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7:45 AM
Q: What's the name of this Korean Manhwa (High School, Fighting genre) (Cannot find tag appropriate for Manhwa)

Joshua Dela CruzCan someone help me find this title, I left this one before because I am busy and I cannot remember the name. The MC is a bullied and trained by a drunkard gym owner. His girl friend was being R**** in front of him. Fought in the school's underground fighting tournament. In the end the MC a...

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10:07 AM
Q: Can someone explain what all those sexual body drawing symbols mean?

Max LiSo there's a bunch of them, I don't know if I can list them all right now. There's the count-to-five one that I know. Then there's one with a circle and lines protruding outwards along its circumference

@Sakamoto you what now
@Dimitrimx same thought here
and morning
Morning to you 2
How are things on the hottest side of the earth?
10:29 AM
@Dimitrimx pretty cold actually. we've had a few cold fronts come through cooling things right down
there it also kicked up dust storms and i was almost in one myself on the way back yesterday
there was this joke on TV this morning that in some places the dust storm + rain made it seem like it was raining Milo
@Memor-X Milo?
Milo (stylised as MILO) is a chocolate and malt powder typically mixed with hot water and/or milk to produce a beverage popular in Oceania, South America, Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. Produced by Nestlé, Milo was originally developed by Australian inventor Thomas Mayne in 1934.Most commonly sold as a powder in a green tin, often depicting various sporting activities, Milo is available as a premixed beverage in some countries, and has been subsequently developed into a snack bar and breakfast cereal. Its composition and taste differ in some countries. Milo maintains significant popularity...
ahh, so it's somewhat like we have nesquick over here
Which is apparently also from nestle
oh the wiki quite literally says that. that explains.
@Dimitrimx yeh we have that too but Milo was Australian made so news reporters then to use that as an analogy
10:40 AM
on the subject i prefer Nesquick over Milo when it comes to cold milk drinks. Milo at minimum you need some hot water to mix up the powder otherwise it gets all clumpy
how's things been for you @Dimitrimx
Can't say I had ever even heard of Milo, but I might as well try and import some to see how it differs for myself :p

Things been somewhat good, new projects at work, which is a real real pain in the bum. Fintech > doing stuff with 15-150 mil transactions per day, near real time, provided in files of >1gb.

Been neglecting cleaning my house a bit, so that's a tad chaotic.
And I just noticed that the new dutch law stuff started, which means I now get almost 100 euro's more a month salary wise. Yay for tax reduction
@Dimitrimx hooray for more money for games and anime
but how does "dutch laws stuff" starting = more money for you?
10:56 AM
We had a income tax system with 3 layers, the more you earned the more you paid, as more of your income would fall in the other layer.

They reduced this 3 layer system to a 2 layer system, where the 1st layer has a lower average tax for people that originally would fall in the first 2 layers as opposed to only the first.
So basically all that originally was taxed in the 2nd layer for me, now gets taxed in the first layer. Which is a tad higher then the 1st layer originally, but lower then the 2nd.

All in all leads to about an additional 100 bucks a month.
@Dimitrimx so your tax system is like everyone will be taxed in the first layer regardless but after you earn to a certain point your tax increases?
Well, yes. But only over the income that would fall in the second layer.

say you earn 1000, and the scale would be (1) <= 900 1% (2) > 900 5%
You'd pay 1% over the 900, and 5% over the remaining 100
@Dimitrimx yeh i figured it was reset each finical year
hmmm, that sort of system would lead to paying less tax compared to the system in Australia where how much tax you pay is determined by your annual income, so your tax bracket is a category your put into
11:08 AM
procent = percent
@Dimitrimx why do you people use , instead of ., when i do currency conversion i keep confusing say 39,95 as 39,950.00
and by you people i mean anyone using Euro since the site i was looking at Magnets used Euro but shipped from Germany
That's a good question, I really wouldn't know lol
Ironically enough, if we talk in decimal values only, we do actually use a dot
.6% for example
11:32 AM
Hi, folks!

I recently tried to get a story identification of an anime series at Scifi&Fantasy, but kinda missed the part where it has to be a Scifi&Fantasy. :) Mine was in a real-world Victorian-era setting.

Seems like no stackexchange site is currently accepting such a request, so I thought of trying this chat room. Would it be OK with you?
11:51 AM
@Vilx- Yeah, in chat is fine ^^
However, while such question are off-topic on our site, they will still be welcome in our main chat for users with with at least 20 rep (globally on StackExchange).
12:30 PM
"real-world Victorian-era setting" my instant guess is Emma: A Victorian Romance
12:46 PM
Sorry for the delay. Here's what I wrote previously:

I remember that in the 90's (or maybe early 2000's?) my family used to watch some anime series on TV and greatly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I have no idea what it was. My memory has already grown pretty foggy, so before I forget even more, here is what I remember about it (hopefully without getting too many things wrong):

* The time period was Victorian (or close to it). I think there were the first electric lights already.
* The setting was real-world (not a fantasy world). I don't remember the country, but it could have been UK or poss
12:58 PM
@Memor-X Good guess, but no. This is older.
THe first thing that popped to my mind was black jack. But I doubt that would be the one.
It's that you say no magic or sci-fi. Otherwise I would have said Roujin Z
@Vilx- If you perhaps could recall on which channel you saw it (or your geo location) that could help limit down which one it could be
I'm sorry, I can't recall. I'm from Latvia, and I think it was one our local channels... or maybe it was a cable channel from Russia. Could have been either one.
It was definitely a series they bought a right to retranslate.
They didn't make it themselves.
It's also possible that the anime was from 80's.
It's not Black Jack.
Also not Roujin Z - totally different time period.
1:16 PM
Then I wouldn't know. I could suggest you take a look at nurse characters, perhaps with some other filters, in the hopes you recognize the character. : anime-planet.com/characters/…
1:31 PM
Q: Fullmetal Alchemist 50 music

UschiWhat music plays at the beginning of episode 50, when the Briggs soldiers starts with taking over the city? I know its OST called "To be king", but this has to be some other version which cannot be found. thanks for the help!

1 hour later…
@Dimitrimx Thanks! Looks like a large list of animes. Perhaps I can find something there if I dig around long enough.
3:12 PM
Q: Is naming things a fantasy in Japan?

LlaurenceIn a lot of isekai manga, the main character comes across someone or something (e.g. a slime monster) that has no name, and must give a name to him/her/it. Every time, the one who is given a name accepts it, is happy, etc. For example: In Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, Rimuru names all his v...

3:30 PM
i just had this thought
how did hellen keller think to herself?
because we think as we talk to ourselves but she can't speak I thought it might be sight but she couldn't see then i thought it would be vibrations and feelings or something to that extent

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