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Q: How to remind people who forgot to reply?

me2I have anxiety and depression, and difficulty making friends. I texted two ex-coworkers who I considered friends (not great friends - we never hung out outside of work, but definitely more than acquaintances) and asked if they wanted to get lunch. They both replied something along the lines of ...

Q: How to deal with a classmate that can't speak your language or understand the teacher?

somerandompersononlineBack in seventh grade I was the new kid: no friends and very nervous. The first day of school, so far, was going quite well. But then, when I chose my seat in Science, an even more nervous-looking kid sat down next to me and said "Parlez-vous Français?". Luckily I could speak some French(Sixth gr...

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I just realized SAP is the provider for the SO developer survey xD
5:42 AM
Q: How to deal with people who make absurd accusations?

HaptometerI live in a shared household. I was speaking with someone, call him Bob, in the kitchen. I needed to speak with another roommate, call him Dylan, and asked Bob which room he lives in (Dylan moved in recently and I virtually never go upstairs and this is why I did not know which room was his). Bob...

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Monday Morning!
Sadly, yes :P
@Tinkeringbell did you see the moon :D
@JAD Just a tail end. I watched back in July, the time/temperature was way better back then :)
I could see it from my living room window, right above the heating. So I didn't mind :P
7:42 AM
Heh, nice :) I was still asleep at the full eclipse. I saw a bit of a half moon when at the carpool lot.
hmm, it was half red, half dark when I woke up
when I left home it has half dark half white
Yeah, I saw the half dark part ;)
That was last summer
this one was posted on nos.nl
@JAD Are you sure that's not Mars?
7:53 AM
@Alex That's the moon
And no, it's not a battlestation ;)
Good morning :D
I'm wondering something guys, could you tell me what you think about it?
I answered a question on Saturday asking how to ask for bill splitting. I got a comment saying that I did not cover the part of the question where OP is saying "I don't want to pay the whole cost myself, but I am happy to pay more than my share if it means some people would go who otherwise couldn't afford it.", and the person who commented that is right.
I actually forgot that part
So I said I'll edit my post to include info about that part. But right now there are two things that come to my mind ...
1/ I did not answer everything that was asked in the question. Do we have a consensus on "partially addressing the question"? I couldn't find anything about this on meta. FYI, on the four points raised by the question, I addressed 3 of them.
2/ ... and I forgot what was my point #2. Coffee break came into my mind. BBL, I'll tell you that point #2 if I can remember it by then!
8:19 AM
@avazula From the Help Center (my emphasis): Help us find a solution by researching the problem, then contribute the results of your research and anything additional you’ve tried as a partial answer.
@Alex Aghk. Ehm. Not a fan :P
Especially as the point about not wanting to pay for everyone is more of a restriction that isn't taken into account than a partial answer.
@Tinkeringbell Too bad that page can't be customized per site.
@Alex I don't know... for me there's a difference between ignoring one of the limitations or giving a partial answer?
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I wasn't actually referring to this particular example. I was just citing the Help Center guidance for the general concept of partial answers. Ignoring a limitation in the question sounds like not an answer. (I didn't read the question in this case, so I can't express an opinion.)
@JAD mod-flags are usually reserved for more serious business. Next time, you could just ping one of us ;)
8:29 AM
"How should I react if he accuses me of entering his room again?" is not only opinion-based (then, off-toupic), but could also be rephrased so to make another question maybe? The rest seems pretty OK to me after some clarification/edit though. — OldPadawan 1 min ago
#20688 OldPadawan (14599 rep) | Q: How to deal with people who make absurd accusations? (score: 3) | posted 3 hours ago by Haptometer (146 rep) | Toxicity 0.12011636 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic(@Noon)"]
@Tinkeringbell got the job done, didn't it? :P
@JAD Because I saw it first :P
@Tinkeringbell Actually, I edited the question (it was originally off topic) and added that info in the resuming question so ... Not sure it's that important
I should've pressed 'dismiss' on the flag, that gives you a nice pop-up :P
@avazula Well, if it's a restriction, a single sentence pointing out that your answer comes with a danger of paying for everyone (or not) should suffice
Yet I'm willing to edit my answer to address that too, it's just that I forgot about it when answering (although, some of my answer already addresses it, as I said that OP should note in their email "Should you have any issue with this venue, please let me know, and together we'll find something that's best for all of us.")
8:33 AM
@avazula Yep. A small edit will do then, just put some stuff black on white ;)
@IPSCommentBot Isn't that pretty much exactly what I commented? '^^
Invalid feedback type. Valid feedback types are tp, fp, rude, and wrongo
@Tinkeringbell I'll do ASAP :)
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Q: How should I approach her, after what has happened?

Doobie_loverThis question is regarding a lady I would name W, who is my age (late 30ish). Most of the other staff members are much younger. She and I are of a different race each, both of us being minorities in the country we live in, while the members of her race form the dominant racial grouping in the fin...

@ExtrovertedMainMan what should I do... can someone leave a comment to help them please? I'd do it but I'm in a meeting :/
9:25 AM
@dhein thank you :)
"She and I are of a different race each" Are we today still speaking of humans of diferent Races? I mean isn't human the race perse? 0o
@dhein There are some people who pursue calling different skin color or body characteristics "race"
I'm uncomfortable with it too, but I think it may be culturally related. Seems pretty common to use this word in the US for instance
Yeah, I know that comes from times when it was still considered being diferent races, But my point is, is it still PC calling it "races"? ^^
That post reads to me like OP isn't really receiving signs correctly and is actually misrepresenting something. As the way he describes the story, I can't see any sense in the behavior he describes for W 0o
10:07 AM
Honestly, I finished reading it (had a meeting before I finished reading). To the question what he should do I would love to advice "You should stop stalking her".... >.<
Honestly, I finished reading it and it made me shiver*
That's a bit weird, yeah
Also the tags he used clearly show that his intends aren't really.... objective.... I'd say
10:42 AM
@dhein I think you could excuse the OP as they're likely not a native speaker
10:54 AM
@JAD: Might be. But still, i.e. my history teacher at secondary modern school when we talked about the NS regime in germany and their views, talked aswell about "races" without clarifying that this was just the view back then, and today it sin't considered that way anymore. So might be either way ^^
11:19 AM
Hah, you guys remember that I mentioned I had some smalltalk with our PR head after I was done with my TV interview? It seems I left a good impression. There is a newspaper interview, and this time it was explicit asked for me, if I was available for it °-°
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

HaptometerMy problem is this is too long but don't want to leave out important information. Also I know I'm asking a couple related questions, but I don't want to post them separate because it would be the same thing with only one sentence different for the question. Please advise! .................. How...

11:32 AM
@dhein wow, that's so cool pal! congrats :)
@dhein Wow, nice!
11:59 AM
Q: Tour page and representation of IPS

NoonIn the current version of the Tour page, the question used as a good IPS question is "When should I use Mrs. or Ms. in emails?". This is a fine, on-topic etiquette question, however, I'm afraid it might need to "what should I do" type of question (because people won't necessarily see that this is...

12:24 PM
Darn it, VueJS is driving me crazy
12:47 PM
Thanks :)
VueJS? Is that france? '^.^
@dhein Vue is a JavaScript framework, and it mixes HTML and JS .. that's pretty weird
1:16 PM
WhatsApp hardly needs any data anyway if you choose not to download every picture and video someone sends — hopsinat 1 min ago
#6407 hopsinat (581 rep) | A: How do I stop people from expecting me to reply to SMS messages? (score: 2) | posted 439 days ago by Childishforlife (246 rep) | Toxicity 0.16063906 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
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2:23 PM
@avazula I thought you were working on AvaJS. ;)
@AJ I wish ...
It'd be a framework with huge amounts of predefined functions and no memory leak
And it'd come with great documentation
Ugh... the dream
@avazula That's better than the js framework I'd make. If I were to write BaconJS, it would actually be written in literally any other language
@Rainbacon Oh, yeah, and that... As we were talking about JS I didn't think of mentioning another language but should I have the choice, my framework would definitely be C/C++ or python
more C++ BTW haha
Javascript ain't a language ya know
Typescript is a nicer wrapper around javascript, but it still has the problem that it compiles down to JS so you still get weird errors.
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