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1:46 AM
If global warming isn't real why did club penguin shut down
Cause maybe the devs got tired of the game?
@HalfEmpty ,,,,xD
Wrong room, but that makes it arguably funnier
@HalfEmpty whoops?
I meant to do that in the bridge
1:56 AM
Well, get the guillotine ready. You will be checking out of this lifr soon, bud.
Can we not make jokes like that please
doesnt bother me, personally
@HalfEmpty what are you talking about, Club Penguin never shut down, that's fake news, it just moved to the US where we will have the best Club Penguin. after all, who doesn't love that Club Penguin and what he does *Trump Hands*
lol whatever man
I used to play that
2 hours later…
3:50 AM
> "I ended the Iran nuclear deal, and actually, I must tell you — I had no idea it was going to be as strong as it was. It totally — the country is devastated from the standpoint of the economy," Trump said Sunday.
5 hours later…
9:19 AM
> Instead, as my daughter lay there, her friend tapped her shoulder & silently reminded her to spread her fingers out as she covered her head. See, the kids have been told to cover their heads, fingers spread to “help stop a bullet”.
Drill over, lights back on, back to normal.
2 hours later…
11:45 AM
@Nzall and this is how your government (i assume us) is spending education money, teaching children that spreading your fingers is going to help stop a bullet
@Memor-X I live in Belgium, so not my government
@Nzall ok then, i assume the tweet is from someone in the US then
3 hours later…
2:17 PM
@Memor-X Yes, Las Vegas, NV according to the linked twitter
2 hours later…
4:35 PM
Farage got milkshaked anyway, lol
5:17 PM
oh hey, tech workers unite has a bit from an organizer from the May 8 uber strike:
> As long as I’ve been driving for Uber and even before drivers have been protesting.

Uber has never tried to reach out to drivers ever before. After last Wednesday’s action, they for the first time have reached out to us.

On Wednesday we successfully got the app shut off in several cities in the US like SF, NY, LA, Chicago, and some international cities in the UK, Australia, Germany, India.

Uber has always done everything they can do to make drivers isolated; to keep it so that drivers can’t reach out to each other, we can’t communicate with each other. We have broken through that; our
wait lol the Crown Prince is an uber shareholder?
here's the full piece, anyway: mailchi.mp/39818b0abf99/…
> When the mother, her lawyer and supporters met staff again last week, they had three demands: The boy must be expelled; Sirois must be fired, and some money, please, for pain and hurt.
Would not want to be a principal, store manager, or business owner in twenty nineteen
2 hours later…
7:44 PM
> The girl was left with a bloodshot, swollen eye and a nosebleed.
Yeah some kid hit her
This is one shitty biased article
They're right though, I looked it up in a few places and it always said 'white boy'
idk if it's really a race issue or not but seems a bit overblown
a kid pushed me down the stairs in high school. principal didnt get fired
> Hasan was identified as “Vice-Principal-Misognyoiristic.”
> At Glenview itself, even as they felt betrayed and portrayed as racist, staff worked out a detailed safety plan for the girl: She and the boy would use different entrances to come and go from the school; there would be a teaching assistant in the girl’s classes (on social media, this was described as “surveillance” and “more of a prison plan”).
> The two would never pass one another in the halls or be on the same floor. There are 800 students at Glenview; imagine trying to schedule every minute to keep two students apart.
it's probably healthy that there's just a thinkpiece industry surrounding this
idk what that means
@Wipqozn I just don't get why some kid getting hit means the principal needs to be fired
And they're just demanding money straight up? Weak credibility
Meh. I bet it will play out the way the writer says though
7:52 PM
I try to compromise with an attacker and the victim by trying to work out some insane plan where we try to just keep the two on opposite sides of the building and now I'm being accused of "letting the kid off easy" and "making everything worse"
I mean I guess yeah he hit somebody but he got the maximum-short-of-bringing-a-gun-to-school suspension it said
Nobody ever made an attempt to move me away from the kid who pushed me down the stairs this seems like theyre doing a good job trying to handle it
8:07 PM
I also like the part where they start out with "facts don't matter anymore in 2019 smh" that is really good because it starts the reader ready with "well, maybe this didn't even happen who is to say"
a real he said-she's obviously injured scenario!
> A Forest Grove man was sentenced to community service for staging a robbery to conceal the theft of sales from Girl Scout Cookies that he used to pay for an erotic massage, according to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.
That's like 4 or 5 levels of disgusting
staging a robbery - hiding a crime - theft - theft from a charity - using stolen funds to pay for debaucherie
@Kevin good to know that videogame stores are now too hardcore to talk about in the main room
Mostly cause smash capitalism stuff at the end I suppose =p
@HalfEmpty The principal wouldn't be fired because "some kid got hit", but because of how the principal mishandled the situation, especially since there seems to be a history between these two.
8:22 PM
@Kevin I mean, I don't let that stop me whenever I get the chance
And dismissing this as just "some kid got hit" is pretty shitty. The kid punched her hard enough that she "was left with a bloodshot, swollen eye and a nosebleed.".
That's called assault, last I checked.
And not a proper response to "She made faces at me".
Yeah it is, fights happen in high school all the time. obviously it's not a good thing
@Wipqozn well, who knows why the kids got into the fight
@Wipqozn no, that's called battery
@HalfEmpty There wasn't a fight.
I mean it sounds like there is a good working theory but you know
8:24 PM
Fine, who knows why the kid hit her, then
who is to say it is a mystery
maybe the kids just an asshole in which case he probably should be expelled, but not the other stuff imo
> Only then did the gentle, beloved, long-time Glenview principal, Mario Sirois, learn of two earlier incidents between the two kids — one, last November, of mutual name-calling and one, in December, where the boy allegedly told the girl he didn’t like her “n—– hair.”
Seems like a race issue to me
I mean it depends maybe that's true
but even if the kid is a racist, why is the principle now a racist and misogynist?
'allegedly racist' is conservative for 'not racist' thanks
8:31 PM
@Unionhawk Whatever man, not what I was saying and you know it
If you're not going to contribute then stop contributing
I'm more concerned with why the principal and school staff are being labelled racists now than the bully, that kid's probably an idiot
@HalfEmpty Probably because they don't think he's taking the issue seriously enough, and that there's a history of racism at the school:
> Sirois sent home a letter to parents, acknowledging the gaps in procedures and apologizing, and admitting anti-black racism exists in the school.
seems a bit of a stretch. And of course it exists at the school, it probably exists a little in every school. that doesn't mean the staff are complicit or racists themselves
Even if the labels are unwarranted, it's coming from a mother whose daugthter got beat up, potentially because of her race. Of course she's upset, she was every right to be.
The idea that everyone should be emotionless robots ruled by nothing by FACTS AND LOGIC is just pure nonsense made up to to silence victims.
don't think I suggested that
@HalfEmpty The article you linked did
8:35 PM
And yes absolutely but why does the mother need a payout and to have the principal fired
@Wipqozn Where?
> Blatchford: Facts no longer matter in hysteria of a school racism allegation
That's the title
Well yeah, but she's talking about the case against the principal
> Facts no longer matter.

> Indeed, there are no facts any longer, only feelings.
You're too slow @Unionhawk
slower than a turtle, god damn
What does that have to do with people being emotionless robots
8:37 PM
Also just look at the entire tone of the article. The word choice makes it very obvious how the author feels.
Dude every article has a bias today
Writer seems pissed
The author is suggesting that how people feel shouldn't be a reason for someone to be fired
Not that people just shouldn't have feelings
Well, I can see this is going no where, so I'm going to go play Slay the Spire.
Honestly don't get you guys some times
@HalfEmpty And I honestly don't understand why you continue to share articles like that in this room. You must know no one is going to agree with you, and it's just going to frustrate people.
??? Articles like what?
See to me it seems completely reasonable
I was actually expecting you guys to agree with me
Are you frustrated? I'm not frustrated
And what kind of person claims that their child was given ice for an injury to cover it up
I just think there are actual racists out there who deserve this ire more than some principal at a highschool who handled things.. pretty normally?
8:43 PM
facts are interpreted through a lens of feelings. that is the last analysis I will provide on this shapiro-ass op-ed which again, is definitely healthy and I'm glad it exists. I'm glad there is "listen, facts don't care about your feelings, racism is not that big of a deal at this school" discourse. It's good.
That is also not what I'm saying. Obviously there is going to be racism found almost anywhere
Also can't tell if sarcasm or not
I'm just saying I think it's wrong to wrap up the staff at the school in this just because of a potentially racial incident between two students
> facts are interpreted through a lens of feelings.
Huh. Never really thought of that
I also think it's cool when people post articles, see criticism directed at the author of those articles, and then say "I didn't say that". Nobody said you did I am talking about the article
I don't think that's the important takeaway from that article, I mean I guess from her language you could infer that she doesn't think so sure, but the entire point is that it's not a big deal among staff? Are you saying you think they're all racists or just disagreeing because
It just seems like a wild claim to go 'omg the school is a hotbed of racism' over this incident and start to view everyone there as terrible people. They doxxed the staff too, it says
I don't think that's acceptable
Anyway I guess you guys just don't get it
@HalfEmpty Thor on the Ebon Hawk voice Of course. We all know who gets it.
Subpoena for Trump's accounting firm records has been upheld
8:54 PM
@puzzlepiece87 I don't get that reference, lol.
And what I meant is that we don't agree, sorry.
Which was largely expected because the argument against it was…dumb
I need to get back to cleaning my house
@TimStone Thanks for the good news.
@TimStone Nice. "These are facially valid legislative purposes, and it is not for the court to question whether the Committee's actions are truly motivated by political considerations."
Which like, okay, but also gestures wildly at everything else
9:04 PM
@TimStone Expect Trump to lose his mind.
And threaten more lawsuits, and retribution, etc., etc.
Basically, just Trump being Trump when he's got no move.
He's already apparently stomping around shouting "MCGAAAAHN!" at passersby
> Indeed, Plaintiffs have cited no case since Kilbourn from 1880 in which the Supreme Court or the D.C. Circuit has interfered with a congressional subpoena—because it either intrudes on the law enforcement prerogatives of the Executive or Judicial branches, seeks personal information unrelated to a legislative purpose, or demands records that lack “pertinency.” This case does not merit becoming the first in nearly 140 years.
OIG has determined FEMA: It's still bad!
@Yuuki, I think you're probably the most interested in this besides me.
9:17 PM
Meanwhile Cohen reportedly told lawmakers Jay Sekulow specifically told him to lie about when the Moscow Trump Tower talks ended
@puzzlepiece87 Yep, very interesting article and graphics. Search function is annoying, though
Zoe has fleshed out her article quite a bit since it was originally posted, with many quotes from the ruling.
> "It is simply not fathomable that a Constitution that grants Congress the power to remove a President for reasons including criminal behavior would deny Congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct — past or present — even without formally opening an impeachment inquiry," the judge wrote.
9:52 PM
@TimStone Dumb question but I'm Twitter-blocked at work: impeachment hearing for Trump? Because McGahn doesn't work for the government anymore, right?
@TimStone Thank you for confirming.
His public written statement seems to omit that part though? So idk
10:21 PM
Not that the "why" matters all that much, but I think in this case it is more of "if we open an official proceeding it gives us wider leverage to make certain legal claims (subpoenas, etc)", and less of "we should impeach Trump because he's clearly trying to hide stuff".
I mean, both, really
Actually, after reading Nadler's statement, I withdraw. There is plenty of the second in there.
10:59 PM
I regret to inform you that we are very likely a week or two away from either the president or Bill de Blasio jumping the shark. I don't know by what mechanism this would actually happen but the universe is clearly setting this up and it's too on the nose not to
McGahn's lawyer says he won't appear
11:13 PM
> House Oversight demands info from Trump on plan to send TSA to the border
I have nothing to say to that, it is itself the joke
11:39 PM
That's right, only care about the races the President is personally familiar with. Don't even bother with the others

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