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1:00 AM
that sign at the bottom right need to be a bit more visible it seems :D
1:11 AM
i think a lot of us in here have issues with getting work done
1:37 AM
@ton.yeung think this might be useful for all the uni students who start to stress at the end of the semester
1:50 AM
@Memor-X waitbutwhy.com/2013/10/why-procrastinators-procrastinate.html original post and solutions follup
2:40 AM
Q: What does this picture of Caulifla mean?

PabloThis picture was posted by a Dragon Ball Super writer. I believe it comes from a videogame (though not sure) . Does anyone know what does it mean? Specially the "SSR" in there? Super Saiyan = ? What? In the right corner it says Super Saiyajin 2 Caulifla in japanese what makes it more confusing (b...

3:22 AM
> good yuri subtext this weeks Super episode between Kale and Caulifla
hmmmmm, if that develops i'll restart Dragonball Z non-abridged
and yes i know Kale and Caulifla are Super Character but Super does take place before the end of Dragonball Z
about the only thing i recall that far into the series is Mr Satan (Hercule in the Dub i saw) playing house with Buu and Supreme Kai shiting bricks when they break the supposed indestructible Mystic Sword
3:48 AM
in The Bridge, 6 mins ago, by Avery
emoji movie comes out in 3 days?
in The Bridge, 25 secs ago, by Memor-X
@Avery i got my Tomato ready to hurl at the screen *kidnaps @ToshinouKyouko*
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/303717500204613632/339609219248685057/CzswC6dUQAAcSUJ.png | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/303717500204613632/339609219248685057/CzswC6dUQAAcSUJ.png | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/303717500204613632/339609219248685057/CzswC6dUQAAcSUJ.png | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/303717500204613632/339609219248685057/CzswC6dUQAAcSUJ.png | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/3037
yeh, nothing
1 hour later…
5:34 AM
@Darjeeling yeh you can really tell it's Ilya now
well not many girls have white hair and red eyes
~_~ mod alert
> Miyu stood there dumbstruck. never had she seen such beauty in her entire life. the memories she had of Ilya as a child did her no justice nor did they prepare Miyu's heart which felt it was about to explode from her chest
@Darjeeling true
@Dimitrimx morning mr blue
had any chance to use your new found power yet?
5:41 AM
looked at some flags. Did some delete.
Nothing special yet, and hope it stays that way :)
you haven't respond my flag yet :p
6:17 AM
cutest chapter v2c14
@ton.yeung what's the title?
@ton.yeung ahhh, the same as your image from before
@Darjeeling yes
@Memor-X yes
6:22 AM
6:50 AM
@Darjeeling ill take a look at it a tad later, as I a currently omw to work.
But i do remember seeing it
@Dimitrimx time to ping you just cos you're a mod
thats a discord thing q.q
7:12 AM
Q: How did they not know buggy was a devil fruit user

RinneTenseiHow did the people of impel down not know buggy had a devil fruit when they put him in. Don't they dunk them in boiling water? Seriously how did buggy get by these people? Does impel down security just suck?

Mornin @JNat, hows life?
7:30 AM
@Dimitrimx k no worries
looks like it's already deleted
Congrats @Dimitrimx!
7:57 AM
8:14 AM
@Ikaros thanks
8:29 AM
@Dimitrimx Pretty good! Congrats! :)
Thanks ;) and good to hear
8:58 AM
Q: In what order should I watch all the Death Note movies and shows after the original?

Apple LoverI just got into anime thanks to Death Note and I'm extremely curious and hopeful that you guys could give me some insight into my problem. Does it matter at all which ones I watch first as long as the ones that are directly connected go in order or what?

9:17 AM
Good Morning
Morning tosh
@Dimitrimx Congrats, and Commiserations for @Makoto.
Shame to see you step down from the position though
But thanks
Maybe if there is a vacancy in the future and my life calms down a bit, i could go for re-election, but we'll see :)
life for the forseeable future is pretty jam-packed
Then it's quite understandable ^^
9:28 AM
I'll be working 7 days a week for the next 2 years for example :P
Why that so?
working 4 days and going back to college for 3
Yep, that will fill up your spare time fairly well
how's the moving @ToshinouKyouko? settled in to your new place?
@Memor-X it's been my gf moving into mine - it's been okay, still lots of things to be finalized, bits and pieces to still put away
9:43 AM
@ToshinouKyouko oh i thought you and your gf was moving to a new place together
@Memor-X not yet, though we may have to move December/January time.
cuz my office is moving
@ToshinouKyouko yeh that's what i thought the moving was for. guess i was thinking 6 months ahead
but hopefully you don't need to move after your gf gets all settled in
yeah it will be a bit of a pain
but we'll see anyway :)
10:23 AM
@ToshinouKyouko what will be a pain is a squish
@JNat u work for SE 100% remotely right?
yup, why?
just wondering
Tosh is moving coz his office is moving so I thought he also worked remotely but perhaps not
10:39 AM
Tosh is no longer a diamond?
well I want to cry
by all means
buy all beans
now he's just regular slanty like the rest of us
my ol' teens
10:40 AM
for all slanty
that means that we can take away his last bit of power
where's Taisho
he's fuckin dead back at home
my router is acting up or something
idk yet
damit Hakase, you need to feed your cat
10:41 AM
it's pretty old you know
sometimes you can't feed an old cat back to life
@Tyhja X(
@Hakase i work remotely like 1/week if even. Usually if I am sick or tired
why are you sick or tired that often
it ain't easy being squeezy
:) well sometimes i just dont wanna go into the office cuz i always have to help other people and stuff there
user image
11:14 AM
I just want my cat back online
at least I can play with an actual cat for now
unless he wants to eat me
orange bastard
Them furry devils.
11:30 AM
I like animemanga
I think my router's having a heat stroke
I like blech
it doesn't look like the pc is shutting down
otherwise Taisho wouldn't reconnect on his own
looks like he's stabilized
probably lonely without me
You run taisho on your home pc ?
so, what are your new mod policies?
anything you wanted to improve?
11:46 AM
@Hakase Anime needs to bring story-IDs back.
runs away
@Gallifreyan not funny
well, inability to reach moderators through chat pings was a thing. I plan to make change to that, by spending some more time here.
I'm still having PTSID episodes
Probably just going to make some sort of hook up to discord though, to make it all easier on me ;')
And getting attention towards our Q&A. maybe find a way to overlap our intrests, and bloggers knowledge in a way
11:49 AM
ok I don't really get it but yea!
I wouldn't consider it a 'problem' but see it more as a improvement ;)
hit me up if you need help with a discord bridge
Most likely will. The discord side of things won't be that hard. But I haven't done a thing with this chat before.
check out ChatExchange
it's pretty neato
hmm. Guess ill have to nudge up my python again then
currently all my discord bots are running .netcore/c#
12:03 PM
you guys got documentation/tutorials on discord bots? since i'll be out of work in a couple of weeks it might be good thing to mess with when i get stuck in my game development
Plenty, atleast if you are looking for c# editions
but which ever language you gonna take. discord.gg/discord-api is a very good starting point for all of them. They have basic docs and samples. And you are allowed to ask questions, all though most devs are quite elitist there.
@Taisho You live!
@Dimitrimx there's also chatexchange.net
12:08 PM
I was walking in my library and saw a title: Girlfriend Number One: Lesbian Life in the 90s, editeb by Robin Stevens.
@Avery so I saw, not sure it's core compatible though. Might have to port it.
it is
also rip @Dimitrimx we had a selfbot and custom client discussion on an official discord chat >_> I actually wrote some code demonstrating an idea and got it to work and am now technically risking getting my banned \o/
yeah, the thin line between selfbots and userbots is a slippery slope
what's the difference?
selfbot is 'allowed' if it doesn't abuse the api, doesn't respond to anybody but you, out right not mallicious. As you are a bot that bypass general bot checks. Userbots however, are not allowed. Aka users that turn their useraccount into a bot. This includes automating tasks, respond to others etc etc
basically you can create a user bot. That only responds to your messages, for eval purposes for example.
But basically they prefer people not to create selfbots either.
12:13 PM
@Dimitrimx i was more asking about the difference between the 2 bots but from that a self bot is a bit that runs on your users while a user bot is a bot you operate though a separate user
so yeah the worst part is that I only got into hypesquad today
where are they not allowed?
@Avery I am also in the hypesquad ;). But unless you know you got explicitly reported, you don't really have to fear for a ban, if you inmediatly stopped.
@Memor-X they aren't allowed anywhere.
yeah but from what I've seen mods seem trigger-happy
I had a userbot running for a month or 2. Somebody found out and reported it, I stopped the bot at that time. The user is still up n running. never got banned, nor warned.
Non the less, discord bots are fun. I have some quite actively used ones as well.
They do however munch my internet xd
12:22 PM
I have avebot, which is servicing like 30-35k users iirc
Thats pretty sweet
I haven't reached those highs yet ;p
I am hanging around 1.2k active listeners on a radio bot
22819 users, my bad
@Dimitrimx Wow. Also, muTorrent.
Is there a program like this for Ubuntu? asks on Software Recs
yeh, whatpulse is crossplatform @Gallifreyan
there is a version for ubuntu and debian iirc. for both x86 and x64
12:31 PM
Ew, I need to register?
what kinda bot is that?
yeah you do.
@Hakase console on the left is a bot somebody wanted me to make for him, some sort of sales platform. He pays me 25$ a month for hosting so fine with me. The right one is a radio bot. Basicaly streams r-a-d.io and allows for interaction.
Have 2 other bots as well, but 1 is just for my personall server, and the other one is underconstruction ;)
is it in the mod agreement to try to use ";)" as much as possible at the end of chat messages?
I know @JNat is a fond abuser of that rule
I don't think that's just a bot at this point, it's more of a service
from what you're saying it's a package deal
well, whatever it's called
Pretty much, I had several paying customers to build enterprise grade bots. Some canceled, some decided to create a new one themselfs. Some of them even hired to pen test their bots ;s
oh as far as smileys go, it's an automatism, I tend to, and love to over use them as much as possible. Especially ;)
I know ;) is a favorite among community managers
probably coz it works
12:39 PM
@Gallifreyan mutorrent or whatpulse?
if mutorrent, deluge master race
@Avery Whatpulse
I use Tixati.
@Gallifreyan ew
Ew back at you
deluge can download 10000000000x faster than all
I pay 10mbps I get 300mbps
12:41 PM
that's unpossible
What sorcery is this?
only 300mpbs?
@Gallifreyan not if I'm using a seedbox~
@Dimitrimx well my main seedbox is capped to 300mbps atm but I have other machines with up to 3.5k mbps
What's that?
first you grab a box
Currently running on 1Gbps at home
12:44 PM
then you carve a hole.
then you insert ethernet and microusb cables, then place a raspi inside and plug those in. Then, you install deluged or other remote torrent clients in it and configure it, then you just use deluge client to connect to that and download to that, then you can download without issues using ftp etc, and seed for a long time
depending on your uses you might also put a hard drive and a powered USB hub in there
Sounds like too much trouble.
well, most of it is usually handled for you.
by seedbox providers.
You just enter credentials and download away.
Also: @Dimitrimx we also had some... other conversations on #technology and I'm not sure how I'm not banned already
are mods too un-nerd to not check #technology?
they usually just skim through, and trigger on certain words.
They are quite flexible usually tbh.
Then again, I don't often talk outside of the #netherlands over at hypesquad
I don't understand anything except for the torrents
12:59 PM
Something really wrong with Keybase
I can access my files fine, but they aren't being served on keybase.pub
1:14 PM
Ha, these are the task I like. "yeah, you finished your work faster than expected, and to be honest the guys who can give you work ain't here. Go watch some of your anime or something, and while ur at it, go and see if you can break XXX"
1 hour later…
2:17 PM
beautiful animation
@Hakase well, expressing tone in just text can be hard, and a little smiley here and there goes a long way :)
2:37 PM
1 hour later…
4:00 PM
Q: What happens if a magical girl changes her hairstyle?

Max Clow ReedI'm intrigued about what happens if a character like Sailor Moon changes radically her hairstyle; cut her hair or something like that. Some characters of another magical girl anime like the Precures, changes hers hair with her transformation process; sometimes grows in the process and when they ...

2 hours later…
Q: Wich Anime should i watch next?

denilooi'm asking myself wich anime i should watch next: these are the anime's that i already watched: Fairy tail, Sao, boku no hero, blue exorcist, tokyo ghoul, attack on titan. thank you for the answers

3 hours later…
8:25 PM
Q: I cant find a anime

Jake warriorIn what I remember is that this little boy got a room mate that was like a grown woman and the grown women had I think purple hair and a dot near her lip. And she let the boy hit her butt (more like smack) .because she said something about I read that if your stressing or if your angry males like...

1 hour later…
9:43 PM
Q: What really happened in the end of phantom: requiem for the phantom

Djordje VujicicDid both ein and zwei die? Some people claim that those mongolian flowers are poisonous and that ein ate one when zwei died, but I've researched and and there is no reliable source that tells us that those flowers are really poisonous. Some people claim that actually they weren't together, zwei w...

10:02 PM
@Sakamoto Well, we all know that Sasami is really just a feminized version of Samson, so I reckon if you cut her hair, she'd lose all of her powers. =P
Q: Should I watch SM sub after watching SM dub a million times?

The Otaku Weeaboo Potterhead So, all throughout my childhood I've been watching the English version of Sailor Moon (SM) over and over (I don't mind since it's a really great anime). During that time, I thought the last season would soon come out (English version) but it never did. So, I only had one solution: to watch the or...

10:37 PM
Trans humans aren't a burden. Presidents who act like evil talking pieces of shit are a burden.
Sarcastic rover being blunt today.
WTF is wrong with people on Twitter today?
10:54 PM
@Gallifreyan trans humans?
> Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology. - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transhumanism
Don't look at me :D
11:15 PM
@Taisho i'ved always like the Kurzgesagt animations
and the videos are informative too....if not depressing at times
there's a bunch on how our existence will end
Q: Who is Shiro? Deadman Wonderland

Djordje VujicicI have whatched only anime and Shiro is a mistery to me. It seems like she has two personalities. It happened more than once, she was so nice and suddently somehow gone crazy, her face changes completely. How did she get out of prison if she is a prisoner and then killed Ganta's classmates? Was t...

11:48 PM
Q: Were Princess's Uranus and Neptune lovers as well?

Memor-Xin the anime series Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Uranus and Neptune) are a couple confirmed by the author Naoko Takeuchi Takeuchi has openly admitted they are a romantic couple, and their voice actresses were instructed to play the characters "as if they are a married romantic couple." Source...

@Gallifreyan wtf
@Gallifreyan yeah trump banned trans people from military
@Avery Russia had banned, or had planned to ban, trans people from driving.

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