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12:00 AM
Q: When is Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World set?

Memor-Xi got an email from Viz Media talking about a a new Bleach novel. the description in the email says Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World, Vol. 1 (Novel) Go deeper into the world of Bleach with the novels! The Quincies’s Thousand Year Blood War is over, but the embers of turmoil still smolder in...

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2:47 AM
Q: Why can't the Jinchuriki use the Death Reaper seal?

Ayoub niamaIn the Naruto Manga chapter 503 page 17,minato told kushina that only a non jinshuriki can use the shiki fujin,so why the jinshuriki can't?

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5:29 AM
so apparently there's been a surge of anime-style Canadian Universities fanart over the last several days fanlore.org/wiki/UWaterloo_Department_Anime_Girls
University of Toronto x University of Waterloo seems to be a popular shipping now too
not at all what I expected from 2020, but I'll take it!
@ahiijny i can find image of said ship
5:51 AM
looks like there are yaoi versions and yuri versions
@ahiijny awww, the yuri ones are cute
so many amazing artists out there ^_^
6:54 AM
@Memor-X burn that fan.
@Derpy oh no, it's ok, the thing's been pounded flat and dried out
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9:03 AM
9:20 AM
Q: Where should I read the manga of NATSUME YUUJINCHOU after season 6?

dolphin4567As we all know Natsume Yuujinchou is a pretty famous anime, It has aired 6 seasons uptill now it was expected that 7th season might come in 2020 but no signs so far... I was hoping to read the manga in continuation of the 6th season, but I'm having trouble finding the chapter from where I should ...

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10:56 AM
@Memor-X are you implying it is meant to be eaten like those dried squids?
@Derpy no. wouldn't taste good anyway
@Memor-X the good old flavor of "Deception & Broken Hopes", who doesn't love that? :P
@Derpy well obviously other Incubators since one ate the other
sudden realization- New Headcanon: The bottom of the Abyss is where Kyubey lives.
which now that I think of it....
user image
@Derpy Shibey
11:05 AM
Now we know where the Kyubeys came from in the first place.
@Derpy or their bodies anyway
also, please notice that the thing also looks like a Pikachu....
so, I think we got the full evolutionary chain.
Pikachu -> unnamed Abyss creature -> Kyubey.
11:21 AM
i would have thought it was

Ichibey > Niibey > Sanbey > Shibey > Gobey > Rokubey > Nanabey > Hatchibey > Kyubey > Juubey
or maybe the reverse as Juubey was a fake and we've only seen Kyubey at first
BTW, seems Genshin Impact final beta has started.
and.... it is still an always online free-to-play game. What a shame.
well Ys IX looks to be a decent replacement in regards to the whole swapping characters to use abilities to explore
@Memor-X yep, but if you skim thru the video you will also notice it also has a BotW vibe. Just noticed that there is also climbing with a stamina circle.
11:36 AM
22:30 - not only they use basically a clone of Zelda bomb arrow, the place looks like a moblin camp :P
..... and then they lit a fire under a pot in said camp and start cooking.
it's not produced by Tencent or Netease is it?
the two are trying to create crappy cloned of Cyberpunk 2077 and the later goes all out with online stuff for monetisation, so "MMO Breath of the Wild" would sound like something up their ally
Company name is Mihoyo, I think.
That said.... apparently in the various beta the Android client was about... 6/7GB.
So long to your mobile data plan.
I always avoided that One Piece mobile gacha (Tresaure Cruise) because I heard it is quite data intensive (which IMHO makes no sense based on the game graphics... 2d characters and static CG cutscenes.... how it manages to require so much bandwidth??) but I think this one will be far worse.
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1:21 PM
noticing @Mysticial profile
elaborating troll....
@Mysticial Wouldn't it be a lot simpler to just demonstrate that Pi is a periodic number too? :P
1:50 PM
On an unrelated subject, during a conversation in another room a link was posted to a blog article. Without going into the article topic, it contained a line:
> You can see D&D’s influence in Japanese comics like Magic Knight Rayearth
Sounds plausible
please notice that the quote in question isn't exactly central to the article, and was just provided as a sample of "D&D influence in Japanese anime/manga", so I am not criticizing the author here.
Yet I wonder.... to anyone familiar with Rayearth plot... does that really seem influenced by D&D?
To me it seems more of a "Magical Girl in Snes era JRPG world"
Well considering D&D's popularity in Japan, I wouldn't find it unlikely that JRPG's where influenced to a degree by it as well.

Whether the claim that D&D directly was a strong influence on Magic Knight Rayearth, is likely debatable. That it probably had some influence, either direct or indirect. Not unlikely
Well, if someone told me that Dragon's Crown was influenced by D&D... I could easily agree.
but Rayearth seems just generic fantasy, can't really point to any specific D&D influence
2:13 PM
@Memor-X A³
2:37 PM
Q: Which manga chapters correspond to the 4th season ( Judgement of the fury)

jv69Which manga chapters correspond to the 4th season? ( Judgement of the fury)

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3:53 PM
@Memor-X skimmed thru a few let's play just to see how the game feels.
It seems that Ys IX is mostly city/dungeon environments.
I wasn't able to find any gameplay in open field areas.
No grass plains, no rivers, no mountains to climb.
Furthermore... is it "level based"?
I see "Stage Results" screens....
It seems more like Code Vein than any classical "action" jrpg (think Tales of, Trials of Mana or Ni No Kuni for example)
Genshin is probably going for an "open world" morpg feel, which was the thing I liked (art design seemed pretty decent too)
4:34 PM
@Derpy As in it's periodically non-periodic? :P

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