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2:13 AM
Q: Why are there four graves when Ciel first comes home?

Jupiter-kun [SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T READ chapter 129 onwards] When Ciel first comes home with Sebastian, why are there 4 graves when only 3 people died? (Vincent, Rachel, and [SPOILERS] Real!Ciel) So why would there be four? Could it be that the graves are pre-made? Or maybe they assumed that Our!C...

2:27 AM
@robloxprisonlife hello
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4:12 AM
Q: How to advertise my own anime series?

Agent_SpockI don't which StackExchange community the question belongs to, so, i am posting it here because it is somewhat related. Introduction I have always been that kind of guy who is fascinated by anime. I love watching the story along with epic battles etc. Until recently, i started writing my own a...

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6:32 AM
@Proxy yo
how are things? @Memor-X
@Proxy things are good. i think my body is rbellion being at work after a 4 day weekend because i have been yawning for like 30 minutes yet not tired
6:54 AM
@Memor-X about the same, for the last two days i have been playing league extensively.
besides that i have been watching deep space 9 and the new season of sabrina on netflix
@Proxy i liked Deep Space 9 but don't like how i have to get Netflix for it. i'm sure my mum will like it because Worf is in it
is the new Sabrina in any way related to Sabrina the Teenage Witch? because i have seen question appear for it with very similar character names but the plot elements seem like a total 180
:D. well its not that expensive. What i do not like is that i have to pay the same price as an american, although i have 80% less shows available.
it is related, but they basically just took the raw elements like character names and setting and did they own thing
but yeah besides the names everything else is different
@Proxy it's more that a) i rather buy home release and b) who do you think gets called for any little internet related thing
well regarding b i can say it works rather well. I share the account with my family and they have been using it without any problems
@Proxy i get called every time my mum accidentally presses the rewind button on the pay tv to "fix it"
7:02 AM
so yeh, imagine the tiny issues with netflix and i'm fixing them
yeah i am not living with my parents so i guess that helps
7:47 AM
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10:48 AM
@Proxy sorta lucky there
1 hour later…
11:54 AM
Q: How is possible Moro can defeat super saiyan blues but Majin Buu can fight him?

PabloOk, so Moro can't absorb Majin Buu ki like he did with Goku and Vegeta. That still doesnt explain why at the begining of the fight when Vegeta power wasnt absorbed yet, he could fight at the level of him. Is Moro actually weak and his powerful magic attacks is energy borrowed from the Earth and m...

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1:11 PM
Q: I want naruto shippuden without music

hakI want naruto shippuden without any music. In this video you will see what I mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwabBg3oWX4

2:09 PM
Q: Can anyone in naruto universe use all five chakra natures?

ArshiyaI know Sarutobi Hiruzen can use all the five chakra natures. Has anyone else ever mastered all five ?

Q: Does anyone knows about this anime kuiyu chouyuan?

user45970Anime and manga...I have been looking for this anime but couldn’t find it “kuiyu chouyuan”it’s a Chinese anime

1 hour later…
3:26 PM
Q: KCM Naruto vs Sage Mode Naruto?

Shogun Spider-ManWho do you like better? Sage Mode Naruto Abilties Super Strength Sensory Awareness Frog Kumite Recovery 4 SC Rasenshuriken Oodama Rasengan All of these were shown during the Pein Battle KCM Naruto Mini Rasenshuriken Senses negative energy as shown when fighting Kisame and the whit...

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3 hours later…
9:52 PM
Q: Who knows King is powerless?

PabloOk, Saitama found out King is powerless. Do other people know about it? How about the other heroes he hangs out with? (Genos, Fubuki, etc.)

Q: Did King get any stronger?

PabloAt the end of season 2 episode 1 , Saitama asks King if he's going to keep lying about being strong and King says he doesnt know. Then Saitama tells him he could quit or get stronger. Did King get any stronger as the story continues? (in the manga)

Q: Which heroes beaten up by Garou died?

PabloGarou has beaten many heroes, but some of them at least in their first beating survived, such as Tank Top Vegetarian. Which heroes beaten up by Garou died?

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11:57 PM
Q: Why don't characters teach each other techniques?

L o a d i n g . . .In the Dragon Ball series, characters have had their own special abilities/techniques. For example, the Instant Transmission. During the Buu saga, Cell saga and tournaments etc characters such as Piccolo or Vegeta may have needed to use such techniques. Also, the fighters are so fond of getting s...


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