn't make sense why they didn't come out together
like itto's set came out same patch (so technically before) as his banner which is how it should've been ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Raiden also was in 2.0 and her artifact set is supposed to be the Emblem, again 2.1...
@hyper-neutrino well, Itto comes also out with Albedo, who would for once be useful with him.
5:49 PM
Yet back to back banners do not work well for average player
BTW, nice sword design, I suppose players would love it... if it worked for anyone else but Albedo.

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