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ohh people waved to me and I left
I was reading about Unit Tests
@Pseudohuman are you a bot?
@bruglesco I do not understand.
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Q: Is effeminate behavior in man by nature or nurture?

JunaidI am a complete man, but have some Effeminate behavior, in talking and very little bit in body language. Otherwise I do act like man naturally. However, also have some homosexual tendencies. I wanted to know is this Effeminate behavior is by my nature or I change it by practice.

Q: Referencing something related to death to make an argument. When is it OK?

CL22This article starts with: Having endured the past few months in Brexit, how are you feeling about the prospect of the European elections campaign? Please rate your satisfaction on a scale of one to the survivors of the USS Indianapolis. While Brexit has been blamed for many deaths already, ...

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Q: How to reply to messages regarding my father's whearabouts?

user1261710I'm 30 years old and I have not seen or heard from my father in 20 years. I have some family issues with my mother and recently she did something that makes me believe that she is highly narcissistic and all her perceptions are skewed. This has prompted me to want to seek out my father to see i...

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@avazula The news reminded me of you today: The Keukenhof was 'full' :P (And I read the stuff about the gilets jaunes, hope you and @Ælis aren't experiencing too much inconvenience!)
5:17 PM
@Tinkeringbell For me, it hasn't been bothering too much. But I don't go out that much
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@bruglesco Yes.
Thanks for the confirmation
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Q: How to respond to people who don't believe where you're from?

FluxI've observed that situations like this occurring to a friend of mine (let's call him X): Stranger: Where are you from? X: <insert country here> Stranger: Are you sure? ... The most comical situation I've witnessed: Stranger: Where are you from? X: <insert country here> ... Stranger: <insert ...


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