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Q: The concept of owning someone comes up in anime, usually as part of a bet. Is it based in reality or is it just a tv trope?

David HobsIn "Misfit Demon King Academy", Sasha Necron makes a bet with the demon king regarding one of the competitions. She says that if she wins, "Then I own you."  In "Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average", Mile agrees that if her team loses to all of Arledy's minions, the noble Arledy would own m...

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Q: How will attack on titan end

krishnaI have been curious about this for a while how will attack on titan end will according to you will eren die in the end or marry mikasa or get eaten by somebody

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Q: Can Toru Hagakure blind people using her quirk?

No_NameFirst of all, can she even refract lights at a long radius? And I know that her skin can refract light to make her invisible but can't she undo it at will? We've already seen her refracting Yugi Aoyama laser beam to change direction, Then that means she can control the lights surrounding her at w...

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@Memor-X Disagea 6, finally?
@Derpy don't think so, the next Disgaea release is A Promise Revisited on PC (just Disgaea 4 Complete)
the art style can be used in various NIS games. Witch and the Hundred Knight, Labyrinth of Refrain
i think NIS or NISA would soon release Disgaea D2 on PC before a Disgaea 6
Q: seven deadly sins confusion

niklaswIn seven deadly sins, diane is 750 years old, ban and escanor are under 50, so 3000 years ago ten commandments got beat by seven deadly sins, so my question is, who were the original seven deadly sins? Since ban, Escanor or diane were alive?

actually wont be surprised if a new one comes out in the next couple of years for PS5
1 and 2 was PS2, 3 and 4 were on PS3, 5 and D2 was PS4
if i was to guess, we will be 6 and 7 or 6 and D3 for the PS5
assuming it doesn't get banned
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11:55 AM
@Memor-X there are a few instances of random "6" in that image....
Remember, when Disgaea 5 was made, they had this postcard.
Furthermore, they are talking about D6 since... 2018.
Mentions of PS5 in there too. Which will be released this holiday.
Probably gonna to be a launch title, with a Switch port some months later.
@Derpy i think if they do release it that soon it wont be a release title. the problem with release titles is that they can't really sell well ontop of the cost of a new console. my guess is they'll wait to a better time to get more sales and release on Switch at the same time
Q: What does this line all mean?

Daniel Riggplease explain what this means its a line by Ojousama character from an anime「[お慕い申しております!どうしても、この気持ちをお伝えしたくて!もしよかったら、わたくしと永遠の契りを あぁー私 (わたくし) ったら、もう何を言ってるんでしょうか?]。

like Sony hasn't came out with the price yet for the PS5, early guesses is putting it at 400-500 and if the titles already announced are release titles aswell, they are going up against Horizon and Ratchet and Clank
12:16 PM
I think that in Japan, Disgaea fans would just buy the game without much thinking about other options - the style is quite peculiar, so in that way they don't have direct competition.
That said, nothing implies they wouldn't release the game on Ps4 too.
I only meant that I expect the inevitable Switch version to come later thanks to some usual Sony style "Limited-time Exclusive" $$$$$$$ agreement.
You know, the ones where Sony throws money at companies to have them delay the game on other platforms.
@Derpy if the pattern holds (and it has for Final Fantasy. we got Type-0, XV and VII Remake for PS4) then it'll be for PS5
@Derpy oh that, yeh it'll come out later
though they might time it outside of ATLAS's releases, they got Shin Megami Tensei 3 and 5 coming to the Switch and japan loves those games from what i understand
sometimes it's not about competing against the game at release since you wont want to complete ad space and attention too
more so during the pandemic when people have nothing to do
@Memor-X as you said before, that would be just them cutting of sales... for no reason, since the average Disgaea game doesn't exactly need PS5 power to run.
And remember that PS5 is going to be back compatible with PS4 games, with
@Derpy depends on what they are going for. they could be upping the graphics as Disgaea 4 had HD Sprites. getting about the time sprites evolved into Renders and Asagi gets her HD Sprite
> PS4 games submitted for certification after mid july must be Ps5 compatible at launch time
@Derpy yeh but backward compatibility isn't 100% so you would release a PS4 game for a PS5. only Microsoft is doing that
12:25 PM
@Memor-X See above message, taken some recent press-release
@Derpy i think that's just to save up the time as Sony would already be working on their catalogue
and i think it would be more for games already in development for PS4
if the game is going to be released for holiday season, the Ps4 game must be compatible with Ps5, meaning they could be basically using the same game on both platforms
i think by now devs are getting the PS5 Dev Kits and Sony would be wanting people to make PS5 games in order to sell more consoles
not sure about other companies but Square's screwed themselves with the Remake Project
@Memor-X the remake project will make people MAD no matter what.
don't know if it is safe to discuss plot spoilers here but they have put themselves in a thorny situation.
like with The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, they re-releases Complete games on the PS4 because 3 and 4 was PS4. VII Remake isn't a complete game, would expect save game importing and going so either going to have to re-release on PS5, stick to PS4 or do what Bioware did and make a third party system to create save imports
@Derpy beyond Jenova being set free and Shin-ra/Rufus hunting them?
just from what i know of the game ends with them leaving Midgar, at that point Jenova is free and they are Enemy No 1 by Shinra in the original
12:33 PM
@Memor-X nope, the changes from the original and how those change will make half of the buyers mad, no matter what they will do in the next games
if it's anything beyond that then Square's really risking it in screwing up the next part
@Derpy chnaged.....*starts imaging a certain character not dying and getting a Yuri end with the 2 main girls*
@Memor-X as I said, I can elaborate - either here or in an "ad-hoc" room, but it is your choice
@Derpy no it's fine. just leave me to my yuri fantasy
.... to be fair, in case A) it is also a choice for the room because random passerby may read the spoilers too.
even if it doesn't work out. i still have Fang and Vanille with Lightning on the side
12:37 PM
what I will said is that there are some changes, and those changes now made people expect other changes.
And either way, some players will be mad. Some will be mad if the hinted changes were just a red hearing and some will be mad if they weren't.
Either way, Square is going to get a lot of hate when they release part two.
@Derpy yeh that's what i keep reading. am hoping they finish the project soon so i can play it
been putting off playing the original
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Furthermore, and this isn't a plot spoiler... The remake is quite impressive in how the environments have been remade. Midgard does indeed feel like an entire city now.
Yet, if Midgard alone now has this kind of scale, I don't see how they can manage the rest of the world.
And I can't really see how they can even hope to have an "open world" style map.
It simply isn't doable in terms of needed work.
That, or the map needs to be as barren as Ocarina of Time Hyrule Field was.
Either way, again, they put themselves in a bad spot there - there is no way the rest of the world can have the same level of detail as Midgard, so either they cut on exploration with "Macross Invisible Walls Massacre" or.... well, I don't see a second option :P
2:11 PM
@Derpy that's sorta been one of my worries. all that effort into Midgar when you still have the entire world and with the other games we know there's more to it than the original game
like they could just say Edge was built after Meteor Fall as it only appeared in events after the original game, but we know Banora existed so there should be ruins
@Derpy they might. i have not gotten to play it yet but Final Fantasy XV has you driving a car and it could also fly and i hear it's enjoyable to do
alternatively they could do something like XII where it's regions made up of smaller areas
@Memor-X and in the meantime they supposedly work on other games too, I don't see the remake project being completed anytime soon.
@Derpy another worry of mine. Square Enix (as Square Soft never did this) never sells sequels well
they have diminishing returns and that could just lead to the project getting rushed
to be fair, while the remake has some potential intriguing concepts so far.... I am far more interested in them realizing they have lost brands that they could use.
people will point to how XIII got 2 more games.....but XIII was stand alone until XIII-2 came and ended with a cliff hanger
I need this one to return as a game.
2:18 PM
@Derpy Mana for one
they re-mastered Trials of Mana, only a shame it's got DRM in it
@Derpy what's that from?
@Memor-X Never seen Guru Guru?
Oh, well, now I feel old.
You know DragonQuest, right?
Well, back in the SNES era Enix had an anime that was basically a parody of DragonQuest.
And it was quite good. Some of the idiocy they put into that show I will never forget.
Like when the protagonist is sent to seek the "king" of fire to learn to wield the Fire Sword.....
and the real identity of the king :P
@Derpy yep
@Derpy not sure if they'll make it into a game
@Memor-X They ALREADY DID!
2:24 PM
@Derpy they did? i tried googling it but i just got a game maker
SNES... or Super FAMICOM to be more precise.
Never released outside Japan.
But you know, since recently they made a (short 26 episode) remake of the anime....
They could finally redo the game too.
With Ni No Kuni style level of graphics....
Would be a dream came true.
But they won't.
I know them.
They are stupid :P
A little sample from the original anime. The two kids are the actual protagonists. The other two characters.... they think they are the protagonists.
You will notice how the fake protagonists clothes are quite Dragon Quest stile. The female is basically wearing the old Dancer class clothes.
The only problem that show had is that you needed to be a fan of JRPG to appreciate all the parodied tropes they had.
I kinda remember a scene near the beginning with the characters exploring a dungeon until they end up blocked by a closed door. The hero takes a torch and lits two braziers near the door.... you hear a "pling" and the door opens.
The hero then says something like "yep, already played that game".
Soon after, they obviously find a fairy. Trapped in a bottle.
It is a shame that the remake replace the bottle with a glass sphere.
2:53 PM
Q: Help of Identifying Anime Music Name

MasonAny chance of recognizing this music? I'm sure it's an anime's OST but I've forgotten the name. It sound roughly like this: | B A B E* E B A | B A B F#* F# B A | B A B E* E B A | B A B E* B A* | *quarter notes, the rest are eighth notes

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Q: Did Shizuno,an Ojousama character from Ani Tore, reject the First person view protagonist in the directors cut episode 12 in season 2?

Daniel RiggIts a scene during her confession in the last episode of Ani Tore XX,comes from the BD release that shows extended scenes that were not seen during the original tv broadcast,I am very confused about it she says these lines Japanese: [お慕い申しております!どうしても、この気持ちをお伝えしたくて!もしよかったら、わたくしと永遠の契りを あぁー私 (わたくし) ...

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Q: Im searching for a song in the season 1 of Attack on titan

Rainbow51Im searching for the song when the female titan kills the 2 guys then goes to Armin (Its the episode 17) I tried searching on YouTube or in the theme itself of the female titan but nothing.

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Q: When to watch Akakill Theater?

AndyI watched the first episode of Akame ga kill from my plex server and was a a bit surprised that it put Akakill Theater ep 1 as the next episode to watch. It looks like the air date for each Akakill Theater episode matches the air date the actual show episode from thetvdb.com, so perhaps these sho...


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