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12:09 AM
@Sakamoto anyone who watches/reads the series know if they've expanded more on this topic?
like it's been 5 years since the duplicate question/answer and while my memory is sketchy, it's been well over a decade since the Arabasta Arc where Mr. 4 had appeared in
it least i assumed he appeared in the 4Kids version of that arc. names like Mr # i know are from Baroque Works which was an arc that played 1 1/2 times on TV (because they stopped to reply the entire series again) and was the last major arc before that Rainbow Time Travel Fog mini-arc where at the end 4Kid killed off the Straw Hat crew
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2:49 PM
Q: Could anyone help identify this character?

Dakota So, my friend saw the charcater in this video at 1:42 (I'll link the video at the end), and I was trying to help him find them, but no reverse search engine gives an answer and I can't seem to find them through character appearance databases. I would really appreciate if anyone could help! Thank...

3:30 PM
@Sakamoto does this site have a policy for answering in comments on off-topic questions
I don't personally like it because I believe it rewards and encourages asking off-topic questions since you'll get an answer anyway, even if it gets downvoted or closed
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5:53 PM
Q: Is answering in Question's comment an encouraged behavior?

user11241I saw some, if not many, in (what seems like) unanswered question from identification-request tag, where someone replied with a title that they saw fit the asker's description. Some of it ended with the question resolved in the question's comment: where turned out it's the right answer, asker (be...

Answering in comments is just generally discouraged here, not just on off-topic questions.
6:12 PM

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