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12:38 AM
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12:52 AM
@僕の彼女 now i know who that red skinned girl was that you was posting images and videos were
1:15 AM
Q: What's the crater in the mountain shown after Izuku talks to Kota in season 3 episode 3?

PabloIn My Hero Academia last episode, after Izuku talks to Kota, they show a sort of crater in the mountain. Does the manga say anything or help to guess what this could be? Does this have any relation with Kota?

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4:11 AM
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^ not a very good police sting
After its creator was charged with possessing child pornography, Rurouni Kenshin will return to publication this June: http://bit.ly/2qRnquY
4:55 AM
@Memor-X related ^
@EarlGrey lol, i didn't realize that
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8:12 AM
8:53 AM
@Memor-X sits in the car by reflex
user image
damn, the fanart is really nice
@僕の彼女 who
9:42 AM
@JNat hey, have you heard about any developments in the site design department?
nope; no news
last month that new quantum computing site got launched with a sponsored design, idk maybe the designers would start publishing mo- yea ok :P
10:20 AM
so I bought a boot online. and it looks lame as fuck
should've google it more
is it a leg boot?
a boot for your leg?
u bought a boot leg online
uh, yea?
10:32 AM
10:56 AM
some of the devs share their thoughts in the comments
it seems like they were trying to find one language to compile for all systems
and c++ used to be the only option but now there's also rust so they're just trying it out
never done multiplatform gamedev myself so what do I know
hopefully by the time I get to it, it'll all be ez pz
c# squeezy
11:18 AM
@Taisho i'm assuming the left side is his Shadow which would be a first for the (who is suspect to be) lone Wildcard to face their own Shadow
@EarlGrey who
right so it does detect images
@nhahtdh is it the reflex of sitting next to a loli or sitting in a police car
@Memor-X it detects .jpg at the end of the message
@Memor-X lol
11:35 AM
@Hakase only .jpgs?
pngs and jpegs
I don't think there are bmps or gifs
11:48 AM
@Memor-X Ah, I don't know what 1. rep users.
@Memor-X I've seen Marisa with straight hair in some depictions, and Alice usually wears blue with some white and a hint of red:
user image
12:15 PM
@Memor-X The former
Limited to 2D loli only
12:27 PM
@ASCII-only Thank you for that list, already started a few
@Hakase don't @ me >.>
k xlr
fite me irl m8
sure, come over here, I dare you
don't worry man ಠ‿ಠ
ye i'm not
12:43 PM
Q: Why is there not enough good yaoi animes ( too many fujobaits) even though there is many great source materials and a huge odience?

Im_lostThere was a time when BL was merely a subculture. But I think it's not same anymore. We could give excuses like, BL animes can't sell enough merchandise and it can't return the production value. I call that bullshit. I mean I've seen girls buying anything with non canon BL ships. Shirts, mugs, ky...

1:05 PM
Q: Does Tomura have other powers aside decay?

PabloDoes Tomura have other powers aside decay? I mean, it doesnt make sense that he can be a powerful villain if the only power he has is decay. How could he face people who fire things from a large range, people who moves faster than a normal person, he wouldnt able to make them any damage if he can...

Q: Why if Endeavor solved more crimes than All Might, he isnt considered the number one hero?

PabloIn the anime version of My Hero Academia it's said that Endeavor solved more crimes than All Might, but he isnt considered the number one hero in spite of this. Why it is so? What does it make people to consider All Might the number one hero and not Endeavor?

1:54 PM
My Internet is damn slow today. Apparently, one of the major undersea fiber cable connecting my country to the world's Internet is broken again (for who know how many times).
2 more years
nylon max our lord and savior will gift us 12000 satellites
lemon wax
melon tax
kilo must
2:33 PM
Q: Is kazami extra person?

user40327Another song party Another Anamnesis ![enter image description here]

3:15 PM
3:29 PM
"Hokuto no Ken" Body Wash is now available in Japan ♥ #FistOfTheNorthStar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVNS-bsbIfU https://t.co/CpW8MO4hON
who was watching Citrus a few days back?
@僕の彼女 yea i finished it a few weeks back
@Gao check that yt video out :P
@僕の彼女 Breast girl is best girl
4:19 PM
i have only a few eps left
4:34 PM
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6:03 PM
I have a mango in form of a bunch of jpegs. How do I read it on Windows?
I mean the easy way, like an application for reading pics
reading pics? as in hex dump or displaying images?
reading manga scans
I just use the native windows image viewer
it's no good
6:10 PM
why though? :B
hm... I dunno why, but it just stopped working for me
really, wtf, where did it go?
Q: Why did Strelitzia transform in Episode 15?

僕の彼女In episode 15 we can see that after re-uniting with Zero Two, Hiro when connects with her Why did this sudden change in the FranXX take place? The only possible reason I can think of is the newly mutual acceptance of each other that made this happen. Are there any canon reasons for it?

site's first DitF question \o/
Why are you trying to find logic in DitF?
6:26 PM
Q: なんだけど Meaning and grammar patterns

RickI would like to know what (なんだけど / なんですが) means? I think these two forms are the same, but when I asked in class their meaning, I was told that they mean nothing, so I'm kinda confused. For example, in this short sentence: そのことなんだけど, what is the function of (何 + だ + けど [softener])? It appears i...

dunno why, but this photo viewer doesn't want to open gifs. How could I break it?
you could use some sort of web image viewer if you are desperate enough
yeah but which one?
umm... /me googles
I just gonna write a script that would make me a page with the pics
6:30 PM
yeah, writing a quick and dirty node script doesn't seem too bad either
@Abyx what
did you uninstall the image viewer by any chance?
@Hakase no idea. it opens .jpeg but it doesn't open .gif
paste this into your address bar in the explorer Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Default Programs
select the default image viewer and hit the lower action button to select gif specifically
animated gifs won't play in it though, you'll have to use a video player or browser for viewing those
idk why they disabled gif animation in the viewer
it worked fine in xp
7:23 PM
hm... I dunno why, but I cannot alter those settings. Could be set by a group policy
anyways, I already have a script which shows me pics in a browser
alternatively you can drop it into VLC or MPC and just next/prev
I almost bought a new mouse to play fortnite better
I did buy a new gpu but I'm happy that I can play other games that I've actually wanted to play before I found out about fortnite
and fortnite doesn't even feel good all things considered
Q: Why can "low" become "lower" and "lowest", while "up" can't?

subtle_siblingWhy can "low" become lower (comparative) and lowest (superlative), while "up" can become only comparative (upper), rather than superlative (uppest)? The second question is what does act as a substitute for superlative of "up"? I believe that it's needed in the language.

8:37 PM
user image
8:49 PM
Q: Looking for a long lost childhood nostalgia trip amd answers to questions

Jairo rodriguesI don't like having stories half assed which is why i keep remembering series's on a channel called mbc 3(middle east network). They are 2 in particular ->The first one is a mecha type involving a young mc who battles in competition with mecha similar to Pokémon but combine when needed. The two w...

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11:50 PM
@Taisho who
looks like Ume Aoki's

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