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3:19 AM
Might as well post something moe youtube.com/watch?v=blFg1pi_iO8
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9:32 AM
@Derpy i think that might be the Grimwald Nox, the in-game raid event
> The Nox battle is basically the raid battle in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Adol and the party need to defend the spire in the battlefield from the monsters. Some Nox are mandatory to beat in order to progress further in the Balduq.
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2:08 PM
Q: Are there any manga or anime series about humanity uniting to fight monsters in a pre-20th century setting?

EBINNIBEPreferably with different nations/kingdoms/tribes/etc. working together that end up having their own differences. I.e., for instance, the samurai clans are forced to work together against some supernatural threat during the Sengoku Jidai, but they've still got their own personal political power p...

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10:39 PM
Q: Is there a site like MAL that i can filter animes by genres?

hyrI decided to get my animes into one list and tried MAL however even though there are lots of ways to filter and sort animes like by airdate I couldn't see any way to filter them by genres. For example, let's say I just want to see romance animes in my "planed to watch" list I can't do that in MAL...

11:03 PM
Q: Is there any scene in naruto where it was shown destruction of Uzumaki clan?

Dj0maLI think I saw somewhere that leader of Uzumaki clan used some jutsu and literally commits suicide while destroying everything around him


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