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@Hakase I've since moved to discord. In a computer hardware server, though most of my time there is spent running a server themed around automating the Pokemon games.
4:14 AM
@Mysticial are you by any chance involved or interested in making a similar type of game?
perhaps without the "going outside" part for now, until the plague times are over, but maybe later
lol no. I'm just a player who joined in on the Pokemon Sword/Shield hype.

At some point, I got involved with writing Arduino programs to automate playing the game. This became a big enough thing that I joined up with a couple other people who were doing similar automation projects for Pokemon and made our own server. Which has since - grown big enough that... shit it actually takes time to manage.
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6:34 AM
Q: Why in My Hero Academia some of top 10 students from the entrance exam are in B class?

gameon67This is the top 10 students from the entrance exam at beginning of the series As you notice, some of the students got into B Class such as Ibara, Kendo, Tesytetsu, and Awase. Why is that? How does UA assign class to their prospective students?

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Q: Why can't the dragons see into the future in Fairy Tail's episode 196 and 197?

Harold EdIn Fairy Tail, episode 196 to 203, Ultear uses the spell Last Ages. Her spell had caused everyone in the world to clairvoyantly envision one minute into the future, preventing [many deaths and tragedies]. (Quote from Ultear's Wikipedia page, lined above) What is the cause for the dragons not be...


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