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12:10 AM
@kit oh don't worry, @JNat has a link for that
@Tonepoet ^
@Mysticial oh, and here me out, it briefly passes some glass that if your quick enough, you can see Kuro "Collecting Mana" from Ilya and Miyu
12:29 AM
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3:11 AM
Q: What is the meaning of the shaking image in all the Symphogear XV preview image sets?

ahiijnyOn the day before each episode of Symphogear XV airs, a new set of preview pictures are released on the Symphogear XV website. Amongst each set of pictures, there's always exactly one picture that shakes when you hover your mouse over it. Listed below: Episode 1: Maria & Hibiki (3rd image) Epi...

3:23 AM
@Memor-X wait wut?
@Mysticial Kuro collects Mana by kissing
so instead of going to jail the elevator might just quickly pass some yuri
4:14 AM
Q: Why does it have show two different number of chapter?

kitSo I just watch the newest manga episode of one punch man but I found that difference website shows the difference NUMBER. Below this two image, one is show is 159 and another is 117( but beside it have also written 159). What is going on here huh?

2 hours later…
5:51 AM
afternoon guys!
so just now @Aki Tanaka ask if a manga website is legal or not.
and I see the anime.meta.stackexhange have mention. if you not sure the site is legal or not, you can ask at the chat.
so this website is legal? ww3.readopm.com
@kit i suspect not legal because i click on a chapter of One Punch Man and find it's been scanlated
legal sites don't host scanlations
the more anime link leads to an illegal anime site and legal sites don't support piracy either
so where can I watch the legal manga site~
@kit for One Punch Man?
5:59 AM
i think Viz Media. you might be able to read dome of it for free
is it Viz that releases Shounen Joump?
it seems like mostly the site that I visit to read manga all are illegal *fck me
give me a sec, i'll double check
yep, Viz Media has it and you can see free previews - viz.com/one-punch-man
@kit it's generally because people look to where to read it but generally don't think you need to buy it first
and when you just look to read the search engines can generally point you to sites that host them for free thanks to SEO
if you're looking to read it digitally (and are going to pay) Viz Media lists where you can buy digital versions
7 hours later…
12:48 PM
@Memor-X I think most people know, but don't care 'cause they can get it for free.
7 hours later…
7:50 PM
@Memor-X ah, yes: here (cc @kit)

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