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12:15 AM
Q: Who created the dungeon?

PabloSo gods didnt create the dungeon, because they send adventurers to fight monsters in it. But then who created the dungeon?

12:35 AM
Q: Once a floor boss is killed, does that level become bossless or does another boss appear with time?

PabloThe dungeon walls create monsters constantly, but how about the floor bosses? Once a floor boss is killed, does that level become bossless or does another boss appear with time?

12:54 AM
Q: Why are the top heroes in Boku no Hero Academia only come from Japan?

gameon67In Boku No Hero Academia series, we know the world is not only Japan, there are America and other countries as stated especially in BNHA :Two Heroes movie. But why are the known top 10 heroes (probably all the best heroes) are Japanese? Endevaor, Jeanist, Edgeshoot, etc are all from Japan, even A...

1:53 AM
Q: why cant Mirajane use magic for long periods of time?

danny jjaviaso later on in the series, during the fight against Zeref we see Mirajane use satan-soul but she also uses her souls that she has collected during the tartaros-era my question is why can't she fight for long and how did she collect so many souls if she can't fight.

3 hours later…
5:04 AM
Hmm, considering that our site's scope sometimes overlaps with Science Fiction & Fantasy and Movies & TV, would it be okay if I create a meta post on Anime & Manga Meta for listing anime/manga/VN-related series tags from other SE sites?
Well, certainly "just for fun"/no need to be so exhaustively maintained, but might be useful for someone who is interested in following their favorite series..?
Like, my-hero-academia from SciFi.SE, or dragon-ball-z from Movies.SE...
1 hour later…
6:27 AM
@AndrewT. i think that's fine
while we have the rss feeds here they are just basic ones which target the more generic anime/manga tags minus the id request tag(s) since the original feed did that
7:00 AM
@Proxy yo, how's things
@Memor-X good overall. Summer has returned :(. The last two weeks were pretty chill but yesterday/today morning it is hot. I know it is summer but i do not like the heat at all
7:42 AM
7:54 AM
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9:38 AM
user image
I wonder if Patchouli uses patchouli incense.
@forest I vaguely doubt it. I would imagine that incense has a repellant effect on youkai, and especially her vampire friends.
Why would that incense be a repellent?
No magician, even a non-human magician, can do all magic without at least some incense.
@forest Incense is used to ward off evil spirits and the like, and to draw in the favor of deities. I'd expect it to be more of a shinto/buddhist practice than a youkai one.
Ah that makes sense.
So Marisa might use it, but not Patchi.
9:48 AM
@forest I suppose she might since she is still human. That'd explain what happened to Mima.
Still human? But wasn't Patchouli born a youkai?
@forest "Marisa might use it."
I was referring to Marisa. XD
10:04 AM
It is probably worth noting that another use for incense is as an offering to the dead to help them pass on to the other life.
I am not quite sure what to think of Youmu's use here, but I suppose Youmu is more of a benign (and respectful) spirit than the inhabitants of the Scarlet Devil Mansion though.
10:25 AM
'Cause you know, the two vampire sisters and Koakuma are all supposed to be devils of a sort:
user image
I suppose that means Remilia has a devilish grin. >_>
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
@Proxy i know the feeling but it's less the heat and more the fire danger
@Tonepoet because she knows Flan is trying to be coy with what near lewd hand
2 hours later…
2:23 PM
wow, that was a creepy flag
looks like someone posted in one of the foreign language SO Chats a scene from Attack on Titan where a Titan was comping down on someone
2:52 PM
Q: How did Yui learn Classical Chinese?

Robert ColumbiaNear the beginning of the Fushigi Yuugi anime, Miaka and Yui find a copy of The Universe of the Four Gods in the National Library. Miaka is surprised that Yui can read this book, which is stated to be in Classical Chinese rather than Japanese or any other language. How did Yui learn enough Class...

1 hour later…
4:17 PM
@Memor-X I'm not so sure about coy. Flan looks like she was distracted and is mildly displeased with whomever is behind her. Given that Remilia and Koakuma are smiling in the same direction, and that it is only a mildly annoyed look rather than a crazed stare, I would assume it has to be Patchouli.
She's well liked by Remilia and supposedly Koakuma, but somewhat strict on the little sister.
Koakuma just supposedly likes Patchouly because Koakuma doesn't have any lines in Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, so all we have to go by for judging that is the fact that we see her in the library.
1 hour later…
5:52 PM
Q: Why are most mainstream comic books about superheroes while mainstream manga covers multiple genres?

KratzFor instance, Shonen is not a genre in itself but rather a target demographic. You can't say that Death Note has anything in similar with HunterxHunter. However, Superman, Batman and Spiderman are all superheroes stories. Even if they have science fiction or fantasy elements within those storie...

@Memor-X That doesn't sound particularly creepy.
3 hours later…
9:31 PM
Q: Subjects of Ymir and pure titans

user1673216I am following the Attack on Titan anime and after season 3 i have following doubts Yimr, a human I suppose, got titan powers and was essentially the only titan. After her death, the powers split into 9 entities and were passed on to subjects of Ymir. Now Who are subjects of Ymir? Is it just he...


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