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1:11 AM
yes i do believe these are all CG from Sono Hanabira (can only confirm the first one)
I think I saw the OVA.
Was it the one where some girl was sick in bed?
1:31 AM
@forest Mai yes
and after they have sex Reo gets sick
Saw that years ago. Forget exactly what happens.
in the game it's the other way around, Reo got sick and Mai came over, they had sex and then Mai got sick...again
Mai was sick for a day at the start and when she came back to school she heard Reo went ballistic because the other girls wanted to try and be Reo's friend's but Reo is a a loner who lets Mai in because she has feelings for her
when Mai confronts Reo for behavior the day she was gone Reo confesses her feelings for Mai
Not a great idea to have sex while ill.
I mean unless you're into that.
1:35 AM
@forest it was just the cold and if i remember correctly Reo warns Mai but they let their feelings get the better of them
A Japanese cold is no ordinary cold...
the Sono Hanabira OVA is only 1 of a very very very limited number purely yuri hentai. the other one i know of is Shoujo Sect which is based off a manga series
most hentai the yuri is either futa or fan service and the yuris in it are just bi and it's mainly het
Yeah that's one reason I prefer yuri doujins to anime.
Plus doujins are more likely to involve actual relationships and not just sex sex sex.
if your of age to view it and don't object to seeing it i would recommend the Sono Hanabira games. still a fair bit of sex in it but you also get the yuri warmth leading up to it and after. and possibly during but i play censored versions where the sex scenes are replaced with summaries
It's the yuri warmth that I like. And if I objected to seeing it I would avoid it. :P
I just like cute things, and yuri is cute!
1:52 AM
@forest oh no i didn't mean it like that, i mean like looking at hentai
not all of the Sono Hanabira games are 18+ though. the couple of Lovers of the Atelier*/*Remembering How We Met, their games are actually SFW and there's Hanahira which is a different much younger cast but full of Lolis doing cute yuri things to one another (ie. Prisma Ilya but no magic and more obvious yuri)
2:08 AM
aw :3
Yeah looks like that's it. Matches the image.
Another cute VN:
Wanko to Kurasau
No yuri though, if I remember. But still a cute concept.
3:02 AM
@forest yep
@forest yeh i remember that. got a crap ton of Visual Novels archives
@forest Twitter Onebox Broken
SE's fault, not yours
Yeah I noticed it was broken. No idea why.
@Memor-X I really need to pick up more VNs...
ones i would recomend aside from Fate/Stay Night

- Amaranto (Yuri)
- Aoishiro (Yuri)
- Kamidori Alchemy Meister
- Shuffle
- Canvas 2
- The ~What a Beautiful ~ series
That series never really appealed to me.
Also I prefer shorter, kinetic novels.
Or ones with very linear paths like Saya no Uta.
Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~What a Beautiful Tomorrow~ has subtext yuri given how hard Mary works to save Charlotte and that embrace they have when they are at the Throne of Sharnoth
@forest Amaranto is close to that. mostly linear, a few different routes because of heroines
oh, also forget. Katahane, mostly linear. canon yuri in it
Oh! One of the screenshots from that has been a wallpaper of mine for ages.
Never actually looked up what it was.
3:11 AM
@forest Katahane?
The one with that fat dude sitting at the table with some loli.
Found it on 4chan's /a/ ages ago.
@forest can't imagine what that night be
this fat dude?
Image (nsfw: hxxps://s.vndb.org/sf/32/332.jpg)
Though the wallpaper I had seemed to have been vectorized and reworked a little.
It wasn't just the raw CG from the game.
@forest i'm assuming the girl is topless with her back to him (at work but i think i know what image you are referring to)
If it has good yuri, linear choices, and isn't too long then I guess I'll need to download it.
3:23 AM
@forest it's not short but i'd say it's worth it. there's 2 sections, Shirohane which is set in the present and Kurohane which is set in the past. Kuro is Yuri because it's the events of Christina Dorn and how she fell in love with Efa while Shiro is about Cero helping his friend Wakaba create a play on Christina but with a different ending where Christina's Knight doesn't murder her and during their travels they meet Angelina and Belle who would play Christina and Efa
3:33 AM
@Memor-X It looks like Santa in his undershirt.
@Tonepoet he did give a present to Coco if i recall so maybe he is Santa
oh and @forest, Sono Hanabira, atleast when it focuses on one couple, is short and mostly linear
choices generally only have slightly different scenes like in the 2nd one with Sara and Kaede, before one sex scene Sara is dressed as a maid and askes what she should call Kaede and you have the choice between her own name or 2 Master titles which i think is Master and Ouji-sama
you can imagine how the scene is different after that
othertime it's just comedy like Nanami choosing to refuses to call Yuuna Onee-sama which she ends up doing either way
user image
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6:28 AM
how to send a photo?
Click "upload" on the bottom right.
7:01 AM
Fate Logic 101 - even if a Beserker can speak english, it's mad ramballings and why are you running away
Fate Logic 101-b - Cute Beserkers like Fran are exceptions
7:32 AM
7:47 AM
8:13 AM
How many of those stars are not images lol
8:24 AM
so I just finished Symphogear season 1 and
space handholding
@Memor-X <1% i'd assume
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9:27 AM
Q: How many gun different guns have been used in Highschool of the Dead?

kitI wonder how many guns have shown to be used by the character? And are these real guns? Or just some taught up weapons

9:47 AM
Q: Do zombie swin in the highschool of the dead?

kitIn the episode 12, one of the battleship fail to launch the missile to destroy an EMP attack and we found that the battleship is already full of zombie. How did the zombie board to that ship? Do the zombie swin on it?

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10:56 AM
Is Gendou considered as legal site?
11:16 AM
@AndrewT. that's a hard one because
> Downloading music
All mp3 files are for evaluation purposes only. Music downloaded from this website must be deleted after 24 hours.
This website aims to provide samples of songs, not to replace the need to buy CDs.
If you like the song, support the artist and buy their CD! I have made an effort to include buy links, author, and album information for this reason.
Music hosted on this website shall be removed once it comes to my attention that it has been licensed in the United States.
RightStuff does ship to Japan but because of licensing sometimes items can't be
so it's not entirely unheard of that they are allowed to host the music like that for non US users or something
but that first line makes me wonder
11:46 AM
@Memor-X All mp3 files are for evaluation purposes only. Tells me this is not legal.
The part must be deleted after 24 hours enforces this as well.
@Dimitrimx hmmmm, yeh might then remove that part of the answer then
12:02 PM
> These songs are being shared for free. Please do not complain about sound quality or ask that it be improved.
Thanks all, I'll remove it then...
oh wait, this ain't discord.
@Dimitrimx you type your emojis on discord, rather than using the search?
@Memor-X Yeah, the ones I most comonly use
For bot development I also often need the pure emoji. It's usually easier to type \:x: for example then to \ search click etc.
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2:25 PM
Yeah, there's no evaluation period in copyright law. People put the same nonsense up on illegal R.O.M. distribution websites.
Yep. There is evaluation products, which are permanently available for the people in question.

The only way he could get it some 'legal' leeway, is if he had a x second short exerpt you could listen online (fair use)

After which you can get the whole mp3 for an X amount, which he would have to discuss with each individual copyright owner. Effectively just making them a reseller.
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8:42 PM
Q: Is writing a manga more similar to writing a screenplay than writing a traditional comic book or even a western graphic novel?

KratzThe more I read about manga the more I realize that its skews heavily towards the visual. I'm wondering if there's graphic novel writer who talks about the differences between writing a manga and writing a western-inspired graphic novel? Since comic books seem to put equal weight on words and p...

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10:10 PM
user image
10:58 PM
@Tonepoet it appears the person cut off at the end is Rem from Re;Zero (safebooru link)
it's the only name i see which i can't point to one of the girls and out of all the names Rem is the only one i can imagine wearing black there
@Memor-X I'm more interested in knowing whatever heckish thing is coming out of that summoning Circle that needs Mikasa, Saber, Reimu and Ultimate Madoka to combat it to be honest!
@Tonepoet my guess, Mir
or even worse Archetype:Earth
Also, surely Asuna shall be the first to fall. I mean, she's just an M.M.O.R.P.G. player.
@Tonepoet but ofcause. and if they were to all be defeated Madoka would be the last since that's Madoka-Kami
11:35 PM
@Memor-X I'm not so certain. On the one hand Ultimate Madoka is assuredly more powerful than Reimu, but Reimu is skilled in the art of dodging. Depending on how hard their enemy hits evasion may be the deciding factor over endurance, in terms of who actually falls last. Maybe that's why Asuna is there: to co-ordinate the battle plan in accordance to R.P.G. status screen traits. =P
Oh wait I thought you were talking about some fighting game, nvm.
@forest I'm assuming they're working together.
Yeah just realized that. :D
Of course with Reimu, if we assume she has player character dodging skills, then we also have to assume she has player character endurance, so one shot takes her off of the battle field. A perfect accuracy or wide spread attack would take her down and out of the fight.
Stage 4 Boss Marisa used Swift
It's not very effective
Player 1 Reimu Fainted
Of course, Reimu could also use bombs and has the longest death-bomb of any character.
Which would probably be useful in saving the others if they are in trouble (as powerful as Misaka is, I don't think she could survive a particularly powerful physical attack).
11:56 PM
@forest That depends on the friendly fire rules.
Well Reimu's bombs are seeking, so they don't just destroy everything on the screen.
Heh, looking for videos of reimu bombing on youtube yields a whole bunch of no bomb runs.
I don't know if she can control what they seek though. They just seem to rapidly migrate to any entity and explode around them with a pretty decent radius, destroying anything in their paths.
Just search for any Reimu on hard (not lunatic) mode and whoever plays it will be using bombs.

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