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2:51 AM
Q: What's that movie called?

BatmanI saw a movie years ago that had this beautiful overature. A few woman singing a song with lots of... trills(???) Kind of a yodeling. During the overature, the world in the movie is being destroyed. I think there was something growing as a part of the destruction?? The main character was female a...

3:06 AM
Q: What is the soundtrack in the min 40:18 in Grisaia no Meikyuu?

Jose HernándezWhat is the song when Asako appears in Grisaia no Meikyuu? I have not found it in the original ost Reference on the clip mintute 40:18 seconds Link https://youtu.be/pLTxha9bsWA

5 hours later…
7:52 AM
@Tonepoet In A Link to the Past, if you hold a chicken for long enough, or swipe at it with your sword or another weapon enough times, then a whole flock attacks you. They seem to hate being picked up almost as much as being sliced.
8:29 AM
@Gallifreyan might be another opportunity for another screening
8:42 AM
Morning ~
9:03 AM
3 hours later…
12:32 PM
Q: Is Son Hak a Dragon ? - Akatsuki no Yona

Roby Firnando Yusufis Son Hak from anime Akatsuki no Yona a dragon ? i think Son Hak is a dragon cause he is so overpower

1:15 PM
@forest Yeah, I know, but I thought you were asking about the floating mechanic when I said that.
You can actually dodge the flying cuccos pretty easily in A Link to the Past.
If you're charging at least.
@forest Nah, even just while walking. I could do that all day if I'm paying attention.
They sort of come at you one at a time.
Maybe my memory failed me.
I remember it being like 5+ in the air at once.
Yeah, there can be plenty of them in the air, but they appear on screen one at a time, so if you see which one spawned last you can walk out of its way in time to see where the next one is coming from. It's kind of like a danmaku pattern.
Chicken Danmaku.
Zelda chicken danmaku! :D
1:22 PM
@forest Now I have an image of my head of a giant cucoo dressed up in young Zelda's garb.
I want to see Reimu attacking a chicken with her purification rod until they attack.
@forest Maybe could probably make a romhack which replaces Link with Pocky from Pocky and Rocky. She looks kind of like Reimu, and Setz even made a couple of gag comics about that...
1:31 PM
Setz is great.
So is Pocky and Rocky but that game is ridiculously expensive now. I have a copy but the sequels are even rarer. I need Natsume to make some sort of compilation. =\
I never thought S.N.E.S. games would actually spike up so highly in value when I was collecting them, so I put buying a few games off.
How lamentable.
I almost bought something like $500 worth of bitcoin when it cost $15 each.
I know that feel.
2:34 PM
new sonic movie
Q: Songs in episode 286 of fairy tail when they saw the young boy.

BattlepandaWhat's the name of the music in the background In episode 286 of fairy tail "law of space" when the guild members leap to the aid of the young boy before the soldiers hurt him?

6 hours later…
8:45 PM
Q: Assassination Classroom looking for a specific soundtrack

SwissPlayTM I was watching the second season of Assassination Classroom and I really enjoyed this one song. On episode 21 of season 2, at 9:42-11:00 , a song starts up that sounds/ got a part in using with a E-guitar i guess... and I really like it. Which song is it? btw did the autor/developer of assassinat...

9:29 PM
@Memor-X They're screening Noragami next
10:06 PM
It's a surprise return from everyone's favourite disappearing act
How we all doing?
@Taisho Certainly did
And do
I find it sad there's still no A&M custom theme, there was so much promise and discussion and excitement back in my day
1 hour later…
11:26 PM
@Matt we're still waiting
@Matt good, on annual leave at the moment. yourself?
@Proxy ummmm, those legs and arms don't look right
11:40 PM
Ah very nice, glad to hear it

Yeah all good at my end, uni still stressful but can't complain

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