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Good night IPS.
1:10 AM
Q: How to address a Korean co-worker?

wipMy current employer is a global software company with offices in several continents. The company tries to maintain a culture of conviviality. Our main communication medium is text chat in English ; every employee's legal name is displayed on our accounts. In direct messages with co-workers from o...

1:59 AM
Q: How to address a Chinese co-worker?

wipQuestion similar to How to address a Korean co-worker? When interacting in direct chat messages in English with co-workers (software developers like me) from Chinese offices ; is it rude to address them with their first name, and how could I greet them in a way both polite and not too distant? W...

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7:50 AM
Q: When hosting a gathering, how to decline to answer the question "who else is coming"?

ZoomorphicI'm having a celebration soon. I invited some guests from different friends groups. Some are asking who's coming? I actually find this question a bit annoying because it's like there attendance depends on it. Several people had invited couldn't make it at the time and have already visited with m...

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12:34 PM
What a beautifully boring day, there's nothing to do! :D
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3:16 PM
Q: I suspect my wife is transgender. How can I talk best talk to them, and handle the possibilty if they are?

Manidoo SchiferI've been with my wife for 10 years(married 2). I am a CIS male, and suspected my partner(female sex, but agender) may be trans for a while now. They share a lot of symptoms I've heard people who have come out had. Due to this, I played with the idea on if my partner was male, but confidently do ...

3:41 PM
Q: Is there anything I can do to help a friend who's unhappy about his job and financial situation, and externalizes it through envy and pessimism?

Austin ConlonThis was especially apparent when he (friend A) sort of denigrated another friend (friend B) for wanting to work as a software engineer with a certain salary. He has strong views about what types of jobs deserve to make what kind of money, and about doing work "for the right reasons" (supporting ...


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