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1:24 AM
Q: Looking for a soundtrack title!

Sheriese LoweIm looking for an anime song that would have been from something that was out in early 2000's. It features a dialougue that comes on in the middle of the song and it is an argument between two men and gunshots fired. Then the song continues. It is a sad piano song an the singer is a female and so...

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3:34 AM
So, I'm seeking some feedback on the veracity of an answer I wrote from my peers 'cause I would suppose that most of you may have a greater perspective on the matter than I do:
A: Is “shipping” today's equivalent of “matchmaking”?

TonepoetExplaining the Difference I strongly suspect that the reason an old word was effectively recycled is because the new word filled a lexical gap. It would not really make much sense to use matchmaking and shipping to mean the same thing. A matchmaker would be somebody who exercises some influence...

Q: Can anyone help me find this anime

GerardaghWhen i was younger like 6-7, i used to watch an anime but i really dont remember much out of it except there was a guy, he looked more realistic thanother animes I remember something like he could spawn down idk like monsters ( i remember 1 monster which was like a floating eye something like tha...

3:52 AM
Also, so long as I'm on the subject of ships:
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5:40 AM
Q: One Punch Man (archetype)

user65231I just finished the 1st session of One Punch Man and I have to say it's amazing how the main character Saitama has this apathetic attitude on others that want to have a fight with him I can understand why being infinitely powerful is a boring life. But I just want to know. What is the archetype o...

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8:59 AM
@Tonepoet in my view, matchmaking is process of being 2 people together with the hope they become a couple. shipping however happens when a pair are already a couple in the eyes of the shippers even if they aren't officially in a relationship and thus plot lines of them falling in love is only just to reinfoce the ship
so where Matchmakers can fail, a Shipper wont admit failure
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10:26 AM
@Memor-X Hmm, thank you for the feedback. It's certainly food for thought, although it seems a little restrictive. I'll ponder upon that more. In the meantime 'shippin' diagram:
10:46 AM
@Tonepoet your forgetting the Office Lady there
@Tonepoet yeh it's just my view of it
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1:29 PM
@Memor-X Well, it's not like I made it, but maybe in that timeline the Office Lady ended up with the witch Gertrud. I mean, the Office Lady was found with her hickey y'know? XP
@Tonepoet true but also remember that all Witches, before they became that, were taken to Madoka's Yuri heaven as such Office Lady wouldn't see Gertrud. Mami on the other hand is around and did save her
also there's an artists/author who's been shipping them in doujin. started off with a random encounter so them getting married now (though they added Nagisa suddenly even though The Christmas Witch was before Rebellion)
@Memor-X Yeah, I saw parts of that that on safebooru recently. There surprisingly isn't very much art of her. I mean I know she had a minor role, but still.
Anyway, speaking of Gertrude:
@Tonepoet left one possibly being how she looked like before becoming a Witch?
@Memor-X Left one being Touhou's Yuuka Kazami.
I guess Gertrude is also "Youkai moe".
1:45 PM
Q: Is this Non Non Biyori song an existing one?

user23823I am talking about this song. Entitled "Okonomiyaki" (お好み焼き), it is track 24 of Non Non Biyori Repeat's OST album, and appeared in Episode 8 (of the 2nd season) right before baby Ren-chon spilled the curry. It seems to have a certain quality that makes me think it's Russian. Considering that tra...

If it were the same continuity Madoka could hypothetically be the Hakurei God and Gensokyo her paradise. It'd explain why Youkai needed to be segregated off from the rest of the world, why life in Gensokyo is relatively idyllic, the nonsense of the nonleathal danmaku system, and why Reimu is at the center of most events.
Oh, I also forgot to mention the most important part: It'd explain why Reimu doesn't know who her god is, since Madoka's nothing more than a forgotten concept.
'course, the main problem is that it's Sakuya who has the time stopping powers, rather than Reimu, though to be fair, Remilia's pink dress kind of resembles a simplified version of Madoka's and ... hmm.
2:34 PM
@Tonepoet depends on how the time stopping works. even in Marvel Mutants with the same powers generally have some some sort of unique spin to it
take Deadpool and Wolverine, both with regen powers yet different origins to those powers and how potent they are
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Q: Did Luffy really killed Arlong?

emsHody said Luffy and the strawhats killed Arlong and his crew. As far as I know, Luffy never killed someone. I'm a bit confused

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K, @Taisho, come back
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user image
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@Gao *skips to end to see consoles* yeh wont be expecting this till 2021 or later because the PS5 comes out 2020 last i checked and i can't see Final Fantasy being a Console Launch Title
*watches in earnest* ok it looks like Square is moving more and more away from the medieval fantasy aspect they sued to be on which i don't mind so long as the locations are exploreable and populated
the girl reminds me alot of Mitsuru from Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 so i'll wonder if she can top Lightning in my....*sees that face to face moment*
oh my god, i need to know more, why such a tender sweet moment and then violent explosion?
11:31 PM
@Memor-X 2020 is too good of a marketing opportunity to pass up for the association with perfect vision. It's probably going to be a great time to be an a/v nerd.
We might even have small, somewhat affordable O.L.E.D. monitors by then. Joled is building a manufacturing facility.

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