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1:04 AM
@apaul I noticed you rolled back my edits to the turtle farm question; is there a reason for doing that? I thought I had improved the exposition a bit ...
@D.Hutchinson I rolled it back because it seemed to be a completely pointless edit. Did it in any way make the question more clear, or improve readability?
@apaul I think it does ...
but I'm not going to argue with you over whether it was useful ... so it's fine either way
If it's fine either way, it probably didn't need to be edited.
@D.Hutchinson WTF would you add "unfortunately" to a question?
@Catija I didn't ...
I removed that ...
1:14 AM
removing it was better, right?
it's not "unfortunate" that he lives in Colorado ...
Clearly, to the OP, it is, for some reason.
We may not know why, but they chose to include it.
Oh, ok
I can see that
...I am unsure why someone felt the need to quote block relatively unimportant bits of my question.
It doesn't really add to it in any way.
Just because someone says something, doesn't mean it needs to be set out in blocks.
@Ash See above.
1:28 AM
@ash feel free to roll back my edits :)
In general - if you're just editing for style...don't.
I know of a moderator on another SE site that does a lot of editing, even if it's just stylistically improving a question, so I thought that it'd be helpful to do that here ...
Okay. Sure.
what'd you guys think of my last question on meta -- on changing the recommend deletion requirement from 6 to 3 users, for an NAA / VLQ answer to be deleted?
for the short-term, that is
similar to how we moderate the comments heavily, we could do something similar with the NAA / VLQ answers, too
@D.Hutchinson I doubt SE would do it, let alone for just a short period of time
I don't think it's a good idea, as someone outlined in an answer already
1:43 AM
I see ...
(I suspect people agree, considering the downvotes.)
I think the votes say what needed to be said.
ok :)
(Keep in mind when you make requests like this, you're asking for SE to change a fundamental aspect of how sites work. This takes people to change the bits, and really shouldn't be done unless there is a very, very clear reason for doing so.)
I see ...
1:45 AM
I appreciate what you were trying to accomplish, but again, you're looking for tool workarounds to what is still, at it's core, a community problem.
I see ...
@D.Hutchinson Weren't you planning on leaving for the monastery after you reached 2k?
@apaul the monastic program that I am enrolling in starts in July :)
thanks :)
i'm super excited ...
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4:04 AM
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6:21 AM
turtle fame question... regretful colorodians, I should come here more on Saturdays
yeah, seriously :)
the $4,000 hotel bill question is tough to answer ...
3 hours later…
9:24 AM
> STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backward.
9:54 AM
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12:04 PM
@Mithrandir all done
6 hours later…
6:17 PM
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7:44 PM
Q: Comforting a gender-fluid partner experiencing dysphoria

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8:20 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Duplicate
8:44 PM
@ArtOfCode That's a priceless tool you've made there.
Good for spontaneous PSAs
2 hours later…
10:22 PM
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10:36 PM
@Catija I didn't really understand your comment, would you mind clarifying?
11:13 PM
Q: Saying no to frequent but trivial favors

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There are some good Welsh names to pronounce around Snowdon, and even better to spell when you're used to a flowing Latin language like French
11:34 PM
Alrighty, guess I'll delete that one... 60 some views, 3 votes, a vtc for being too broad, an unclear comment request for a specific example with no clear guidance...
Oh, almost forgot the useless answer.
What's goin on with this "community" lately?
Q: I have none. fortunately I work with computers. I have this screen shot that has been haunting me

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11:58 PM
@apaul sometimes it takes time for people to see things? Sometimes people see them and read them but don't have an answer. Sometimes questions need further explaining or refining. All of this takes time, and it is a Sunday evening...

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