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8:08 AM
Q: What is the anime where...?

RyotStarterI have been trying to find a certain anime for years now! In the anime I am searching for, the main character dies by bicycle accident (from what I remember) and the anime continues with him as a ghost/spirit or something. If you can help me remember, you have my thanks!!

2 hours later…
10:10 AM
Q: Why didn't the UA traitor warn the Paranormal Liberation Front of the incoming raid?

battery051The UA Traitor was the reason for both of the League of Villains attacks on UA. From the USJ ambush and the kidnapping on the Pussy Cats' training camp. Presumably, they are a very connected member of the student body or staff and are able to relay information covertly. With the attack on Jaku Ho...

7 hours later…
5:20 PM
Q: (Possible Spoilers) In Hortensia Saga why can't the princess just return to the castle?

The ShadowmasterI understand that the castle was attacked, but they said in the anime that her brother was on the throne and that she was missing. So if her brother is on the throne can't that uncle Maurice call some guards or knights and escort her to the palace? There are no enemies at the palace, so why hide ...

4 hours later…
9:04 PM
Q: Please help me find this hentai manga

JgrddddddI am looking for a hentai manga I once read it was about a guy who picked up a homeless girl and then took her home they ended up having sex and there is only a couple of chapters.


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