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12:54 AM
not sure if that's just normal Arturia Alter or if it's MHX Alter
if it's the latter, then good reason to join the Dark Side of the Force, it has yuri
1:43 AM
@Memor-X yeah, and the site overall
@EroSɘnnin yeh i can see it is an improvement to the original one, not that i complained about the previous one much anyway aside from the fact that the green in chat did not display correctly in my laptop because of the screen
Q: How does Hitagi fall if she's weightless?

Memor-XAt the start of Hitagi Crab in an accident involving a misplaced banana peel, Hitagi falls down the flight of stairs that lead to the upper floors of Naoetsu Private High School and ends up in the arms of Koyomi Araragi but the oddity that Hitagi was inflicted by was the Heavy Stone Crab ...

Q: Where are they from?

Kat I've tried looking every where. I don't know what they're from. An anime, movie, or maybe even game.

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6:30 AM
@Tonepoet i was thinking about this
Q: Was Alter Mysterious Heroine X's third form inspired from Star Wars?

Memor-XIn Fate/Grand Order, Alter Mysterious Heroine X's 3rd stage looks like this to me she looks very much like a Sith Lord from Star Wars because The Sith often wore black hoods Alter Mysterious Heroine X's Excalibur looks like a Red Light Saber She looks like she is using Force Lightning She ha...

6:45 AM
@Memor-X I just figure this is a good opportunity to post pictures of Light Sabers. Oh, and to remind you not to give into the temptations of the Dark Side.
@Tonepoet as opposed to what? joining the Jedi? the order that was against members falling in yuri love?
@Memor-X Keno-mimi:
Also, more importantly though, Yuri on the Dark side always ends in tragedy since the apprentice is expected to kill the mistress at some point.
7:01 AM
@Tonepoet well that if they are Sith
no issue with Dark Side Users
look at Inquisitors and other Dark Side Users who were not Palpatine's apprentices
@Tonepoet Gensokyo does seem like a place where if a Jedi came in with an "impressive laser sword" the Youkai would pull some out and go "oh cool humans finally have them now"
Obi-Wan: but this is advance technology from a space age where
Marisa: yeh we've had them for thousands of years, hell, even Chen has one
*sees smol Chen flaying one around*
@Memor-X Chen vs. Yoda, fight! XP
'course, I can't find Chen with a lightsaber, so more Youmu.
@Memor-X Here's another point then. Jedi start training from a very young age, so Jedi are the best. =P
7:51 AM
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8:59 AM
speaking of Star Wars and Dark Side shenanigans and Sith, here are some great Star Wars fanfic worth a read (imo):
- Lightbearer: AU where Obi-Wan fell to the dark side after killing Darth Maul and gets exiled from the Jedi Order, and Anakin is just the bestest boy and so supportive of Obi-Wan, unlike those jerks from the Jedi Order
- Certain Point: Obi-Wan wakes up shortly before the beginning of the Clone Wars, at Geonosis, meeting Dooku, and after some contemplation decides to quit the Jedi Order and join the Separatists in the Clone War
- On the other side: AU canon divergence where Obi-Wan washed out to AgriCorps and it actually doesn't suck as much as he'd expected, and then years later, Qui-Gon and Anakin show up...
- You Shall Become (Me): Comedy AU canon divergence before Revenge of the Sith where when investigating a Sith temple while chasing after Count Dooku, Obi-Wan and Anakin kind of accidentally join the Sith without really trying
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12:06 PM
@ahiijny see no yuri in those
1 hour later…
1:09 PM
@Memor-X I use the mobile site mostly these days. I would have missed the change if I hadn't come over here
@Memor-X That's easy enough to fix:

A.U. where Junko fell to the dark side after divorcing her husband and gets fired from her job, and Madoka is just the bestest girl and so supportive of her mother.

Asuka wakes up shortly before the beginning of the Rei Wars, at Genosis, meeting Miatso, and after some contemplation decides to quit Nerv and join Hokari in Shinji's Class.

A.U. canon divergence where Mysterious Heroine X sold out to Type Moon and it doesn't actually suck as much as she'd expected, and then years later Lily and Alter show up.
@EroSɘnnin What does the site look like on mobile?
1:33 PM
Q: Searching for one shot manga called 'Prisoner' (written in Katakana)

ElitaI have been searching for one shot manga called 'Prisoner' since years ago. The story starts with a salaryman got back home at night and found out his house was really messy. Through the story the writer lead the readers to believe that the man killed a girl that seemed to be his partner. At the...

Q: Why was Misaka Mikoto chosen as the candidate for the Sister's project when she was just a normal child when they asked for her DNA map?

Kai TangI recently finished all of Toaru Majutsu no Index, and have started watching Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. I'm currently in the second season of Railgun S, where we get more detail about the Sisters project than the first season of Index gave us. It is shown that Misaka hands over her DNA map to a s...

2:03 PM
urk how do you format multi-paragraph spoilers?
>! aslkjd
>! lkajsdlkjsad
note that the middle line there needs two blank spaces after !
okay that works, thx
2:16 PM
@JNat oh is that how it works. i always thought it was broken and had been using <br> all the time
Works the same with quote blocks, no?
or if you just wanna split sentences between two lines, without a big break between 'em
you can do this

and then this
or you can do this [space, space]
and then this
they're different in formatting, as you can see there
technically in the html, the "multi-paragraph" spoilers are using <br> instead of <p>
kind of feels like a workaround hack?
semantically they're supposed to be separate paragraphs, not one paragraph
whenever i do multi line quotes i do

> line 1

> line 2

> line 3
see here
and the next section
that's just how Markdown works :)
2:20 PM
> testing 1
> testing 2
>! This doesn't work in
>! in an answer box though
chat and the post editor parse it differently, I think
here you don't need the double white space
but that's 'cause multiline messages are weird here
they lose formatting altogether, for instance
like if I wanna do a two-line message
all my [links](https://example.com) will not be formatted
hm yeah but even in post editor
it doesn't seem to work correctly
you need the two whitespaces in the empty line
and if you want a whole new paragraph, you need two whitespaces at the end of the first line too
yeah, it's basically this: meta.stackexchange.com/a/285029
2:25 PM
but that's just basically adding two <br>s, not a new <p>
so again, feels like a hacky workaround
prolly due to the nature of the spoiler thing itself, I think
don't think Markdown has that, natively
might be a limitation based on how spoilers are implemented though I guess, yeah
2 hours later…
4:33 PM
Q: In hunter x hunter 2011 gyro is reborn to which character does it appear as a ant in the anime

StephanieDoes gyro appear later on the anime as an ant and in which character from the ants

7 hours later…
11:53 PM
Q: Why there seems to be so few members of Passione

Roberto TorresWith the ending of vento aureo it came to my attention that there was so few members of passione after the gang and they were stand users only, for such a large mafia there seems to be very few members is there any reason for that?


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