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12:18 AM
Q: what manga are these characters from

hazluaI have been looking for this manga for years, from what i remember it’s a romance manga. i have googled, posted on reddit, reverse image search etc- i could have the characters wrong, but i swear these look familiar. please help! i can’t remember the story of it, but only certain scenes. like the...

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9:01 AM
> Therefore, Starlight isn't using "Equality" as a way to make everyone equal. Her real aim is to remove the cause of her lost - the Cutie Mark represent the "ambition/vision" of a pony and that vision is what drives a pony to pursue his dreams even if that dreams takes them away from her. As she says in her song "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream".
What Starlight is trying to achieve is not Equality. Starlight wants an Immovable Eternity, unperturbed by any dream or exception that may take anyone on a different path, a path that would take them far away just like Sunburst
9:51 AM
@hyper-neutrino ^
10:03 AM
"Character's short: Sayu"
... is that genitive or a verb?
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11:37 AM
@SPArcheon extra points if it's hollow and fully decked out inside
@Memor-X I fear that would be really hard to do based on how the camera works in the serenitea edit mode.
Based on video, it uses a "eagleview" camera, so only option probably would be building layer after layer.
Even then, interior and exterior furniture seem to be different.
so, you couldn't place a kitchen in the T-Rex head for example.
12:08 PM
If the claims in this article are true, this is pure genious
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1:25 PM
Q: Can we add the synonym [seishun-buta-yaro] to the tag [rascal-does-not-dream-of-bunny-girl]?

NamaskaramThe tag rascal-does-not-dream-of-bunny-girl for the series "Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai" currently has no synonym, so can we add a synonym using the Japanese title? I think this would be in line with the current policy. Specifically, since the Japanese title "Seishun Buta Yarō wa B...

Q: Do we know what Hanami says before her words are automatically translated for the sake of the viewers?

NamaskaramIn Jujutsu Kaisen, the cursed spirit Hanami is seen to have developed her own language system, which is still somehow comprehensible to those who hear it. Those who hear it describe the experience as being quite creepy, whether they be human (like Fushiguro Megumi) or a cursed spirit (like Jogo)....

1:50 PM
Q: Older manga need help

King CrowleyI'm trying to find an old manga. All I remember is the main character was a female with ginger hair that was in pigtails. She was a hunter/explore and she ends up in a demon school pretending to be a demon I believe. She can use magic but I believe some of the demons know her secret

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3:13 PM
@hyper-neutrino good to see everyone has full faith in Childe intelligence.
@Memor-X the madman channel...
disclaimer, it is bilibili - should be China's Youtube basically but I have no idea on how safe it is.
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4:46 PM
@Sakamoto ...
this feels largely opinion based and feels more of a write-up on why OP themselves supports this ship (and a defense of that) than something actually belonging to SE, no? (since it's a post-with-self-answer)
idk i'll just leave it to people who actually know the site scope to vote
I also wouldn't say 15/16 is "pretty mature" though TBH; a) cuz that's still quite young and b) cuz age isn't a measure of maturity or maturity wouldn't be a concept
also, given the heavy and repeated implication that people who hate this ship are homophobic i would argue this borders on breaking CoC (although that might be true, i've heard only bad things about the MHA fandom TBH)
5:17 PM
every "fandom" is bad.
If you studied literature, that was actually a belief of Italian writer Manzoni.
He basically realized the "Conservation of ninjitsu" trope years before TV Tropes even became a thing.
The only difference is that he basically claimed that
> the total intelligence of any group is a constant
so, the larger the fandom....
Or more realistically, you can simply say that the rotten apples in any basket is the ones you will notice first.
also the loudest people tend to be the worst whether that's least intelligent or most rude or whatever
true for pretty much all of the internet
5:39 PM
@hyper-neutrino funny enough, the fact that internet makes "bad apples" more evident - be it a deserved bad review for a product or someone misbehaving on a forum is indeed something that was formalized and studied.
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10:42 PM
@hyper-neutrino a "why is this ship a thing" self answer could be fine depending on how the question is worded where it seeks only actual evidence from the series and production. for instance one of Nanoha and Fate could work that with the answer addressing how they live with Vivio and the seiyuu's actions (eg. both Seiyuu ship them and Nana as Nanoha in a stage play proposed to 'Nanoha')
though at the same time i have my own bias lol
@Memor-X ah, okay I see.
i guess the main part of this that makes me a bit less fond of this answer is
> Everyone with at least a single hobby on their life don't really care if two male characters are getting shipped. On the other side, people that have nothing to do except create drama over nothing love to hate on everything that alot of people hate on. That's called having no personnality, for example some boys are homophobic, sexist, racists, transphobes.
> But from their perspective, as long as they're like with the majority, they don't care and enjoy mocking and harrassing anyone different like using the 'n' word or the french 'p' word. Most of the time it's not that people are homophobes with actual valid and smart arguments. just sheeps following other ppl :|
i don't really care about this ship like i legit do not know who these characters are but this just feels kinda unnecessary to me xD
and for the record, Nana is married and gave birth this year so she wasn't secretly gay (would be Bi but we wont know)
oh hey, chat flag. been so long
@hyper-neutrino yeh i do feel the point to the whole thing was that second half of the answer to rant
like i really only care about shipping discourse when it's like an all of a sudden course change for characters due to production politics or if production politics gets in the way of telling the story that leads to the ship
specific to headcanon ships, i only really care when people start trying to say things that they made up are canon or that everyone else should agree with them lol
MadoHomu is canon, change my mind with force lol
who now? (lol)
oh yeah genshin fandom when it comes to shipping is also so problematic i hate it so much
10:59 PM
@hyper-neutrino Madoka and Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
but ofcause NanoFate (Nanoha x Fate) is much stronger canon wise because you have scenes like this
34 seconds in, holy crap is Vivio not safe for my heart

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