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5 hours later…
7:25 AM
@Memor-X neither does the head :P
1 hour later…
8:26 AM
Q: Is guy air walk ( 8th inner gate guy vs madara fight) and sanji sky walk are similar?

Lava kusaIn Naruto shippuden:- When guy vs madara fight, guy open 8th inner gate, it's allow to walk in air by kicking air. In one piece:- CP9 members and After time skip sanji,other one piece characters able to walk in air.. 1. I observed when they walking in air music (when they kicking air) and sty...

8:55 AM
9:20 AM
how are we all
cold haha
@Keale i wish it was cold here
are you currently in the southern hemisphere? or around the equator?
9:35 AM
@Keale australia
@Memor-X we are neighbour then.. Haha
Btw.. Afternoon people..
I thought what were the odds haha.
Afternoon :)
Anyone here see godzilla new trailer?
9:53 AM
@dwir182 i saw just a bit of it when watching the Philip DeFranco Show
@dwir182 what country?
You should watch it.. Really give me chill.. :D
Indonesia.. :)
2 hours later…
12:03 PM
@Memor-X Pretty good, yet another bussy week. How about yourself?
1 hour later…
1:09 PM
my arms are still a bit sore -_-
I shouldn't have tried to do push-ups and pull-ups
@Morwenn Those are good for you ;)
@Dimitrimx I do them once every few years though
and I should reach 10 years without regular sports in a few months x)
Still good for you, all though if you want to gain the benefits from it as well, you might wanna do it more regularly ^^
I'm rather fine with my weak body tbh :p
it's smol and almost cute :3
Also a way to look at it ^^
1:20 PM
to look at it, eh :p
@Dimitrimx good also. on annual leave at the moment. tomorrow i go do christmas shopping which just so happens to be in the shopping complex with this japanese food bar. initially thinking of getting some Takoyaki but might see what else they have
;o nice
Now I am tempted to go buy takoyaki myself after work ;s
I was disappointed not to really enjoy takoyaki when I went to Japan :x
fortunately there were plenty of other foods that I really enjoyed
@Morwenn Tried mochi ice?
1:36 PM
Q: Who is Metal Lee's Mother?

RumpelstiltskinMetal lee is Rock lee's son and that is pretty obvious based of the similarities between both of them but what about his Mother? At first, I thought it was Tenten because she seemed like the "best available option", but then, since she has not really been an active "mother figure", I'm guessi...

@Dimitrimx nope, what is it?
I just googled it and the pictures look nice :o
It is nice, Mochi is a rice dough candy so to. It has a taste paste inside, which can be anything from fruitfull to redbean.

Mochi ice however, replaces the paste with ice ;3
1:51 PM
I know mochi, I ate plenty in Japan ^.^
I'm unsure I would enjoy the ice version as much though
2:18 PM
I personally enjoy the ice version more then the regular ones ^^
1 hour later…
3:29 PM
I want those pastries I ate in Japan which are made of a dough close to doughnut except it's a bit thicker (less air in it), filled with anko, and covered in slightly grilled sesame weed
It was so good *-*
that sounds good ;o
I want to go back to Japan and eat everything in bakeries
2 hours later…
5:11 PM
That sounds like the best worst idea ever
2 hours later…

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