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2:47 AM
@LoganM how did you go with Winterbash?
Q: Did One Piece named after Gol D. Roger discovered it?

JTRWe know that One Piece is the goal for Luffy to become pirate king, but I want to know about One Piece itself. Did One Piece named after Gol d. Roger discovered it or its already One Piece when he discovered it?

3:02 AM
Ugh, school >:(
@Fizzy you back in school now
It was boring and uneventful. At least my friends and BF though...
@Fizzy must be an early start for you over there. over here none of the schools start to like the end of the month
D: Lucky!
@Fizzy kinda, i don't go to school anymore so the only benefit i see is that the speed limits in schools zones dont start changing until the end of the month
3:09 AM
Trying to make a freaking comic!
Argh! Doesn't want to work!
3:30 AM
Good night!
3:42 AM
Q: What's this sci-fi anime from around 1979-80

user20253Saw this in a movie theater in Romania in '79 or '80. A boy finds or is found by a Phoenix bird (which was orange/reddish). The Phoenix bird changes into a weapon and many kinds of other weird things (big and small) when he presses buttons on it. The protagonist can't really control the weapon ve...

1 hour later…
4:44 AM
@Memor-X Didn't really do it. I just got the hats I would have gotten normally.
5:00 AM
I didn't realize this before, but apparently meta posts don't show up in the side-panel on the main site if they're sufficiently downvoted.
Q: Introducing the Developer Story

bluefeet TL;DR; We're replacing CVs with something you can use even if you aren't currently looking for a job. Update (Jan 4): added an FAQ section to address some common questions & concerns We've had a lot of announcements lately about changes to Stack Overflow, including the addition...

1 hour later…
6:07 AM
O hi yo/
@mirroroftruth hello
@Memor-X now that is something, you pinged me before i post :D
@mirroroftruth maybe lag on your end, i replied to your message
yo @mir
Q: Confusing power level multiplier

Happy FacePower levels are so confusing throughout the DBZ series. For example: Kaioken = x2 base Kaioken x3 = x3 base Kaioken x4 = x4 base and so on... SSJ = x50 base SSJ Grade 2 = ? SSJ Grade 3 = ? SSJ2 = x100 base SSJ3 = x400 base SSJ4 = ? SSJG = ? SSJGSSJ = ? LSSJ = ? Fusion = ? Fusion Dance = ? ...

@SeptianPrimadewa i thought that was dorama
7:20 AM
@Sakamoto Given that Dragon Ball is a show for kids, I find it rather silly that people think it will take numbers seriously
7:33 AM
@LoganM well none of those things appear in Dragon Ball either
who watches dbz o.o
I'm pretty sure most of them are in Dragon Ball
@LoganM Kaioken is about the oldest thing i see there and to my knowledge Goku only learned that from King Kai which was in Dragon Ball Z
7:54 AM
Dragon Ball Z is part of Dragon Ball
Oh incidentally, I found a janky way to hang my calendar without tearing the pages. It involves using 2 hangers and a binder clip, but it seems to work pretty well so far.
(off topic but I remember talking about that before in here)
I don't think I have a camera here
But basically, you attach the bottom hanger to the built-in hole. Use the binder clip to clip all the past months and fold them up, then put that on the upper hanger. Not terribly complex.
I might have to adjust it later in the year, but for now with just 1 page to fold it's working fine.
8:28 AM
1 hour later…
9:29 AM
@whoever's played Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth. is there a plan to increase jumps? if not how do you get up onto that platform with the warp in Duty Space
you fly :D
@mirroroftruth are you bring serious?
@Memor-X no, just kidding
@Memor-X you need to find the plan and apply it and i am serious this time
I just used a teaspoon of citric acid and used it to clean all my glassware and metal teaspoon and it's now spotless and shiny like new
plan can be found in one of the dungeon
that what Sakurai Tomoki said :D
9:41 AM
aka Ayase Eri
i need short name of asian silver needle tea
@Hakase lifehack?
@Hakase that one is old
no I'm just a noob in the kitchen
still discovering the basics
9:41 AM
@Hakase me too
regular cleaning thing is good but not this good
and it doesn't smell
which is wonderful
I wish they had one of those anime season lists not as a picture but as a proper website with images in a flow container that wraps around your screen's resolution naturally and with links to relevant anime databases
that is a potentially awesome idea
but who's got time for that
(does anyone got time for that?)
@Hakase i can imagine how the database would be built but given that i only have a few more days before i go back to where where i can do any self programming during my breaks i can't whip up a prototype
@Memor-X they are saying on Line that theres a plan in later dungeons to increase jumps
9:53 AM
@Memor-X I meant links to existing anime databases
the site itself is trivial to make
I'm just not a website person so it would take me a few months maybe if I decided to do it
@Hakase they have that
@MichaelMcQuade that would explain it. i can relax a bit when it comes to getting a complete map
@MichaelMcQuade links?
kinda but not really
looks bad, doesn't it?
9:55 AM
i use it all the time xD
some styling could fix that I guess
if you use this site you can also add it to plan to watch right from there
I don't usually deal with incomplete things
@AyaseEri ping
I like to see the ratings once they're all done and then maybe look into it
most things are <8/10 so not really worth watching
9:59 AM
@mirroroftruth Yes?
@AyaseEri you should respond "pong." like IRC
@MichaelMcQuade you have the point
Q: Who is this character

DDDDShe has a fate where she is a local pop star but is doomed to have her privacy taken away forever. So everywhere she goes, her famous song pops up and billboards pop up.

10:06 AM
@Sakamoto such a detailed question
@mirroroftruth much detail, such question
wow character , much fate
!!tell mirroroftruth doge character, idol, fate, song, billboard
!!doge character, idol, fate, song, billboard
10:12 AM
!! !
@Memor-X Lolis are the best.
@Darjeeling who da fuck do that!
@Tyhja ping?
@MichaelMcQuade i has been summonsssss...
10:14 AM
@Tyhja you are being blamed
@Tyhja lol
@Tyhja line
where what
@Memor-X well since you ask...
@Tyhja now disappear
^ she did that
10:16 AM
@Darjeeling why?
she was actually the heroes
@Taisho that is too much, melons melons everywhere
@Darjeeling some hero, making someone so cute cry like that
Hero for fun.
10:18 AM
@Memor-X what about Tsundere part
@Memor-X that cute girl was actually the villain
@mirroroftruth what tsundere part?
@Darjeeling so the story is different, innocence is just a mask
@Darjeeling you still dont make them cry, you try and turn them
@Memor-X na, i was thinking she could give a better one
10:23 AM
yea the villain get beaten pretty bad but they're lot better then the heroes
at least on that episode
2 hours later…
11:55 AM
@Memor-X The plan you need is called Jumping Star and can be gotten from chapter 5. It requires AG System dropped by Herobo in Mechtro Factory. You need the Add Enemies plan for the Mechtro Factory for Herobo to appear there
@Ikaros Oi, Ikaros
12:11 PM
Any fans of The Devil is a part-timer here?
Not really, but I watched the anime
Do you know what Entean is?
A: In the first episode of Hataraku Maou-sama, what is the "Underworld" language based on?

ʞɹɐzǝɹAccording to this article (which cites from a 2ch thread), the language is is pretty simple: The Entean language is basically letter substituted English, with vowel keeping their original position, while the consonants are reversed, so B=Z, C=Y, D=X, ... and vice versa. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP...

I have made an English to Entean translator
Q: English to Entean (V2) with maketrans

user3620828I wrote a python script that converts English to Entean language from an anime called "The Devil is a part timer". This is the second version of the script which was first posted here Translating from English to Entean. This version is compatible with both Python 2 and 3.This version uses the st...

I'm trying to make a JavaScript version so I can host it on webs or something.
talking of code
I made a lil game yesterday
hmm, that is hard to see on this page
my plan is to make a game of minigames
12:25 PM
@ToshinouKyouko Is that Cygwin?
it is
I used to dual boot but win10 ruined everything so now I am just sticking with the one
UEFI and Fastboot are the ones making trouble I assume.
I have two PCs running at the same time. One for Ubuntu and other Windows 8.1
What language did you use to make that game?
@ToshinouKyouko what kind of game is it? kinda looks like Dwarf Fortress
@Wally oh, CR. :-)
12:53 PM
Q: Role of Yayoi Kanbara

FondesaIn the anime series of Kyoukai no Kanata the role of Yayoi Kanbara is misterious. She appears in the most difficult situations to help Akihito and the others. It seems also that she has a significantly higher power than all characters in the series, but this could be only my opinion. If I consid...

1:10 PM
Q: How do we actually use tags?

CreationEdgeI wanted to get some help of others that may be able to leverage SEDE in ways that I can't. I would like to see some analysis or statistics regarding how we actually, currently, are using tags. When we're having discussions about tagging policies, I think it'd be beneficial to have some clear...

Interesting post
@Memor-X there are two bars on the side that increment. you click x to stop each one and then you shoot where they intersect on the map
@Wally Python
it was like <100 lines of code
uh python can run on windows
why did you need cygwin?
I was thinking the same thing
for the terminal
Windows has a terminal too. Doesn't it?
1:14 PM
I was using en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ncurses which is a linux thing
it is relatively easy to use
fair enough
if it's only linux, you could probably run a vm instance
Cygwin is better than a VM. Apples and Oranges
1:17 PM
Tomatoes and Tomatoes
@Quill I could, it wasn't big enough for all that hassle though
i already had cygwin installed
I recently wrote a Python project at work
I spent half a day installing dependencies
and then a week later... "yeah... can you rewrite this in C# please, so other devs can maintain it too"
Sharp develop has an option for converting C# code to Python. Not perfect
I don't know if it works the other way
oh well jobs provide money that lets me get animu figures
speaking of figures... my love plus figures came in the mail today
1:26 PM
Yes Pics
they're only small ones
Pics! Pics!
Also I have a cool pic.
nice shorts
1:27 PM
An artist said that he'd take a request from me. I sad "Tux on a Python"
Obviously that is what any Python nerd (also noob) would say.
@AyaseEri Yo/
@Ikaros. Nisemono ka omae
Shouldn't Ikaros say, "Hai, doushita no, Masta~"
or "Hai, Masta~"
@ToshinouKyouko @Wally ^
1:37 PM
additionally that purple brochure in the corner is an akihabara map
1:59 PM
@AyaseEri The question is : are you still Masta?
@Ikaros Ecchi is engraved deep in my soul
2:18 PM
@AyaseEri .. Pantsu too?
1 hour later…
3:44 PM
the chibis are Love Plus, a galge.
The girl in red is from The World God Only Knows
and the girl holding the camera is Remon from Ano Natsu de Matteru
yeah, I was having a hard time remembering where I recognized her from
who is the girl in the top right
3 mins ago, by Quill
and the girl holding the camera is Remon from Ano Natsu de Matteru
also the shadow beside Megumi is the Akiba Blog Mascot
3:49 PM
o i c
i couldn't see with my small eyes
@ToshinouKyouko couldn't see through all the tomato
@ton.yeung oh, I am by all accounts white, I just have a small screen
@ton.yeung far away
4:08 PM
I dunno, that is pretty obscure
@ton.yeung So I made some gumbo last night. I still have some left over.
That's oddly coincidental.
What kind of gumbo?
Ah, I made mine from scratch.
4:11 PM
!!wiki gumbo
Pork belly, sausage, and chicken.
@ton.yeung I liked it and everyone went for second helpings.
Is he still in town? I thought he left Sunday before last or something.
I have canned fake gumbo in my pantry that I was planning on eating for lunch today... does that count?
@ton.yeung Eh, just wanted to ask if you were interested.
Otherwise, it's probably going to be lunch and dinner.
A word that I'm really starting to dislike in anime/manga: "certain".
4:15 PM
@yuuki are you certain about that?
@Quill See, I'm not bothered with that usage.
There's a lot of Japanese phrases that don't translate perfectly
and you usually end up with similar phrases
It's "certain incident" that really annoys me.
which is why a lot of scanlators and dubbers paraphrase
I would actually be okay if someone decided to use "but when something happens" rather than "a certain incident occurs/happens/etc.".
I also stand by my claim that Sekko Boys will be the breakout anime of the season.
4:18 PM
rub a dub dub thanks for the grub!
Is that meant to be airing today?
I don't know, I'm looking through the 2016 Winter Anime list.
You know what would be great?
A 24 episode anime adaption of Oyasumi Punpun.
I love how the summary for Teekyuu S7 is "This will literally never end".
4:21 PM
@Memor-X I mean I'm ashamed of being smart with complicated things but dumb and anxious with things like take a walk in the street or say hi to someone I didn't meet
4:42 PM
oculus said my pc is shit and proposed to get a new one oculus.com/en-us/oculus-ready-pcs
oculus.com/en-us/rift all that facial hair makes me uncomfortable
feels like it comes with the device
price is 600 usd for the kit
people expected it to be around 350
gonna be a surprise
let's see what valve and htc will have in half a year
I was thinking I might consider one if it was sub $200
there are lens holders for your smartphone if you have one
yeah the cardboard things work fine
@JNat that is literally the coolest thing ever
@JNat the whole face is detachable? if I was the engineer on that, I'd make it just the mouth
4:48 PM
Only $60,000 USD.
this is in double dollars
@ToshinouKyouko made such a grub today
macaronies, ground meat, tomate, glass of water, dump it all in a pot, boil the water out, done
inspired by bolognese and no will to stand at the stove and stir
@Yuuki everybody has a sad backstory
this is what makes characters relatable
don't you kno :p
I mean… do you read to not have any feelings?
4:54 PM
@Yuuki just read ecchi, that stuff has no sad feelings lol
I don't think nichijou has any sad backstory characters except maybe in a comical way
@Quill oh yea
it's hard to assign a backstory to boobs
This is so cute but so many trips to Feelings-ville.
I can tell just from the preview pic
but I like that a lot so I would never object
I wonder how many of my messages begin with I :D
this style of communicating thoughts… interesting
4:57 PM
> I think it's because we're not used to quite such a direct collision between squee-inducing vanilla-sugar-shock cuteness and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
are we not though?
can't remember any examples off the top of my head
I started reading the web-manga "I got stuck in real life, so it's okay to get addicted to an MMO, right?" the other day
pretty good stuff, hints of yuri in there too
I don't know everything about life yet but I'm fairly certain it is never okay to get addicted to MMO
my condolences, and best wishes to the relatives of the deceased
5:03 PM
I can't find a source location on it to link though
5:43 PM
Q: Change in the eyes of naruto

KarthikDuring the fight of Team Asuma and Kakashi vs Kakuzu and Hidan, Naruto eyes were changed. Its like the Fox's eyes but still in blue(this is even before he mastered nine tails chakra mode). When the nine tails possessed him his eyes color would change to red but during this fight his eyes were blu...

6:13 PM
Grats on being tied for most hats overall @Quill!
Who are the ones that can draw here?
I know @ton has mastered it :p
I still so awfully bad.
that's what I'm going to do
My vacations are about to finish
@ton.yeung (k, I was going to explain e.e)
and I started composing a shitload of stuff
@ton.yeung oh, got xD typo
I'll first study harmony and get better on improvisation stuff (I'm going to play the piano in the church) and then I'll be back in these drawings
@ton.yeung I feel so afraid to speak with you guys cuz I didn't ever make a course or stuff, and my English was self-taught e.e
yo, I bought some magazines about drawing
they are somehow useful
I'll keep trying. Any ideas on what should I draw?
Yup, I know this. The problem is I CAN'T.
That's what I expect to achieve.
hmm, I started to think
I can actually draw a bunch of stuff...
I bought these "aquarela pencils" (IDK the English term) to try colouring
I can't... I have to practice shading and colouring
Those are watercolor pencils. Fabercastell ones
6:30 PM
user image
@Taisho lewd
@Hakase how can I tell Taisho to remove an inappropriate image?
6:43 PM
oh btw that's not inappropriate ^ lol
6:54 PM
Q: What are the blue downward lines in used to symbolize depression or sadness called?

nulldevDoes anybody have any idea what these are called? I've only seen them referred to as blue lines so far. I believe they represent depression, sadness or disgust before but could someone clarify this also?

Q: Why do some prefer reading manga more than watching the animation?

HaiderThe titles says it all. Personally, I am not fond of reading and when it comes to this, I'd prefer to watch the anime rather than read its manga. However, there are some who prefer reading the manga. Why is that so? Also, would you recommend me to read some manga, of your choice? Hopefully...

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