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9:15 AM
Q: What does "ABJ" mean on some manga websites & apps?

Aki TanakaOn some manga websites & apps (e.g. BOOK☆WALKER Global Store), there is a symbol that looks like "ABJ" usually at the end of a page followed with The ABJ mark is a trademark indicating that this e-bookstore and e-book distribution service is an authorized distribution service that has ...

9:56 AM
Q: Why didn't emma use ray's device?

RameshSo why did emma and ray had to cut their ears instead of using the device built by ray? I'm assuming it's because using that would alert isabella or someone else in the headquarters is that the reason?

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11:58 AM
Q: Was it ever confirmed canonically that Itachi was a pacifist?

Neil MeyerWas it ever confirmed officially that Itachi was a pacifist?

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2:20 PM
Q: Why was my edit reverted?

Maika SakuranomiyaI edited this question: In Blend S Episode 7, why were strawberries sold out in every market? But it has been rolled back the next day. Why was it rolled back?

3:02 PM
@HellButterfly preparing strawberry-flavored popcorn...
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4:31 PM
@xpert btw, something is wrong with your avatar with Google's URL. You might need to re-upload the image to SE's Imgur instead.
i didnt even upload one lol.
I just uploaded one
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9:50 PM
Q: Is Saitama a gag or a parody character?

ExcogitatingThingThe author of OPM has never explicitly stated that he is a gag character and it seems he is far from gag expectations. It seems to me he is more of a parody of shounens main characters or some may say he doesn’t even fit the category of gag or parody. Definition of gag character:gag character is...

RIP its gonna have to stay broken then. Thanks for pointing it out for me @AndrewT.

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