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12:00 AM
google says he is a friend of Monk Gyatso and a nomadic brother to the air nomads
@xpert which more just means he did a bit of wandering (which begs the question what wandering Air Nomads did when they were focused in temples which lead to an easy genocide). also it says he doesn't have any real alligence to any one nation which given when lahiema was born you'd think he's have an alligence to the air nomads
like it's very likely patik has read lahiema's writings while he was in the air temples but i more suspect that the philosophy(s) for enlightenment in Avatar (don't recall what they are based on, get the feeling that Air Nomads are Buddhists) does allow for many people to come to the point that letting go of worldly attachments leads to greater knowledge/power
There clothing is the same
that makes sense
welp rip that theroy
but what if hes that guy that lived forever?
I forgot the name but hello future me did a vid on him
12:17 AM
@xpert well the wiki states that he's the eldest human, when we count non humans he is second to the Lion Turtles
@xpert don't recall that video
his name is Lao Ge
I think the lion turtles were killed for sport
all except the one
the vid wasnt by hello future it was by Antoine Bandele
"the earth bender sho unlocked immortality"
hold up @Memor-X avatar Kyoshi lived to be 230
12:45 AM
Q: Anyone know of a manga like this, its as much as i can remember but i cant find it what so ever

TheDiamondTubaAfter her parents died in a car crash, leaving no will, her relatives try to take the fortune left. After going for a hike she returns home and finds she can teleport between earth and another world. Dew to the monsters that she encounteres there she seeks out gun training with an american mercen...

1:35 AM
@xpert yeh but can you consider an Avatar human? or at least a normal one?
1:55 AM
Q: Are there any of the same spirits in Fairy Tail?

StarAuraIn the anime, you only ever see one version of the same spirit. I remember at the beginning Lucy mentions some of the silver keys can be "Bought in magic shops", but we never see anyone own the same key/spirit as Lucy.

2:12 AM
well I would but with extra powers
i consider them a relative of humans so kinda homo-benders
black people don't have blue eyes
and nobody can manipulate elements
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Q: How Supreme deity and Demon king work together?

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8:55 AM
@ahiijny best flavor milk
@xpert lol, i meant in context to Avatar
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12:39 PM
@Memor-X then heck no I would give on example of how some people are double-jointed but bending but that and bending are two different things
1:17 PM
Q: Please help i cant fid what anime this is from!

Bob fladaryanDying to figure out what show this is... Around August 2007, i remember watching something on what im guessing to be toonami. I cant be sure but its my best guess as to what channel it was. The scene was one where a man and a woman were fighting around night time, and the setting was by a dock (...

@xpert yeh but there can be more than 1 double jointed person, there can only ever be 1 Avatar at a time and an Avatar serves a more pivotal role to the world for being the Avatar
also the wiki doesn't count Avatars too
> Guru Pathik was the oldest living human character in the show. At age 150, he was one of the few known people to have lived long enough to have possibly witnessed both wartime arrivals of Sozin's Comet.
and also i learned Kyoshi was Bi with her last relationship being yuri
> Rangi was the firebending teacher and girlfriend of Avatar Kyoshi.
thinking of it now, it was the same for Korra, i wonder if Yangchen wasn't an Air Nomand if she would have been bi with her lat relationship being a yuri too (and if that is a pattern with all female Avatars)
the wiki says it's a novel so don't know if these are scans or someone's made up some comics based off the novel
1:59 PM
Q: Does people playing Sword Art Online feel something or not?

PabloIn the first season of SOA, IIRC, Kirito tells his friend that they can't feel pain in SOA. But later we see a lot of characters reacting like if they feel pain (screaming in pain, etc.) and also they enjoy and taste meals and foods. So, how is this possible? Does people playing Sword Art Onlin...

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3:17 PM
Welp nevermind then
I'm going to finally get a new computer on Friday
Q: What song was C.C. playing in picture drama?

LenassaIn picture drama 8 of the second season (turn 22.05) C.C. is playing harp. Is this an actual song or just a short piece made fore the exposure? Haven't been able to find it.

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8:52 PM
Q: Does Aizen's shikkai have to be seen directly to work?

Salix.MendaxIn Bleach, Aizen's shikkai works by hypnotising anyone who sees it's release. My question is do you still get hypnotised if you don't see it directly. Would it still work if someone saw it in a mirror or in a camera recording? Would it work on someone wearing glasses or looking through a window? ...


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