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3:52 AM
Q: What is the name of the song that plays in Naruto (the first) season 4 episode 9 at 8:16?

Jelani PinkstonNARUTO S4:EP9 8:16 Episode name: An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart

4:16 AM
Q: What substance did artists use to outline the shadow boundaries on anime cels?

Eine The referenced photo clearly shows a special type of colored ink used to outline the shadow boundaries on Asuka. My guess, from observing a cel that I own, is that they outlined the shadows with a thinned out paint, gouache, or maybe a thicker type of colored ink. I would really appreciate it if...

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6:45 AM
Q: Can you name that manhua/webtoon

Tanti Tushar It was a colored version. The MC cures his female teacher face cut mark. He gets linked with big families within city. He goes on a field trip and got lost with a arrogant girl. His hand got broken while saving girl.

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7:54 AM
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9:24 AM
@Dimitrimx be quiet, @Memor-X apparently still didn't notice... :P
@Derpy notice what?
@Memor-X didn't forget something today?
@Derpy oh yeh, today is friday
it's "thank you" day so it was a day off so i didn't do my normal work routine
@Memor-X you are posting pictures of simple sisters/cousins now?
@Derpy *looks at the Viz Release* don't know what you're talking about, the one and only localization of the original Sailor Moon anime has them as unrelated lovers
9:37 AM
@Memor-X I would just point out they were in the original Japanese release, without pointing at localization works. Anyway, just joking to annoy you a little :P
That said now I wonder, would the original versions of that Sailor Moon Sailor Stars comic be of any value now? The one with the translation error they later had replaced?
@Derpy that's why i said localization. but it would be hard finding a fan sub of the original series given how old it is
@Memor-X so, the "one and only" was because most Sailor Moon localization works are actually butchering works in the first place and should not be considered localizations? :P
9:54 AM
should have said English but yes because it wasn't just Haruka and Michiru DiC changed. there was

- Zoisite who was gender swapped to hide that he was gay with Malachite
- altering episodes to make the story more "easily understandable" which causes the Sailor Scouts to ask who the Moon Princess or the Silver Imperium Crystal is despite there being an episode where they were taking Princess Class to find them
- the Death Busters Arc has it's themes of Death and Sacrifice toned down
@Memor-X Again, be glad you didn't had to see the Italian version. I had friends tell me about it.
You know how "usagi" means "rabbit", a reference to the old "rabbit on the moon" folklore?
That means that "chibi-usa(gi)" means "Small rabbit"
And... here you had the enemies literally talking about the "small rabbit" they couldn't find.
Didn't help they renamed "Usagi" to "Bunny", but left "Chibiusa" unchanged, so I guess watchers were pretty confused back then...
10:19 AM
And it gets better.
Each of the Sailor Starlights was claimed to be TWO separate persons, brother and sister... with one of the two living in a pocket dimension and switching when they transformed/changed back
10:36 AM
@Derpy Sailor Starlights as in from Shadow Galatica? that band who were also Sailor Scouts?
1 hour later…
11:54 AM
@Memor-X yep, those. They were males but turned into female when they changed in their "Scouts" version right?
Not only that was claimed to be "harmful to young children gender identity", Italian dub even tried to claim the two male/female counterpart were different people that switched place when fighting.
@Derpy i always thought they were women who just looked more masculine when in their civilian form
sorta like Haruka
> In the anime, the Starlights were given a major role. The trio are male in their civilian forms, becoming women when transforming into Sailor Guardians, as opposed to their manga counterparts who are women that disguise themselves as men in their civilian forms. As Starlights, they distance themselves from the other Sailor Guardians, deeming that Earth is not their responsibility. The Starlights survive several direct battles with Galaxia herself, and help Sailor Moon defeat Chaos to save Galaxia.
As you can see they are handled differently in the anime version. The article also mentions the Italian dub and the "six different persons" thing.
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1:26 PM
Q: Is naruto sage eyes stronger Or Are sasuke full sharingan eyes strongest now

Tristen OsborneI am very confused now please answer my question. I need to know. Plz help.😣😣😣

2 hours later…
3:06 PM
Q: Who would win in a fight. Josuke or Giorno?

okaythatscoolSo, in context, let's say that Giorno did something that made Josuke mad, and this is in like some alternate universe made by Funny Valentine. Who would win in a fight? Also, no Requiem Stands. Unless Crazy Diamond gets a Requiem, and I don't think that's possible.

what's up with the primarily-opinion-based questions?
new users having wrong expectation...
that said, while you're here @JNat , I... have a "questionable" question about election
I'm... actually intending to stall/extend the nomination period... if it's not a problem...
so, you wanna not nominate unless the election would actually fail, is another way to put it?
that's fine, insofar as no one is forced to nominate (not even if you expressed interest in the interest check post). Hopefully the election won't actually fail, though :)
3:22 PM
kind of, I know Wondercricket will nominate soon, but since it lacks enough candidates for competition, usually the nomination phase will be extended for 1 week, and I like to at least give a chance for anyone else to nominate
I'll certainly nominate myself though when needed
(might be a surprising plead coming from a mod...)
it's completely fine, yes. It's completely up to users whether or not to nominate, and when to do so, so... ^_^
Thanks for the understanding :)
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5:12 PM
Q: What happened to Hierophant Green's painting power?

okaythatscoolIn episode two of Stardust Crusaders, Kakyoin paints red paint on a horribly drawn painting of Jotaro, specifically, on his leg. Jotaro gets a cut on his leg somehow. But Kakyoin never does it again. Why didn't he use it in more battles?

2 hours later…
6:52 PM
Q: Do you guys believe that Edward Weevil is really the son of Whitebeard? If not, what would be his backstory? Who do you think his father is?

Sudharsan MadhavanEdward Weevil was introduced as Whitebeard's biological son, but everyone part of the Whitebeard Pirates refused to believe him and claim that they are the only sons of Edward Newgate. If you don't believe that he is the biological son of Whitebeard, who do you think he is? Are there any clues as...


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