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12:15 AM
Q: Why do the Z-fighters hide their power?

L o a d i n g . . .Throughout the dragon ball series the Z-fighters (Goku,Gohan, Krillin etc) all hide their power. They try to hide their strength from normal individuals and their victories are hidden only for Mr Satan to claim them. If they show their power it may encourage a form of support from humans like in ...

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3:49 AM
Q: In the past, did Goblin Slayer rescue Sword Maiden?

kitAs you see below this picture, it was on chapter 29 where Goblin Slayer and Sword Maiden meet to together and then the Sword Maiden seems like have a flashback and see Goblin Slayer as below this picture. And I found that the first equipment that Goblin Slayer equip also have a similar like t...

7 hours later…
10:56 AM
How has everyone's Easter been?
11:48 AM
@Gallifreyan yes, Easter. you know, chocolate eggs and bunnies?
I didn't even notice it
@Gallifreyan didn't you get any days off?
I've got 2 days off (today and tomorrow), but that's due to a national holiday here
Not much of Easter culture here
@Gallifreyan well today (Monday) was Easter Monday so may be related
@Gallifreyan well there's 2 things to it. the commercialised stuff about buying chocolates and stuff and the Religious side about the Resurrection of Jesus
the only religious thing we do is not eat meat on Good Friday but you're allowed seafood and from a non-religious perspective you can get some good Good Friday deals on seafood
3 hours later…
2:34 PM
Q: Does Saitama have any friends outside the heroes ones?

PabloOutside of his heroes friends (Genos, Bang, King, Fubuki, etc.) , AFAIR Saitama is never seen in the anime with other friends. Does Saitama have any friends outside the heroes ones? Why doesnt nobody from his former heroe life appear in the series?

9 hours later…
11:30 PM
From confession to engagement 💍💞

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