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6:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek Which is great and bad at the same time
On the one hand, it means no improvements. On the other, it means no being gutted or turned into another marketing tool.
6:59 AM
7:40 AM
Great morning where you get responsibility for fixing a complex bug urgently
Ugh, as soon as you started about responsibility, it was ruined already :P
... yea. Well it all starts innocently, someones says I have this urgent crash in production pls pls pls and you go ok I'm going to investigate
because that's part of your job
then you realize the data is messed up by a commit your boss did a month ago because yea your boss commits stuff in your codebase why not
So you provide a workaround the corrupt data and you ask why was the commit. Then nobody responds. Because that's how urgent matter are dealt with right
I mean, that sounds kinda like usual: The urgency is in providing a fix/workaround... once that is done, the 'retrospective' part, the part where you ask why things were the way they were.. is done with a lot less urgency :)
I have no feedback on the workaround though lol
If people are no longer complaining about issues in production, it works ;)
7:51 AM
Btw I know well how to handle the production bug. Yea. That's because we produce quality software for debugging trairing
We have wrapped our backend crashes around nice "techincal anomalies" in the front server because they are so frequent and the client needed not to see our debt.
We have a lot of experience hiding stuff under the rug gracefully. That's what I'd sell to my future employers
Technically, it's a good selling point ;)
8:45 AM
Q: Unpinning accepted answers, or not?

TinkeringbellThere's been a change on Stack Overflow: Accepted answers are no longer pinned to the top of the list of answers. They ran a test on Stack Overflow, and the results of that are mentioned in this post. Some main things to note were that unpinning accepted answers for a while on Stack Overflow led ...

^ Still a very close call there, so more voting still appreciated!
(I'm getting the feeling me sharing it yesterday was sort-of immediately lost in a long conversation) XD
1 hour later…
9:51 AM
The resolution mark is a valuable information, but not the most interesting one for me as a site visitor. So I'm all in favor of unpinning FWIW
I voted accordingly
@ArthurHv Thanks :) That will help!
3 hours later…
12:39 PM
Q: Should i explain someone that i have social anxiety on social media if they felt avoided/offended by my behavior in real life?

Adnan AhmedContext I am 21 years old and know that i have severe social anxiety. I am currently looking for a therapist in my city but haven't taken any therapy sessions yet. I recently went to a family gathering and i tried to suppress it by making some smalltalk etc. with other members in the house. Mostl...

1:08 PM
@Tinkeringbell And this is why you do the 'why' first before the 'fix'... :P
@Tinkeringbell I voted! (Hours after you shared it)
@ExtrovertedMainMan Auuugh why do so many ESLs use 'Explain someone' to mean 'Explain to someone'?
1:26 PM
@Sarov Hahaha well good, the more consensus the better :)
@Sarov Because 'to' is a totally unnecessary word. Everyone will presume they know what you mean if you leave it out, so why bother learning it correctly? :D
Except no, the meaning completely changes (and becomes pretty offensive, actually)!
Well, sure. Not many humans can be explained XD
But I don't see how it is offensive XD
I need to explain Alice [to Bob because Alice is crazy and unpredictable]
I need to explain to Alice [because this widjet is crazy and unpredictable]
You could need to explain Alice because you've been cheating with her on Beatrice :P
Not really offensive, just awkward and stupid on your part :P
1:42 PM
Even then it'd not really be explaining Alice.
Now, if Alice were habitually cheating with a dozen different people every week, then yeah, need to explain Alice.
Hahaha oh well. Let's just not even try to begin explaining Alice.
Hence, always include the 'to'! :P
2:07 PM
Thanks for approving my edit before closing the question. :P
@Sarov Actually, I did it after closing the question XD
I was sciencing :D
Ooh right they changed how it works didn't they.
I retract my thanks then! :P
I hope for you that the question will be improved into a reopenable state, otherwise you'll still lose your reputation in a few days time when the post is roombad ;)
Eh. I edit more for 'this looks bad!!!' than for the +2.
Heh, that's a good reason to edit too! Much better than the +2, actually ;)
2:19 PM
If anything, I like the +2 most for it getting me to 1k rep so that my edits apply immediately. :P
I think you can get to 1k with suggested edits, but need 2k to make non-suggested ones?
Don't know the reputation levels on beta sites though.
I'd thought it was 1k for both.
No, I think on graduated sites with full site privileges it's 2k: stackoverflow.com/help/privileges
It is indeed 1k here though :)
SO itself is different I think, because of the rep inflation.
It's 2k on all sites with full site privilege levels... I'm preettty sure of that XD
Ah yes but PMs 'graduation' was weird.
There are only 2 users on pmse with > 25k rep.
Anything mentioned here would have retained beta privilege levels upon having the beta labels removed.
(And the third is < 20k)
3 hours later…
5:26 PM
Tired and bored.
Friday afternoon again?
You have a pattern :P
Yes. My pattern is that I'm always tired and bored. And more likely to complain about it on Friday afternoons.
You'll survive. Just a few more hours and then you can at least be bored but not be at work... or go sleep, then you can be bored but not tired!
Ugh yeah but I need to start doing litterbox now since the one who does that is on a trip. So I can't enjoy being at home, either.
That's the downside of both pets and kids... they need looking after.
5:32 PM
2 hours later…
8:01 PM
Q: Is it well-mannered to reach out to my connections on Linkedin who have a #ReadyToWork banner to ask if I can refer them to a job at my company?

isakbobBackground LinkedIn has an option to add a banner to your picture that says #ReadyToWork as a quick way to state that you are looking for a job. However, people's LinkedIn files are notorious for not being updated frequently and thus this may not reflect the current person's status. I have also ...

3 hours later…
11:02 PM
Think there's any way for me to word "How do I convince a retiree to start using Stack Exchange" so it'd be on-topic here? :P

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