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12:53 AM
@Mysticial oh man
So several weeks or months from now, we'll probably get a postmortem that looks like this:
1. Batshit crazy dude.
2. Ignored or insufficiently investigated death threats.
3. Filling gas in a container instead of a car did not arise suspicion.
4. No or poor building security.
5. No or poor fire suppression.
6. Roof door was locked.
7. No offsite backups of digital data.
Every single one of those hurts.
@Mysticial 3 might not have depending on container size. like it's common here to fill containers with petrol or gasoline for lawn mowers or whipper snippers. but ofcause that's here. no idea if something like that would be out of place in Kyoto
@Memor-X True. I don't know what the social norm there is. If I saw someone in the US filling up a bucket, I'd be like WTF?!?!
1:09 AM
@Mysticial i'd think that be weird anywhere because a bucket is not a good container for that
in australia we would generally expect this to be used
A jerrycan (also written as jerry can or jerrican) is a robust liquid container made from pressed steel. It was designed in Germany in the 1930s for military use to hold 20 litres (4.4 imp gal; 5.3 US gal) of fuel. The development of the jerrycan was a significant improvement on earlier designs, which required tools and funnels to use, and it contained many innovative features for convenience of use and robustness. After widespread use by both Germany and the Allies during the Second World War, today similar designs are used worldwide for fuel and water containers, some of which are also produced...
though it would still look suspicious walking into KyoAni with one of those
but unless you have a good security team by then it's probably too late
1:25 AM
Reading around a bit, looks like #4 may not have been entirely accurate.
The guy literally charged in the front door and lit it. People were there trying to stop him.
2 hours later…
3:14 AM
Q: Anyone know the plot of Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko) In Full Detail? I couldn't find any summaries in English

ThegreatonionI just listened to the Tenki no Ko Soundtrack and am very interested in the plot (I don't want to wait for the release in my country). Anyone know the plot in detail? Thank you!

3:44 AM
More details about the incident + speculating commenters: japantoday.com/category/crime/…
3 hours later…
6:19 AM
@Sakamoto are these kind of questions okay? Isn't that too broad or something?
6:39 AM
@Sakamoto still doubting myself since there were some precedents similar to it. (Though, I feel some of them are not good questions either)
6:55 AM
Just in case someone is interested (not yet answered as of now):
Q: Who are the two extra teachers from the end of the USJ arc?

Xavon_Wrentaile At the end of the USJ arc, S1 E13 of the Boku No Hero Academia anime, there is a splash screen of the backup that was arrived to fight the League of Villains. From right to left they are: 1 - Vlad King 2 - Nezu 3 - Iida Tenya 4 - Cementoss 5 - ? 6 - Ectoplasm 7 - Snipe 8 - Hound Dog 9 - Midni...

7:08 AM
@AndrewT. not a fan of those "give me the plot summary of this entire title"
good thing is that it lacks research
Weathering with You (Japanese: 天気の子, Hepburn: Tenki no Ko, lit. "Child of Weather") is a Japanese animated film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai and produced by CoMix Wave Films, following the 2016 film Your Name. It was released in Japan on July 19, 2019, starring Kotaro Daigo and Nana Mori. == Plot == High school freshman Hodaka Morishima leaves his home on an isolated island and moves to Tokyo, but immediately becomes broke. He lives his days in isolation, but finally finds a job as a writer for a shady occult magazine. After he starts his job, the weather has been rainy day after day...
oh and for Your Name fans, it's Makoto Shinkai's new film so expect it to be english in [INSERT TIMEFRAME GUESS HERE]
7:29 AM
OH! I completely missed you were elected. Congrats @AndrewT. (Sorry for late wishes)
@Memor-X I asked because I have 2 choices. 1. Edit if it is okay. 2. Flag as too broad.
Questions with need retags.
@NogShine thanks :) (but not elected on this site :)
@AndrewT. Did you contest in this site elections too?
@NogShine since it's a film i don't think it would be too broad unlike say a long running series like Naruto of Bleach
@NogShine nah.. no election available
@AndrewT. Yeah. Seen that you are from Andriod.SE. I don't visit that site. Missed it for that reason.
@Memor-X A tag edit then?
A: Congratulations! Your site design is now live!

Nog Shinesupport Why is footer taking too much space when compared to other graduated sites with custom design? Following is Anime main site footer which is leaving empty space When I compared with other sites with a custom design, the footer is looking like it is taking more space. Is this inten...

7:33 AM
@NogShine yeh a series tag will do
I just realized that the footer is not responsive. Whole page moves when we scroll the page and it is site specific thing.
@NogShine understandable, I rarely visit chat room on Chat.SE compared to Chat.**M**SE ;)
@AndrewT. I know you from Tavern only.
@Memor-X Comment also linked Wikipedia.
@NogShine I'm confused what you mean by that, looks to work similarly to Worldbuilding. What's it not responsive in regard to?
7:54 AM
@Peilonrayz The footer is not fixed on Anime.SE It is covering full page unlike Worldbuilding.
As in the grass is below (y axis) the text on Anime, but the footers on others sites are behind (z axis) the text?
@Peilonrayz I meant fixed up to specific part of a page. All other sites stop up to a half but Anime covers full page to show full picture.
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1:56 PM
user image
2:12 PM
@Tonepoet awwww
though thanks to the Nasuverse, "papa" can also be a girl and thus yuri baby
Q: Why can mangakas write about friendship while in most western stories the focus is primarily on romantic love?

KratzFirst of I know there are exceptions. Secondly, this is not meant to bash Western Culture, obvious there are a lot of talented people working on it. Rather, I noticed that even in stories that are about friendship there's always a romantic love subplot. While in manga or anime if is something ab...

@Memor-X I am pretty sure that Monster Musume is not in the Nasuverse though, or is it?
@Tonepoet or are we in the Nasuverse? the Magic Association would cover up magic from the public while The Church will claim their Magic as miracles from gods to get the faith to stabilise it
@Memor-X Are you suggesting that we aren't in the Madokaverse with Yuri heaven?
@Tonepoet or am i suggesting that the Madokaverse is also in the Nasuverse
and with the Moon Cell we might be able to summon Madoka like we can with one of Amaterasu's aspects
2:28 PM
@Memor-X Hmmm, I still need to watch the movie trilogy.
Speaking of the Nasuverse though:
Come to think of it, Kohaku and Miia have similarly colored eyes.
The same goes for the hair.
2:59 PM
Oh, and here's another observation I just made. Kohaku always seems to have Hisui's back, literally:
Big sis has got your back.
2 hours later…
4:55 PM
Q: In Sword Art Online, why does Suguha practice only one Kendo move?

David HobsSuguha only does one kendo move whenever she's shown practicing in the show. Even in Ordinal Scale her video to Kirito was of that one move. Is there any reason for the lack of variation?

5:35 PM
Q: Why adventurers go to the dungeon to fight?

PabloSo adventurers can increase their levels when they fight in the dungeon. Is that the reason why they go to fight there? Or is there any other reason why they have to go to the dungeon or to fight the monsters inside it?

Q: How many levels does the dungeon have?

PabloAFAIK, adventurers only reached level 59th. But that isnt the end of the dungeon. How many levels the dungeon is supposed to have?

5:55 PM
Q: Honestly forgot the Manwha and only a picture to go off of, would appreciate any help

user48185Honestly forgot the plot, believe its a korean manwha where the MC gets hospitalised by getting hit by a truck to protect a loli with a umbrella?

2 hours later…
8:15 PM
Q: What degree of uncertainty does かな and たぶん suggest?

Erick Estrada "7 years ago there was a guy called ‘Cell’…[Dabra]’s probably about as strong as him…” かな: I wonder; I guess たぶん: perhaps; probably

3 hours later…
11:10 PM
@Tonepoet true but there's also deeper meanings to this aswell
in their past Hsui was more cheerful and outside while Kohaku was stuck inside watching from afar as if she was watching out for Hisui
more so because Akiha's father had Hisui's and Kohaku's family killed so he could take them as they were Synchonizers which held back the Inversion Impulse from the demon blood in the Tohno family and to protect Hisui, Kohaku submitted to him and was raped repeatedly by him and SHIKI
which all falls back to Kohaku's scheme to bring down the entire Tohno Family, including Akiha despite that it's suggested that it may not have been SHIKI who killed Akiha's father but Akiha herself (after learning what had been happening to Kohaku)

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