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3:43 AM
Q: How can I tactfully avoid telling my loving brother my home address?

Amanda d'HalluinI'm chummy and cozy with my brother, but he has very loose lips and can't keep secrets - peradventure because he has genetic disorders? Of course my door is always open to him! Rather, the pickle is with my parents. If I tell him my address, he'll let it slip to my parents. As many members of ...

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5:38 AM
Morning everyone!
Thanks for completing my sentence. :P
you two make a great team
6:27 AM
6 messages moved to Trashcan
@AJ huh, funny, we don't use the same room for trash
was it sensitive info?
@avazula Not really, but this one I always choose for moving messages. This is a mod room.
6:44 AM
@AJ Yeah, I see :)
7:03 AM
@avazula IOW, just showing off
Morning :)
Back to work today, urf.
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8:53 AM
How are you people today? Everything seems so quiet this morning...
I'm quite busy chatting in the Tavern and trying to squeeze in some work. :P
Other than that, I had a very busy Friday/Saturday and a very lazy Sunday, so that's good ;)
It's a bit hot here, but nothing unbearable ;)
And you?
I have a lot of IPS questions to ask for this week :p I also can't wait for the lazy weekend I will have at the end of this week, it's been too long since my last lazy, stay at home, weekend and my home seriously need some cleaning from me (which I only do when I have a "stay at home" weekend)
Lazy weekends are the best! I have postponed cleaning my room until the summer holidays (I do dust/vacuum/put stuff away from time to time in the mean time, but the big clean will be done when my parents aren't home :P)
Just so I can take multiple days ;)
As for questions... I don't think I have any to ask soon, things are either too horrible to be solved using IPS or going great and not needing any questions ;)
Well, I don't expect other people to ask as many questions as I do. I know I tend to have an awful lot of them ^^
Don't worry about it :)
9:08 AM
Also, I'm planning to buy myself a haircut this weekend. I wish I would have been able to do it this weekend, but my favorite hairdresser closed and I wasn't aware of that, so I needed to find a new one and I couldn't find a decent one in my old town (at was at my parent's)
Oof. I haven't had a haircut for a year now, but I remember switching stylists was never fun. The one you had would know exactly what to do and no matter how well you thought you'd explained it to the new one, they'd always do it differently and it would take some getting used too
Yeah, plus the fact that I felt safe with this hairdresser which I didn't with a lot of hairdressers I had before (partially why I hated going their so much). My hair is very sensitive and I had a hard time finding someone who wouldn't hurt my hair as much as other hairdressers would
hurt? As in, when brushing/handling it, the pulling hurts your head? Or does the actual cutting hurts?
9:25 AM
@Tinkeringbell Brushing hurts, the shampooing phase can also hurt too and the thinning the hair too if it's done wrong
:/ That's no fun. I usually have to tell the hairdresser I can stand a bit more force when they're brushing (I can have horrible tangles sometimes, with this length).
I had very horrible tangles when I was younger, especially at the back of my head. Thankfully, I'm going for a very short haircut this time, so tangles will be less of an issue
I have a special tangle brush right now, I think it mainly helps me to not pull loose a lot of hair when brushing ;)
I had to wait some years before finding a brush that was actually fitting me and my hair needs. I hated brush before but now, every time mine break, I'm very sad (thankfully, it's easy to find another that suite me since I now know what I'm looking for)
Yeah, once you know what you're looking for it's certainly easier to find stuff :)
10:31 AM
Q: Tactfully telling someone that they are the reason for your anxiety

ÆlisLast weekend, I was at my parent's home and my aunt, uncle and a family friend were also invited. I have some anxiety issue which means that, when there is too many people, or just people that I'm not used living with, I can get very anxious. Usually people don't notice (because I hide it), howe...

11:22 AM
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Hi there. I've edited your question (including the title) so that it sticks to this stack's policy ("Should I" question are off-topic here). If you don't agree, please feel free to rollback the edit, or edit it by yourself ;) — OldPadawan 43 secs ago
#22170 OldPadawan (16041 rep) | Q: How can I greet people when I encounter someone searching for bottles in trash cans? (score: 2) | posted 14 minutes ago by lawful_neutral (111 rep) | edited 2 minutes ago by OldPadawan (16041 rep) | Toxicity 0.25046638 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic(@Noon)"]
@IPSCommentBot fp
Marked this comment as caught incorrectly (fp). Currently marked 0tps/1fps
Q: How can I greet people when I encounter someone searching for bottles in trash cans?

lawful_neutralOften, when I bring out trash, I see homeless people (maybe not all of them are homeless, I'm not sure) searching for plastic bottles and other things in trash cans. Usually I greet neighbors and other people I encounter around my house, but I'm not sure if I should talk to people who are in a si...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Meh. The edit there didn't really make anything clearer...
11:58 AM
I'm... almost tempted to give the question a chance in its current form, but I also feel it might be primarily opinion based... :/
I'm also interested in the answer to this
Yes, at the same time I'm afraid there's going to be a flood of personal opinions and no research...
It can be a good question or a really bad one, based on how people answer it :/
Maybe I'll write a meta post later today...
rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/8864/… < I remember dhein linking to this one here before, but perhaps such an approach might be formalized for questions just like this one, on IPS? What does the informal brainstorm in chat think about that?
12:14 PM
"If you think about it like that, it isn't lying" -> Sorry but this isn't an answer... interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/22171/21067
@Tinkeringbell Maybe we could turn it into something like "How to avoid making this person uncomfortable?"
@Ælis Thing is, it's about multiple persons. And I'm not so sure no reaction = uncomfortable. It might mean annoyed, or surprised, as well...
If anything, I actually think I'd rather leave this one as is, and see the kinds of answers it gets, then treat it like RPG.SE might, and close as POB if almost every answer falls short of the good subjective guidelines.
But that kinda needs a meta to decide if such an approach is fair, if the site in general wants to try this, and about how we're going to deal with the downsides... and I will write one tonight, but not now ;)
For now, I also think we should give it a chance. Also, having bad answers sometimes help editing the question to remove the part that might confuse people
@Ælis The way I understood your question is probably similar to astralbee so it does look like a decent answer (except for lack of back up) to me...
I also feel that your question is more an intrapersonal issue. On the one hand you feel anxious when there's a couple guest over, on the other hand you say that 7 isn't lots of people. Clearly you perceive one of those as a lie to yourself but believe others wont accept that. Is this reasoning correct?
12:26 PM
@Imus Yeah, but saying to someone "if you think about it like that, it's not lying and thus, you shouldn't be uncomfortable saying it" doesn't really work...
That depends, for some people it's really only a matter of perception. Once you look at it differently the problem really does go away
@Imus To me "seven people" is a lot. But to regular people, "seven" is usually far from being "a lot"
I know plenty of "regular" people that consider 7 "a lot" in a visit my house kinda setting
@Imus Yeah well, I still want to tell her tactfully that "it's because you are here"
So the answer doesn't actually answer my question
@Ælis Is it because of her? Or because of all the seven people? :)
12:30 PM
@Tinkeringbell I'm fine with my parents and sister being here. I'm less fine with her and the two other guest being her
How much risk of a 'sous entendu' would just saying that it's because of all the people together, the entire group size, have? Do you think she'd still take that personally?
(I don't like when there is guests because I can't act as "regular me" which makes me anxious)
What makes you think you can't act as your usual self?
@Imus Because if I don't, I'm being schooled for "being rude"
Q: Different budgets within roommate group

tryinI'm a third-year student/ junior at a US university, and I'm about to move into an apartment with three friends of mine. The main reason I wanted to move was to save money, and I thought this was the primary reason for my friends too. However, we've been discussing what kind of furniture to get,...

12:33 PM
Let's for the sake of this discussion (which I'll have to put on hold soon because colleagues asking something) assume I don't know anything about you and saw this question. I'd think you're just the usual introvert who can't handle more than 4 people at once in an everyday setting without it starting to feel crouded. Why can't you tell your own family that is the case?
@Tinkeringbell I don't know but it's really possible :/
And if that IS the case and you don't really mind telling that to your family, what exactly makes you feel so much more anxious around this particular aunt, other than your own (possibly wrong) perception of her?
Quick note: I'm genuinely interested in what you have to say about these questions. If I'm wrong or prying too much feel free to stop me. I wont take offence in any way
Also: I really have to go for about 15~30 minutes, will read up when I'm back
Time for a short break. We will be back soon. Do not change the channel room. :P
@Imus She is very sensitive and has high expectation in how people should behave and meeting those expectations is very hard and exhausting for me. When I'm around her, I feel like I have to act perfect and this gives me a lot of anxiety and tiredness
12:51 PM
@Ælis You now added the part about talking with family to the question, but it might just make things worse... Would talking to your family come with the same 'problems' as directly talking to your aunt? If not, I really think you should pick one, to keep the problems and question clear. (I'm kinda sorry for asking now, on second thought it has not much to do with your current question :( )
@Tinkeringbell Talking with my dad wouldn't be an issue. It might be a little bit more stressful for me if I have to talk to my mom or sisters, but it still won't be too much
@Ælis Yeah, so putting that in the question wasn't really a good idea ;)
You've basically answered your own question (and I wrote a hidden answer in comments :/)
@Tinkeringbell It's rollbacked now ^^
@Tinkeringbell Also, I didn't had back up so it wasn't an answer :p
@Ælis I might have a little, but I'd have to phrase it very carefully because it's not exactly a parallel situation...
It's too hot to write that down right now ;)
@Tinkeringbell I'll be glad to read your answer anytime you write it :)
12:56 PM
I also might've read a book this weekend where bits and pieces might help with this question, but that book is at home (and focuses on workplace interaction, so not sure how much it'll be of help outside those situations). But it was there that I learned about sous entendu's
1:14 PM
Q: How can I politely turn down a job applicant in a generic way?

VingtoftI'm working in a company providing a platform that enables companies to hire high-end human resources (board- and executive level). A problem is that one job posting usually gets lots (>50) of applicants. Because of this, I'm tasked to automate the rejection of applicants. Question: Is it po...

Wow, we're absolutely hopping this morning
1:45 PM
@Rainbacon 4 questions today :) That should slowly get our QPD up a little ;)
2:12 PM
Trying to get Hamilton tickets I'm calling repeatedly until i get the person
I might have an IPS question
Oh wait
You guys have a sandbox.
Woah. Our national emergency number is crashing and stuff is going crazy ;) I guess it's the heat.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ you're learning quickly! ;)
@Tinkeringbell Oh, I was just reading an article last week about an issue a few years ago where the US national emergency number crashed because of an integer overflow error.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ but if you have the question, and we have the Sandbox...who brings the popcorn?
@scohe001 @Mith tried to bring the popcorn but tripped in the middle of his bike tricks and tore his cargo pants.
2:25 PM
@Rainbacon That's not very funny, but it still made me laugh. I like to see something that small breaking such a big and an important thing. It's a kind of "Davis vs Goliath" situation in my mind ^^
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I feel like a tear in your cargo pants is just another pocket :p
Well you tell him, he seems to be under the impression that cargo pants aren't meant to have holes.
@Ælis Yeah, I guess the code behind it used a 32 bit integer for a unique id on each call. Eventually they got to 2^31-1 and suddenly every call got put on hold
@Mith you're cargo pants-ing wrong.
@Rainbacon Sounds like one of those situations where potential problems are not in the foreseeable future... Until they happen.
I actually had a discussion with one of my coworkers a few weeks ago about signifying the lack of an end date (e.g. for a sale) with None as opposed to some super-far-into-the-future date. My reasoning was essentially "I know the chances of our code still being used 10,000 years into the future is next to none, but people have essentially thought that in the past!".
The Long Now Foundation, established in 1996, is an American public, non-profit organization based in San Francisco that seeks to become the seed of a very long-term cultural institution. It aims to provide a counterpoint to what it views as today's "faster/cheaper" mindset and to promote "slower/better" thinking. The Long Now Foundation hopes to "creatively foster responsibility" in the framework of the next 10,000 years. In a manner somewhat similar to the Holocene calendar, the foundation uses 5-digit dates to address the Year 10,000 problem (e.g., by writing "02019" rather than "2019"). The...
2:46 PM
@Rainbacon I'm not sure what made the Dutch one crash, not yet. But they're talking about there being general phone connection problems with certain providers, so maybe that?
Ahh @Ava you just beat me to posting that @Ælis link
@El'endiaStarman If people still use java over 7000 years from now they deserve to handle those 4 digit date issues in our code :p
Great comment btw :)
@Imus I mean, we still use languages developed decades ago...
@ExtrovertedMainMan :( deleted :(
2:49 PM
In fact, Python 2 is almost 20 years old and Javascript is over 20 years old, and both of these feel like "newer" languages.
@El'endiaStarman I mean compared to C's 47, those do both seem like upstart youngsters
Woah, Java is younger than I thought - released in 1996. C is older, as one would expect - developed between 1969 and 1973.
@scohe001 Sure. But consider this: if you asked the developers of those languages 20 years ago, do you think they'd expect them to be among the most popular languages today?
Predicting new things of the future is hard. Predicting old things being used for that long is also hard. :P
That's fair
I'd argue predicting popularity in general is hard/impossible
Humans are just too weird
Gangnam Style still boggles my mind
Just the fact that something like that could have a global effect
2:56 PM
Q: How to respond to panhandlers?

JordanFrequently when I walk through downtown I have people ask me for money or change. I do not give people money, but I still want to be respectful and kind. I once tried explaining to someone who asked me that "giving money is not my chosen form of charity" because I thought it would be better tha...

@scohe001 hehe :)
3:22 PM
@scohe001 if it holds stuff I wouldn't mind
3:35 PM
Upper_Case just written a very nice answer to my question, if some of you are interested :)
4:02 PM
The elusive @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ, coming out of their shell to post a question? I don't believe it.
@scohe001 Boo, I don't bite
@scohe001 I thought it would have been neater if it was one word. You're such a killjoy.
Ahh sorry :p it looks like there's a definition for expectant that does work like you mean it, but probably easier to just make it less ambiguous and confusing
@Ælis I erred on the side of more context than less, I'd happily cull most of it. Actually, when I was done with "The Question", it seemed complete to me
@scohe001 I'm gonna make a pun to Great Expectations when I'm going to post it.
Phew, it sounds like it's not OT, at least.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ nah, this looks like a good one. The trick is going to be giving enough information on everyone's stances/positions in the whole thing without overloading with info so no one reads it
I could give the sentences some time to ripen in my mind and come up with some scholarly badass expressing that sum everything up in a few lines.
Maybe even the meaning of life.
4:15 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

M.A.R. ಠ_ಠMediating Between a Parent with High Expectations and a Defensive Sibling parentssiblingargument The Question I have a father with high expectations who, I believe, genuinely wants us to succeed in life. The safest bet for success, in my country, is an academic life in fields that are in h...

I look forward to seeing your newly formed question:

**Title**: 42
**Body**: 42
Hey just because I quote Adams doesn't mean I like him
Or liked. It's weird.
Hmm, deleted 1449 characters in body
4:58 PM
Q: How to tell/ask my brother to provide his own food?

Reubens4DinnerI host regular game and activity nights at my house. I have a somewhat open group of friends that I invite, and these people are welcome to bring an additional friend as well. I want everyone, especially newcomers to feel welcome, so I provide everyone with free food and drink. I usually order ta...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Reads the title The OP's a jerk. Reads the body The brother's a jerk. Reads this chat message I'm a jerk.
5:28 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ BTW, is this a swear? I used it in my latest article but was unsure whether it was a swear word
@avazula "Jerk"? I grew up in the so-called Bible Belt and I don't think anyone there would consider "jerk" to be a swear word. :) Rude, yes, but not like that's ever stopped anyone...
My company's Slack chat filter doesn't flag it, so it must not be a swear word :)
@avazula I'm pretty sure some linguist came up with this theory already that the more common a word is, the less offensive it will be.
Oh, perfect then. Thank you all :p
It's often used like a milder version of "asshole", a general term to call someone a bad person
5:34 PM
(This was meant to be rude so that's okay haha)
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ This is exactly what I do, in fact. In situations where I don't want to use that swear word, I'll use "jerk" instead.
Note how the dictionaries don't probably agree on the definitions of either. Note also how A-hole is less common and feels stronger. And less common variants are even more so: "Richard", "A bag of a shower of water", "The state of being prickly" etc.
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7:00 PM
Q: How to approach someone who keeps interrupting conversations?

RossThere's a person whom I think is genuinely my friend. He's showed a consistent willingness to help me out and talk to me in a friendly manner, and even sometimes calls me to start a conversation. However he's pretty busy and has a heavily pregnant girlfriend. This, I assume, is the reason why ...

7:13 PM
So @avazula, how much are you charging for commissions now? ;)
7:40 PM
I'm pretty excited to see this happening
@avazula and current mods, just saw a meta post targeting avazula, just wanted to see what was the best course of action is from myself. Not sure if other mods need to step in or if I should post an answer explaining what happened?
@ElizB Depends. Can you edit the question, to make it about behaviour instead of a specific user?
I think Shog once linked a good link on that, lemme look :)
I'm commenting.
Just FYI so it doesn't seem like ganging up
well the question is asking for an explanation of why avazula did such and such on their question
Q: My answer was downvoted and marked for deletion. What should I do?

Fabio MilheiroThen, after answered to the moderator's comment, explaining that have updated my answer and (with some irony, I admit) telling him that his way had not been the one of someone welcoming another to a community, he said "I'm sorry that...". I know the beginning of his comment because I saw it on m...

7:45 PM
I edited the post to remove the reference and also left a comment with the link
I'm also going to work on an answer, but it won't be bad if someone beats me to that
I would've done that editing as well
I'll answer it then, I premarturely deleted the comments, that was my fault ;)
I will work on a simple answer- this user seems to just want justification for their post being deleted
7:47 PM
@ElizB No, not at all, it's not deleted, right?
ava left a comment saying the added back up was okay, IIRC
Oh, my bad! it's not deleted. the user says it's down voted and marked for deletion.
It's not deleted
@ElizB It has a single delete vote :)
Yes, my mistake. I misread that, thank you all for checking me
It's not very interpersonally skillful to be so accusatory because of a supposed downvote.
@Tinkeringbell Don't think Fabio can see that
Are they referring to a comment from the LQP review queue, perhaps?
7:49 PM
Although if the person is insecure a single downvote can shake them. I'd rather encourage them than accuse them of being accusatory
A single downvote can shake everyone if it's their first answer on a new site.
Going to meta with such a tone (and the comments were probably not getting anywhere so they were deleted) and calling out said user is an entirely different thing
To be fair, if they maintained a more constructive tone, it would have been a valid critique of a moderator candidate, but that's not the case unfortunately
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Nope, none there.
@ElizB Godspeed! Here's one very grumpy meta guru who's ready to criticize YOUR answer ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻
Oh, poor Pikachu is decapitated on my 125 % zoom.
@Tinkeringbell Political analyses? Heated Tweets? GIFs of kittens playing with yarn?
Perfectly looping GIFs of Star Wars?
Nope, nope, nope. Nothing untowards.
What a boring comment thread.
7:57 PM
it takes how many votes for the answer to be deleted? 3?
3 if it has a score less than 0
@ElizB Minimum is three, yes
Otherwise 6 recommended deletions will automatically raise a mod flag
okay great
You can first make the prey drowsy using a dart gun.
7:59 PM
....I just discovered dried salad dressing on the tips of my hair.... ugh. downside to having long hair.
Answer written ;-)
Paid a visit to the barber shop two days ago
My head looks significantly more rectangular with short hair for some reason.
Long hair is cubic mostly
Good answer, I discarded mine as it would have been entirely superfluous after yours
Yeah, same here. :P
@Rainbacon I told y'all I would write one as I deleted those comments :P But I'm happy to hear people were trying to anyways ;)
8:01 PM
Well this sucks. It doesn't seem to have meta trivia for me to pick holes in
I'll keep that answer in mind for the next time something like that happens.
@Tinkeringbell I mean, it's a lot easier for you to do a post mortem because you don't have to go hunting through the closet to find the chain of comments :)
@Rainbacon Heh, that's one of the perks of being a mod :P
"Yes but for answers at least 61 days old with 4 upvotes and 2 downvotes with less than three comments from the author of the question and no more than two flags for the low quality posts review written on Airbus 380 while it was flying over the Panama canal . . . "
Also it's much easier for you to say "I did this" whereas we could only say "A mod probably did this"
8:04 PM
@Rainbacon Them cheating mods always have it easy
I've gotten used to it
Yes, thanks @Tinkeringbell — Fabio Milheiro 1 min ago
Actually, don't. One flag would remove it most probably.
I generally only flag comments on meta if they are abusive
Settled in a matter of 30 minutes. Well, this meta is boring yessir.
I miss the old Eeps meta that reminded you of Saving Private Ryan's initial scenes.
A lot of people don't miss it though, haha
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Maybe I should enroll in GDQ as an IPS meta mod? :P
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Jan 13 '16 at 21:26, by Shog9
I wanna see some blood & guts on meta, dammit.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ For someone that wants to see that, he's been awefully quiet on Meta lately.
8:14 PM
@Tinkeringbell Which? Meta.SO?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Meta meta.
I never hang on MSO
He usually shows up where there's blood, guts, AND stats.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Oh? I had a comment on my cuddly post ... that's out of character then. Must've been another Shog clone.
AFAICT, there's not much to discuss lately, really
Nothing new.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Hot? Or freezing cold? :P
8:17 PM
The most interesting discussion is actually kinda OT there.
Maaaybe. Btw, I'm going to try and get some sleep now ;) Good night!
Good night! :)
@Tinkeringbell More like water that's supposed to be cold but makes you RUE THE DAY you poured it in a bottle.
But the views say it's scorching.
@Tinkeringbell Godenacht! And what was that other one, Wrestle-something.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Goedenacht :P
Welterusten ;) (Basically "Rest well!")
Wrestle well!
I should wrestle too
8:25 PM
It's so nice to see a new user posting on meta actually listen to the feedback that they get about what happened rather than just claiming that they are in the right and everyone is ganging up on them.
@Rainbacon I think a big part of that is the wonderful comment that @Ava left. It really speaks for itself and I think is most of the reason that user isn't more upset
In other news, we're in the final 24hrs of the Mod Run!
I'm thinking about asking a question. (ahhh the anxiety!)

"How to provide support for a friend who has a rational fear"

I think it's in-scope but I'm so rarely sure, haha. What does everyone else think?"
@scohe001 Yep, any thoughts on who is going to win?
@TheTinyMan Maybe sandbox it?
I think you'd need some extra information on how you're thinking of supporting them. Over text? In person? And when--while they're having that fear? Before they're about to? Afterwards?
@Rainbacon That sounds like so much work, so many chances to lose steam and forget! ;-)
8:34 PM
@Rainbacon the best person for the job, obviously :p (or hopefully at least)
@scohe001 I'm still getting used to your avatar lolz
@scohe001 Nice answering while dodging the question ;)
Lol I am too don't worry. I'll see some reddish color in the top right corner and think I have a notification. And then look and just find my avatar haha
@scohe001 Hmm, well, in this case it'll be mostly over text. I mostly mean while the fear is actively gnawing at them.
I should probably sandbox it. makes whining noises
8:35 PM
@Rainbacon heh I see you trying to get me to pick a favorite child :p
I'd rather not play favorites I'm just keeping my expectations low and hopes high :)
I know that those who I voted for will be a good fit for the job.
@TheTinyMan I think that's probably valid. Especially if you have a (portion of a) text conversation that's happened in the past as an example
I guess it's more like I was already forced to play favorites with the vote, but you won't get me to tell the kids :p
haha good
I'm just waiting and seeing what happens.
it'd be funny if I did become a mod, my hubby @El'endiaStarman is already a mod so we'd be a mod married team :D :P whatever if it happens lol
Oh, @ElizB did you see Apaul's question in the election chatroom?
nope, thanks for letting me know!
8:46 PM
Grr. Now that I'm actually writing this question I feel like it can't be a good question without going into more detail about the problem than I want to go into. >.<
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

TheTinyManHow to provide support for a friend who has a rational fear I have a friend, we'll call them Alex, who is facing a major life decision and is very worried about the negative consequences of their choice even if they achieve their goal successfully. The thing is...these negative consequences see...

Well that's what I've got :-P
Will take a look!
Thanks! ^.^
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

TheTinyManHow to provide support for a friend who has a rational fear I have a friend, we'll call them Alex, who is facing a major life decision and is very worried about the negative consequences of their choice even if they achieve their goal successfully. The thing is...these negative consequences see...

Oh I didn't know that we had a bot for the sandbox!
When did that happen?
8:59 PM
It's been there for a while, but it doesn't always work, and certainly not usually so fast
We setup the bot when we setup the Sandbox lol it's Meta RSS though, so always a little slow
Also @Eliz maybe you didn't get the ping in the election room because you hadn't been in the room before?
Oh, I bet that's it
@scohe001 I've been in there.
Have you posted?
I think you can only be pinged if you've been in there in the last...10 days? It's some arbitrary number. Maybe you just hadn't been in there in awhile?
9:04 PM
ohhh that's probably it.
I want to say that it's two weeks, but I think you have to have posted for that to take effect
I thought I was in there recently ish because of the election and no I didn't message anyone in there I just looked, I just posted a message now
Meh. At least you'll get the next ping lol
That awkward moment when @scohe001 catches me on a "this word sounds dignified so I'm gonna use it even though I don't really know how to" grammatical error. ;-)
Oh gosh and that fix was a typo on my part lol
Just fixed it. Yikes
9:14 PM
Haha, it's okay, I don't actually know English anyways, I just wing it all the time. ;-)
I swear I learned more English in my high school Latin class than in all the English classes I took before then.
And promptly forgot it all after high school.
Well for winging it I must say, you're doing a pretty impressive job
@scohe001 Story of my life!
(I should clarify since this is an international chat room that I am a native English speaker and I maintain that most native English speakers in the US don't "know English." :-P )
Lol I totally thought you weren't a native English speaker from that last comment
In that case, I downgrade my assessment from "pretty impressive" to "middling okay" :P
Awww pout
Shoulda maintained the illusion...
Hey, on the internet, no one knows you're a dog
9:19 PM
Well they DIDN'T! >.<
9:37 PM
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9:50 PM
Hey! Sorry, I was with my friends
SOMEbody's taking this "Interpersonal skills" thing way too far! ;-) "Friends!" :o
@Tink thank you so much for that kind reply. It means a lot.
@TheTinyMan haha! I went to my friends' place, we started watching Chernobyl! That's a good idea not to watch alone... Brrr
@avazula I'm not actually familiar with that! The show, I mean - the historical event of course I'm a little more familiar with. :-P
10:07 PM
@TheTinyMan haha! I watched two episodes so far and I think its actually pretty good.
Uh oh, we're already tomorrow. Have a good night everyone!
Night @avazula!
2 hours later…
11:44 PM
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