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Q: What is the "ceramic" used in the world of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind?

BatpersonIn the manga and anime, there are many references to the use of "ceramic" as a material. We know that the vanished industrial civilization which preceded the rise of the toxic jungle used it widely, and it was important enough that this time was known as the Ceramic Era. In the time of Nausicaa m...

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12:50 PM
Q: What's the name of the manga where the MC was stuck in the girls locker room,

SetientShade4and was found by the Main girl, but instead of turning him in , she covers for him, School life

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3:18 PM
Q: Help me know what anime is this

ARIMAThis anime i think was 3 to 4 years ago and i want to watch it again but i forgot

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9:55 PM
Q: I loved this manga but I forgot the title

Cazandranot related to the tags but hopefully someone out ther might know about this manga. The female mc is a blonde and not very feminine at all. The female mc is a cool badass agent? i think. i can’t remember well. She met this guy who is known for killing various people and as the manga goes on thei...

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11:59 PM
Q: Where was Kurapika while Gon was dying?

AGoraya0710Title says it all. Kurapika was completely absent while Gon was almost dead. In the anime, it showed one flashback to Kurapika sitting on a chair, but thats all. Was this explained at all?


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