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Q: How to approach being rejected without even having asked out and knowing about it from a third party?

userApparently, I have been rejected being romantic partners. The problem is that I haven't ask her out and didn't have plans in the near term. Which would be fine, but it seems that she informed a friend of mine of said rejection, therefore being a lie. My go to behavior would be to confront the ot...

1:48 AM
Q: Is there a subtle way to confront someone?

HenriI joined some friends one night for a dance social. After the lights came on and the social was closing up, I was put in charge of making sure one of my friends made it home safely since he'd been drinking a bit. While getting him something to eat and verifying he got home, I remembered I forgot ...

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6:59 AM
Derp. Bot's down, and I can't start another instance at the moment.
7:11 AM
@Mithrandir who do I blame? ;)
I managed to spin up an instance, trying to figure out how to get the regxes on my instance.
@Mithrandir seriously, I started to think that either something is wrong or there is really no activity on the main site. :P
7:39 AM
!!/alive @IPSCommentBot
!!/alive ips
so you're listening but not talking
8:17 AM
@Mithrandir I am very mean ;-)
not mean enough
8:32 AM
For those curious, When should I use Mrs. or Ms. in emails? is the shortest currently standing answer on the site.
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10:06 AM
@Mithrandir that's really an ELL question
@Tinkeringbell I am more average
11:15 AM
@Astralbee I'm saying that in my opinion, this answer doesn't really answers the question as I understood it. That is the reason why I downvoted. If that depends entirely on a single word in the whole post that I didn't even register when I read the answer, then chances are high that the mother will also not understand it correctly either. Hence my downvote and comment on my reasoning. Other people can still upvote proving me wrong. You can ignore my comment if you don't agree with it. I'm just giving a different point of view, feel free to do with it as you see fit. — Imus 1 min ago
#13440 Imus (373 rep) | A: Establishing expectations with my parents about visiting after I give birth (score: 3) | posted 2 days ago by Astralbee (10876 rep)
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It's alive!!! :)
who/what is?
The comment bot ;)
But I still am too :P
in The Closet, 1 hour ago, by thesecretmaster
I fix now
11:47 AM
+1 for that last paragraph. I suggest you put some emphasize on it. — Martijn 1 min ago
#13518 Martijn (2606 rep) | A: How to hide panic attacks? (score: 12) | posted 12 hours ago by Sophie (175 rep)
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11:59 AM
These medicines made me sleep like for more than 4 hours and skip lunch.
Did I miss anything?
@Tinkeringbell Yay!
Q: Is my friend in love with me?

MarisaFirst of all sorry for the extension but I want to give great details so you know the context better. I have a friend of my age (25 years old right now) who I met around 3 years ago during an exchange which lasted 6 months. During that time we were really close friends. At the beginning we we...

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1:17 PM
Anyone in the mood to flag some comments?
@Mithrandir hit me
all except 2 were already gone
They were all there when I went through
Wow, the questions in there are.... interesting today
1:23 PM
all except one was gone when I went through
BTW, all. How is hiding panic attacks a social skill?
I have severe panic disorder. The answer is you don't hide them, you get treatment.
shouldn't we VTC that one?
I've been debating that.
@Mithrandir the amount of armchair psychology questions we are getting is disturbing me.
The potential for damage is immense.
@Tinkeringbell I read that article you linked this weekend. It was very good. I think it makes my question a moot point though. It would seem that had I asked it the correct answer would have been "you are interpreting this situation wrong"
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