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3:27 AM
@Gallifreyan yep, lol
2 hours later…
5:38 AM
@Gallifreyan lol
6:24 AM
Gets better and better
1 hour later…
7:28 AM
I recognize her.
But I dunno what from.
7:43 AM
omg this is cute
I need to watch Rozen Maiden again.
@forest likewise, and the name that pops into my head is D Grey Man though may not be right
@forest which one? there's 2 now
second one is more faithful to the manga. might see proper "wedding" of Suigintou and Megu
I didn't see the rework.
I saw the first seasons of the first version.
I saw it so many years ago anyway (and haven't read the manga, yet).
@forest likewise. the new version i want to see
Still have to finish^Wstart Dance in the Vampire Bund and Nichijou.
But then I'll probably get Rozen Maiden and read that.
@Memor-X I don't think so, since I haven't seen that and wouldn't recognize it.
Kind of reminds me of Azumanga Daioh art.
(Yay for mixed content confusing my browser!)
This almost looks like Rustle's style.
8:28 AM
Oh I was mixing it up with this one. Hair and clothes color made me think that.
(That was a surprisingly sad doujin ;_;)
@forest Azumanga Daioh?
No the (nsfw) Rustle doujin that the Barasui drawing reminded me of.
Azumanga Daioh is probably the least sad manga that can exist.
I'm pretty high right now so I'm probably being confusing.
If I remember it was something like... Immortal loli gets it on with some musician dude. Dude dies of old age (must suck to be immortal if no one else around you is) and she misses him. Something like that. Read it years ago.
Nothing is as sad as the Planetarian VN though. It broke my heart.
I haven't watched the Planetarian anime yet though but I should.
Though actually... I think Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 was even more sad.
An amazing anime though. Loved the motion in the art.
Also Angel Beats and Shinsekai Yori. Those were two sad shows that were great.
ZX art is neat.
9:02 AM
@forest the latter only got said because of Maria before the second time skip
I dunno the whole thing with the cats and all Saki's little friends vanishing one by one because of the cats... And Squealer insisting that he's human...
And the little Fiend girl killing that Queerat right before she realizes she's human.
It had a lot of sad stuff.
I also watched Saikano and it was sad but I think the show could have been better.
A little forgettable, but the music was wonderful and the art was pretty good.
Maybe I should give it another shot and watch it again.
Come to think about it, that show was basically "My Life as a Teenage Robot".
Except sadder. And Japanese.
Just 10 seconds of that man
Wait that's the Spanish version.
That's it.
@Memor-X You can't tell me that her scream there isn't heart-wrenching (I think I copied the URL at the correct time offset).
9:23 AM
@forest haven't seen the series so a heart wrenching will have less impact
I barely remember her, but just the way she screamed.
ie. Nunnally crying in Code Geass is painful because i've seen the series, gotten to know the characters
@forest but you still remember her and the series, even in a bit
Well... I remember she died and I think he loved her or something.
I really don't remember any more about those two. :P
we may forget a series after time, but it lives on inside as apart of us
Have you seen Tokyo Magnitude 8.0?
9:26 AM
same with games and books. there's a certain feeling that you have when you first see a series/game/film/book which can never be duplicated with the same title
@forest no i havn't yet
12 episodes, one of my favorites. Most depressing one I've seen. But good.
About an 8.0 earthquake while these two siblings are out on a trip, and they're trying to find their way home to their parents. Ending wasn't obvious either.
Was amazing.
Easily a 10/10.
hm, why am I not asleep yet? I should go to sleep
I think I will.
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7:02 PM
Q: What's the name of the intro song in The Day Naruto Became Hokage?

user45553I would like to know the name of the intro song (when the lineage of Hokage is shown) in The Day Naruto Became Hokage. This song is also used many times in Shippuden. For example, Episode 234 (minute 18). I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet or any of the released OSTs. Thanks a lot!

7:40 PM
Q: Was Hyakkimaru inmortal before regaining his body?

PabloWhen Hyakkimaru was born, he had no limbs, no tongue, no nose, no eyes, no ears and no internal organs. How could he possibly survive then? If he couldnt breath and he couldnt eat, (since he didnt have a stomach or lungs) , does that mean that during the duration of his course he was also inmortal?

8:12 PM
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