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5:09 PM
Q: Girlfriend found out about her surprise birthday party, how to handle telling (or not) our friends

kirbbyI was planning a surprise birthday party for my girlfriend. The plan was to drive somewhere with her for like 30 minutes, while the others come to our home and then surprise her when we come back. Now she went through my phone and found out what we have planned, because she suspected I would secr...

5:33 PM
Q: What's my female boss trying to do to me?

John WheelerI’m male 53 that recently has started a new job and after 2 months i have a middle aged divorced female boss 47 that keeps putting her hands on me and i'm getting a very strong gut feeling she's hitting on me and we have never met before. So far she has had her hand on the middle of my back rubb...

6:33 PM
Have you discussed with her how uncomfortable this makes you feel? — DaveG 57 mins ago
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9:12 PM
Q: How can I be left alone during work day without looking awkward or offensive?

JeyonI am not a total introvert person, I am very social and stuff but when I am working during breaks or at the transportation I want to be like an introvert. I guess there is a notion for that which is ambivert. Sometimes I just wanna be alone and not talk. I am ok to say I want to be alone today bu...


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