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Q: Female Mac manga

karstenI’m looking for a manga where a female Mc spawns into or reincarnated into a fantasy world. She uses guns to kill monsters and they drop token/crystals that she uses to exchange for more ammunition and better guns and stuff like that

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6:37 AM
Q: Can Byakugan/Rinnegan eyes be transplanted on non-Byakugan/Rinnegan users?

Fumikage TokoyamiTitle says it all. Byakugan, Sharingan and Rinnegan are considered the three great Dojutsus. We see that Sharingan eyes is transplanted on non-Sharingan users as in the case of Obito's Sharingan being transplanted to Kakashi and Shishui's eyes to Danzo Shimura (albeit deceitfully), is it possible...

7:02 AM
Q: Are all humans in Naruto universe mandated to admit in the shinobi academy?

Fumikage TokoyamiAll humans in Narutoverse have chakra and that anyone can be a shinobi if anyone is able to use and manipulate chakra to a greater effect. I always thought that everyone born are admitted in the academy and there, they learn how to use their chakra and rise through the ranks and become a ninja s...

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@EddieKal based on the video alone, she must be as dangerous as Arale, too.
8:20 AM
new Disney movie.
for some reason, it feels like something I saw before, but I can't focus where
probably just the setting/art-style.
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@Memor-X AfternoonZ
12:55 PM
@Derpy yo
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Q: What Manga or Manhua? I remeber it was an Isekai and about a villainess

JhanicaIm not sure if I remeber correctly but she was a daughter of the duke and got her engagement with the prince annuled. She then went to marry an emperor or king from another land, the emperor had a long black hair and dark skin, exotic looking. Then her ex fiance regretted the annulment. I really ...

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3:17 PM
Q: Manga where the MC is "betrayed" by the hero and is "recruited" by the demon lord

StardustI have been looking for more many where that happenes, but can only find one (The Rise of the Unemployed Wise Man) can anyone think of any more. Thanks, Me.

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5:28 PM
Q: I need a name of a manga

Andrew EderThere's a name of a manga I forgot but all I know is this it's from the first volume and I first saw it back at high school it was back in 2004 or 2005 so I don't know when it first got out but it was with the first volume of sgt. Frog. All I know about it is this it's a young girl that she was ...

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6:44 PM
Q: Does anybody knows the name of the manga?

Andrew EderAll I know about it is this it's a young girl that she was rolling skating only to be attack by a monster and held captive only to be saved by a boy who helped by playing music and transform and manage to defeat the monster and a couple pages later it happen again this time at an ice rink and onc...

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10:04 PM
Q: Trying to find the name of a manga

Woonton Gifford IsaiaI only know a scene from the manga its a VR where the hero fights and defeats a spider queen by running into a crevice where all the spider queen's baby spiders all rush toward him in, he eventually defeats the spider queen and gets a pair of red fast boots all I know from my source. Hope someone...


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