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12:01 AM
New Yuru Yuri OVA incoming!
【速報】「ゆるゆり」原作10周年記念で新作OVA制作します!!応援していだいている皆様のおかげです!ありがとうございます!続報をお待ち下さい!! https://youtu.be/tAgw7NQa-H4 #yuruyuri
cc @ToshinouKyouko @EarlGrey
they have plenty OVA already
@EarlGrey but they did get a third Season after the last OVA right?
season 3 is still not out on DVD
i blame NISA. they probably got sole distribution rights for anything Yuri Yuri and because they haven't localized any anime in years it's probably stopping anyone else
12:28 AM
for some reason I thought Nasu Yachumi is a movie
mongrel rings
@EarlGrey what is that?
only had 4 hours of sleep. #feelsbadman ;_;
12:32 AM
4 hours are enough, just don't do that everyday
yeah :P
Q: Is Griffith a gay or not?

Takamura the ProgrammerMind to help me with this curiosity? Griffith is acting different when Guts left. "You are mine." like what? Ever since they have first met, it confuses me though.

12:49 AM
@EarlGrey oh you mean Nachu Yachumi, i googled Nasu Yachumi and got nothing
well 60 minutes does sorta make it into a movie. atleast that was sorta the stanard of movies back in the day, 60-90 minutes long
now-a-days it's 120-180 minutes
@Memor-X oh yeah I mean that
2 hours later…
3:17 AM
Q: What is the name of this anime

LesliOk.. so my boyfriend is stuck on figuring out the name of this one anime he watched as a kid. There is a guy who has a dragon heart and he ends up going through a portal he ends up in the present day and finds a girl who has a pendulum necklace. He remembers something about a track that if she co...

3:29 AM
user image
Yuru Camp S2: Exploring Camping with stuff that takes 2 people
4:12 AM
@Memor-X where'd you got these
@Memor-X who
@EarlGrey discord
here's another one
that's not yuru camp
@EarlGrey yeh, i meant here's another one from discord
user image
4:15 AM
@Taisho Kanzaki or Hitagi?
Uploaded (UTC): 03.09.2017 18:27:47 by (132581) Gao, tag: to-aru-majutsu-no-index
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://i.imgur.com/fS8iOMp.png | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://i.imgur.com/fS8iOMp.png | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://i.imgur.com/fS8iOMp.png | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://i.imgur.com/fS8iOMp.png | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://i.imgur.com/fS8iOMp.png
Kanzaki then
I thought it's from Infinite Stratos
@EarlGrey haven't seen that yet
4:17 AM
@EarlGrey same kind of ribbon and long hair so i can see where the similarity
yea, long split ponytail. they could be twins
Q: Anime Crossover Suggestion Ideas

AaronDo you have any suggestion on doing a crossover with all the Battle Spirits, Cardfight Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, and all the Yugioh?

4:59 AM
@Frosteeze is a big fat mess.
Oh hey @Ave, how goes thee
doing good, how are you?
we didn't talk in forever
@iKlsR can you stop flipping bits pls
also i will take any message you want to tell ek
or maybe you dont even remember eric
hmmmm, i get the feeling i know @iKlsR from somewhere but i don't recognize the face
5:03 AM
@Frosteeze I've been looking for this mans for years
@Memor-X yes.
My close to 5 year old avatar was officially laid to rest
@iKlsR You must type a proper request.
@Taisho is a sad mess
mfw iklsr senpai ignores me
5 mins ago, by iKlsR
Oh hey @Ave, how goes thee
5:06 AM
4 mins ago, by Ave
doing good, how are you?
guess I'll go back to my sad life which involves developing an open source video host
mfw I betray a fellow memer
I don't get much time to drop by these here chats nowadays
Good to see the still non-themed A&M kicking and well
I hardly find time too
I have a busy life
which involves a lot of sleep
And making memes?
you're my new best friend
5:08 AM
I mailed kimdotcom yesterday with memes
well, our tribute for him which has a lot of memes
@Hakase is a sad mess these days
@iKlsR I don't know that command.
@iKlsR uwu
I just finished binge reading Tales of Demons and Gods
It's pretty good, haven't been that invested in a manga since Kingdom
Also Kengan Asura was good
ToDaG is almost like The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor which is a webtoon, I find these RPG level up style reads rather fascinating
5:13 AM
> RPG level up
you may be looking for those Chinese xianxia manhua then :P (or basically every fantasy webtoon on LINE)
@iKlsR you should probably read Star Martial God Technique, it's based off another of the author's web novels. also as i said it's pretty similar to ~20+ (non-abandoned)? manhua out there
@ASCII-only Literally just started that, it was a bit mentally taxing tho since I noted some similarities right off the bat. I'm saving it for tomorrow or so.
@iKlsR Hmm, I guess. I wonder what they'll do toward the end of ToDaG though, apparently the author just got distracted with SMGT towards the end and rushed the ending of ToDaG a lot. (That won't be for a long time though, so I guess it's okay)
@ASCII-only The "silverwing" arc was very jolting, wasn't expecting that at all but he got a new ally so I'm interested to see where it goes.
@iKlsR new ally = guy with wings?
It's always fun to find a healthy 200 chapter read for the weekend to have them pull a Berserk on you
It was so good then I learnt of the abysmal update time
5:19 AM
for Berserk?
It's like a chapter every 2 months T_T
well at least it's better than when the translators drop it completely :P
true dat
I'd love to find another 500+ one soon
Hajime no Ippo anime was good back in the day, it's like 1000+ now. Didn't know you could stretch boxing that far
@iKlsR Noblesse/Tower of God/God of Highschool/Kubera :P
Already finished T_T
vampires are kewl
checking second one
Oh, those look cool, thanks!
Friendship ended with Ave.
@ASCII-only is my new best friend.
The Gamer piqued my interest a little as well.
5:24 AM
Oh yeah
Looks similar to The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
The Wizardly Tower is the author's other webtoon
It's not on LINE though
I also have Tower of God on my to read
@iKlsR Kinda. If the MC was the only one playing a game. A bit like Death March in that way I guess
Aww, wizardly tower is only 65 in
That's like a quick read over dinner
5:26 AM
Warning: Kubera/DICE (forgot to mention that one) are kinda depressing (or at least not completely positive). And in DICE the MC isn't way more OP than the other characters so might not count as similar, although he still has the MC smarts/plot armor or whatever
user image
Wow my last activity here was 2013
I had gotten modship of Blender that year. Makes sense...
Got a code review in the morning. Gotta blast, was fun chatting with my new best friends @Ave @ASCII-only o/
Feel free to @ any more suggestions
@iKlsR I'm probably going to be here for 15 minutes compiling a list of xianxia manhua that are updated pretty regularly >_>
@iKlsR "gotta blast"
is that a goddamn jimmy neutron reference
because if so you'd love genplex probably
5:44 AM
@iKlsR Hmm. If you're just looking for level up ones:
- Hardcore Leveling Warrior (webtoon) (although he was technically the most OP before he died :P)
- Girls of the Wild's, I guess? (webtoon) (Boxing though)
- Battle Through The Heavens
- Combat Continent (+ 2, 2.5 and 3, although those may not have great translations)
- Spirit Blade Mountain
- The King's Avatar?
- Demon Spirit Seed Manual
- Good Luck, Demon King (possibly.)
Trash Scanlations (<100 chapters but they have _insane_ update speed):
:| that was a bit long
oh also Witch Hunter (webtoon), 160 chapters
@ASCII-only is it really?
the scanlations i saw seem to jump from chapter 90 to chapter 130
i was going to restart reading it until i noticed that
mangarock counts 160 chapters so idk
> Chapter 119 August 30, 2016
Chapter 93 August 30, 2016
@Memor-X that's when they changed numbering system iirc?
or maybe wrong comic
but thanks for the link. most of the other places don't do that
5:51 AM
@Memor-X i mainly use it because the mobile app supports multiple sources which makes things easier for me
not that i ever use that feature
@Memor-X idk. i read it there and there was no gap in story IIRC. you could check if you want
@ASCII-only if there isn't that's good but doesn't explain why page 20 hear says 92 and then page 5 here says 119
huh. wat
6:17 AM
Q: Im searching for an old anime

FRNI dont remember much besides it was a fun anime. So i dont have many information, but I want to watch it again. I think it was on Animax or Spacetoon once, I search on Animax and Spacetoon but I cant find it. So, it was a story where the main character moved time line/universe, she was moved by ...

6:57 AM
@ASCII-only on mangarock, you wouldn't happen to know where in the DOM the image's are stored?
since i can't right click and save as was looking for where the images are stored so i can open that and to a "Save As" save
Hinamatsuri is better than it looks. Now I need to sleep after marathoning all 3 episodes so far.
7:37 AM
8:06 AM
@iKlsR thank you
pff gotta move out >.>
I guess I could work from home but I don't have a cafeteria here
how am I gonna hav brekfost
breakfast is for kids
1 hour later…
9:27 AM
@Hakase well, you could like, made one yourself?
I eat bread with milk for breakfast everyday
doesn't that get boring?
no, not really
9:48 AM
@EarlGrey of course I can but you know, you come in, you pay for the food and it's on a plate and ready to eat
but at home it's on a pan and ready to cook for 20-25 mintues :/
@Hakase made something simpler then
nothing is simpler than 20 minutes cooking
unless it's store-bought ready to eat foods like cookies or waffles
but that's not breakfast it's just some filthy snack
I want like a soup
I ain't makin soup at home
@僕の彼女 I'm a kid at heart
anything is a breakfast if you're brave enough
also breakfast is for people who can't afford large breaks between eating so it's out of necessity for me also
9:53 AM
/me holds cheeks of Hakase
also also also
(these cheeks are too thin to be holdable)
it's true
I'm not a thicc boi
10:14 AM
you're saying these cheeks aren't holdable
In Nano Voice Hakaseeee!
10:35 AM
@Memor-X F12 is a thing. Also it's encoded (look for .mri files instead) - (this explains how to decrypt - xor each byte with 101, add the first 15 bytes (header) - hexdump is 00000000: 5249 4646 f01d 0500 5745 4250 5650 38 RIFF....WEBPVP8)
too much work for a simple scrape
@Memor-X if you want to manually save each image (bad idea), f12 -> network -> turn filter to Img only -> refresh -> next page a lot -> save all images (webp, but they'll basically all be webp anyway)
would take much more CPU time for DOM parsing, file parsing, and fs operations; all combined
10:51 AM
@僕の彼女 why
12 mins ago, by 僕の彼女
would take much more CPU time for DOM parsing, file parsing, and fs operations; all combined
@僕の彼女 is that what normal scrapers do
@Memor-X what do you mean where in the dom
how else do you figure it out except F12
@ASCII-only wow that's unusually complicated
@ASCII-only no, normally DOM scrapers don't have that second step
and even without it DOM scrapers are hella slow
I'm not familiar with "normal scrapers" you're talking about
any examples?
10:53 AM
@僕の彼女 why the need to file parse...
you need no such extra steps
@僕の彼女 doesn't work
got any github links?
@ASCII-only because you told that the images transferred over the network in mangarock are xor'd or something
1. write header
2. get HTTP stream
3. write stream.map(byte => byte ^ 101)
@僕の彼女 yes? but you don't need to parse a single thing
10:54 AM
@Hakase it works for me tho :/
just do every single byte ^ 101 -> magic
by parse I meant performing the xor operation
that's not parsing that's processing
@僕の彼女 yeah that's one processor operation. not slow in any way
10:56 AM
@mem try another site if it has the manga you want
maybe there's a working scraper out there for it
if not, ping me in 6-7 hours and I'll make one for you
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Encoding: gzip
Content-Length: 8941
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 10:56:05 GMT
Etag: "-521979346"
Server: Mashape/5.0.6
X-Powered-By: Express

  "name": "Naruto",
  "href": "naruto",
  "author": [
  "artist": [
  "status": "ongoing",
  "yearOfRelease": 1999,
  "genres": [
@Hakase that api still works
ok I believe you :p
I just don't care about manga name and ongoing status
gimme the direct image urls
user image
  "href": "naruto/1",
  "name": "Uzumaki Naruto",
  "pages": [
      "pageId": 1,
      "url": "https://i10.mangareader.net/naruto/1/naruto-1564773.jpg"
      "pageId": 2,
      "url": "https://i4.mangareader.net/naruto/1/naruto-1564774.jpg"
      "pageId": 3,
      "url": "https://i10.mangareader.net/naruto/1/naruto-1564775.jpg"
      "pageId": 4,
      "url": "https://i10.mangareader.net/naruto/1/naruto-1564776.jpg"
      "pageId": 5,
there you go, the getManga endpoint
@Hakase there's a working scraper for everything + mangarock
11:02 AM
@mem ^
> kotlin
@ASCII-only how do you use it
@僕の彼女 excuse me
look all I want is enter a url and get the manga album on my hard drive
@Hakase that's the extensions repo (apparently has manga rock support), hang on
11:03 AM
extension of what
I've just had a terrible experience of kotlin, that's all :B
@Hakase tachiyomi
what is that
it's only for android though >_>
when you think about it it's not that different from manga rock in that way
hmm but I don't want to download anything to my tablet/phone
or maybe I could download it from there to the network-shared hard drive on my desktop
that's a weird solution but ok
11:07 AM
@僕の彼女 look you have no choice if it's android. your only other choices are groovy and xamarin
xamarin kinda works i guess
@Hakase yeah good point
doesn't have mangarock
anyway I don't need any of it
I've written all my scrapers myself
@Hakase well mangarock is like an aggregator aggregator anyway (at least the mobile app)
so basically the mobile app is mostly just a viewer/scraper for other sites
11:24 AM
I don't know anything about any mobile app
we live in different universes
I just wanted to help out mem
well basically what i'm saying is if the manga downloader already supports like 20 sites then there's not need to support more :P
11:50 AM
@Hakase @ASCII-only i mean like where the url path to the image is. like is it in an img tag or in a class as a tag's background image. that sorta thing
just open source and do a ctrl+f for .jpg
@Hakase it's not a JPG
ah right
I never went to the page in question so idk
@Memor-X :| the actual image is a data url
@Hakase that wont help if it's loaded by a class or style
11:52 AM
@Memor-X the image is encoded though
oh yea
I'm reading something on mangarock
I need help
@Memor-X why not?
I have been sneezing for the past hour or so
it's drawn on a canvas :I
11:54 AM
@僕の彼女 :|
@Hakase exactly
@Hakase from my experience ctrl+f fails when something is in a style and one can easily generate a .css file with dynamic classes and then link them
user image
@Hakase hmmmm, i wonder if there's a way to get the data from the canvas as a string in javascript so it can be passed into a server side script
@Memor-X yeah
@Memor-X canvas.toDataUrl() iirc
then slice it and base64decode it to a file. or just pass it to your language's URL handler and let that do the decoding actually
11:58 AM
@ASCII-only well if i was to use my image downloader javascript is just to grab client side data and have PHP to the server side like URL Calls, possibly file_get/put_contents might do the rest given that the former can get an image file by URL as a string and the former just outputs it
hooray! i'm online when @tosh is online
how's the move going?
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