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6:36 AM
5 hours later…
11:30 AM
good afternoon all, is that a new pfp tinkering?
11:53 AM
@AlexRobinson Yep... I saw some people picking avatars for halloween and I wanted one too :P
12:21 PM
I have a mystery... My new apartment comes with an app that tracks the energy usage per hour/day. It's reporting an energy usage of 0.1 kWh an hour though, which is a lot for an empty apartment... the only things in it that can use electricity for now are the fridge, oven clock, thermostat and heat pump... and the heat pump should have its own report.
Fridge is supposed to run on 0.74kWh a day, which comes down to 0.03kWh an hour ;)
The whole counter is crooked though: it says the usage for the entire day is 1.7kWh, while the hour-by-hour breakdown only totals to 1.5kWh :|
12:58 PM
it wouldn't surprise me if they have some generous rounding
Or someone hacked your thermostat to mine bitcoins.
That would suck XD That way I still can't track my energy spending. Because if every hour is just going to be 0.1kWh standard, adding a pc for work (supposedly 0.2kWh an hour) already makes me go 'over budget' (budget is 0.2 kWh an hour) :/

The one hour where I had lunch with mom, there was a coffee machine used and we opened the fridge once, and it's already reporting 0.3kWh that hour. I can't imagine how bad it'll end up being once I also need to use a PC for work, and cook dinner :|
1:18 PM
*Copies folder to server*
Windows: 21 hours remaining.
Well, guess I'm done for the day.
That's the best work days :D
No. No they're not.
what exactly is in the folder :o
A C# app.
...I'm a derp. I should delete the bin folders.
1:36 PM
Green bar at 10%: About 15 minutes remaining.
Green bar at 90%: About 1 day remaining.
Green bar at 100%: About 10 minutes remaining.
30 seconds later: About 60 seconds remaining.
1 second later: Done.
unbelievably true
Eeeeew what.
The server's only browser is IE.
i hate it how if you search something in the windows key menu it uses bing... over your saved default browser
Annnd I tried to download Chrome and IE stopped responding...
Annnd security settings won't let me download Chrome.
1:59 PM
i love it when security settings get in the way, i couldn't download teamviewer on my work laptop... when IT was requesting i give access through teamviewer
2:58 PM
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@ExtrovertedMainMan this seems like a pretty good question
3:58 PM
@AlexRobinson OldPadawan made a good edit. I dropped a comment, I'm not really understanding from the background why this is something that needs bringing up specifically, instead of just happening organically.

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