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Q: WAS IT WRONG TO ASK: Minimum time for responding to someones answer?

The Rare EmpathistI have been through this question a lot of time as if i wait keep staring too long it keeps eating my time if i also sit relaxed and not curious and impatient (as we all can do it perfectly) about it then it may be that the answer-er may get bored or something (sometimes i take almost a day or tw...

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@thesecretmaster hello :)
I read your profile - what's the difference between private & public beta?
(I don't even know what beta means, actually ... )
are you guys waiting for a certain number of users / questions / answers / visits on average, before you move out of beta?
Well, SE sites come into existence through a process on Area 51. Lemme find a meta post which explains it better than I can.
Ok, cool :)
@D.Hutchinson I think the standard is like 10 QPD among other things but I forget all the details
2:46 AM
10 QPD has been the standard for a while... I'm not a fan of the rule but... there it is.
I see ... so how long does a site get to stay in beta, while having "poor" stats, before SE decides to pull the plug on it?
Private Beta lasts about 3 weeks. Public Beta lasts until the site "graduates".
6 months? 1 year?
I see
Unless the site is a disaster, it'll go on forever. There are some sites that have been in public beta for years.
@D.Hutchinson It doesn't. As long as the site stays clear of spam, it will remain open.
7 - 8 years right now
2:48 AM
Oo interesting ...
There are a bunch of discussions on MSE linked from my question here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/303727/…
@Catija Any sites besides startups ever been closed? That's the only one I know of.
@thesecretmaster Sure. There were three attempts at "relationships" before IPS started... Lit had a beta that failed, too.
And they made it into public beta? Or got closed during private beta?
@Catija ... silly question ... why do moderators (want to?) work for free for SE? is the hope ... to join SE as staff members someday? So that, moderation, is in some sense, starting with the company at the bottom?
2:49 AM
@thesecretmaster Hmmm... I'm pretty sure that Literature was in public beta.
I was thinking about this the other night and can't seem to understand why moderators do so much free labor for SE ...
When they have 60mm in funding ...
for instance, in school, free labor gets you authorship, in industry, internships get you job offers, but what does moderation for SE get one?
@D.Hutchinson No. I'm sure that some mods want to work for SE but most of them are pretty happy doing what they're doing. When you love the community you're a part of, you want to do what you can to help it... moderation is part of that. Some people also like the power... but being a mod is generally pretty... low on the power totem pole.
For me, it's just that I really care about the success of cseducators. I also just love the community and people who are there.
:D See, two people saying the same thing. :P
ah, I see ...
2:52 AM
Also, since cseducators is really low traffic, it's not much work.
I see ...
Many of the CMs were mods first... the newer ones. But there are only about 15 CMs... there were more until November when they reorganized and laid off a lot of staff... they're really not flush with cash... they're actually struggling. As moderators, we help facilitate the continued existence of the network and the sites that make it up.
There are over 500 moderators.
And some people are moderators on multiple sites
@Catija Lit, Libraries, Startups...before they made the "eternal beta" rule, there were a lot of things that didn't make it
@thesecretmaster Me.
2:57 AM
@D.Hutchinson An awesome community of like minded humans who make the internet more awesome?
@Ash Yep. I wasn't around then, so I'm not really sure what they are.
It's like any "passion project"
@Catija I just remember Libraries because I was modding it at the time
Hee hee.
and I was reasonably involved in the previous Lit proposal
Also, on some site (like cseducators) the mods don't do much more than any high rep user could.
3:01 AM
Also going "why do you do this if you don't get paid" is kinda...idk, rude isn't quite the word I want but like...why do anything then if you don't get paid? I like playing videogames, it's fun, I don't get paid for that....
Like yes, this is work of a sort, but shrug I like helping the network be a better resource for people
@Ash Do it for the hat?
@thesecretmaster I do like the hat
@ash yeah ... it's a blunt question ... but something I've thought of sort of deeply for a bit before asking ... I guess I've lived too long in cutthroat competitive worlds - in finance, at a math dept ... where people generally don't ever do things for "free" ...
Great hat.
It's one of the few non-winter hats I own that fits my head decently
@D.Hutchinson everyone does do some stuff for free, they just label it differently
3:06 AM
500 moderators ... wow ...
There're a lot of sites.
Last I checked it was 526? But that was a while ago.
@D.Hutchinson There are other benefits to things than money... so we don't necessarily do it for "free"... we get benefits out of it... just not monetary ones.
@Ash 171 :D
@Catija Thiiiiis
@Catija Yeah, see, a lot :P
@Catija right ... that's what I'm getting at ... is it something analogous to authorship in academia? Is it ... visibility within Stack Exchange that leads to some leadership role either at SE or elsewhere?
3:09 AM
Each site has at least two moderators... most have three or more. stackexchange.com/about/moderators
@D.Hutchinson The hat and the TL... and getting to see the inner workings of the system and help make it better.
Mostly the last one.
@D.Hutchinson Does it have to lead to anything?
@Catija I see - that's actually intriguing, to see the inner workings. Btw, what's "TL"?
There's no path to leadership... they haven't hired a CM in years and they've lost four over the last year...
A great and magical place that only special people can visit.
@Ash hmm ... I dunno ... I'm at a point in my life where I'm searching ... so I currently feel that way ... yeah ...
@Catija haha ... that's ... interesting ...
I have other things in my life that are big and need tending to give me direction in life, it's nice having something that isn't just like work or whatever
3:12 AM
sucks about the CM layoffs :(
I see ...
I haven't ever seen his age posted anywhere, that I know of... the Staff page used to have photos of them all but I have no clue how old they were.
Why do you keep deleting your messages?
It's really disruptive.
Oh, I thought that was sensitive stuff
I can repost:
If it's publicly available information, I'm not sure how it's sensitive.
true ...
Well, I had said that watching the way Shog and Tim handle things around the network, I'd almost think that they are expert psychologists - and, at least for Shog, I was shocked at how young he is ...
If it's sensitive, one of the 4 mods in the room will probobly delete it :)
3:19 AM
@Catija hmm ... I think it's posted ... I'm pretty sure ...
@thesecretmaster true true ...
@Catija although that could be his age at the time of hiring ... I dunno whether I was reading a page that wasn't updated in a while ...
And Adam's still in here for some reason :P
@D.Hutchinson Oh, you're talking about the SO blog from when he was hired... that's almost a decade old.
ah, I see ... hmm ... that must have been it ... I think ...
OK, 7 years... whatever.
I see ...
Though, I don't see any mention of age there, either...
3:24 AM
@Catija hmm ... I'm feelin lazy ... but I could try and look for what I found ...
I don't think it was the blog
I'd be shocked if Shog posted his actual age anywhere and even if he did how is that relevant to...anything
Ok, I backtracked a bit ...
sorry :(
it's animuson who posted his age
Again, how is that relevant
eh ... mostly I just thought that the way Shog and Tim handles things around the network ... it would be surprising that someone that young could do that ... ?
Some of the moderators on SE are 14-15... I'm not really sure how age determines your ability to moderate or be good at managing a community.
3:31 AM
I was a baby at 25 years old ... with virtually no life experience ...
I don't think age matters, we have young moderators
I see ...
I have plenty of life experience at the age I am, judging people based on your own lack of whatever is never a good idea
true ...
@ash but I mean ... not just my own lack of managing an online community ... but ...
... there are famous professors on this site that get into a lot of trouble, too ...
so for a 25 year old to handle that ... seems surprising, I guess ...
I'm not talking about the typical flagging and cleanup processes ...
We're all supported... none of us are alone. You poke at one, you get 500+... The CMs are the same way. They don't all need to be perfect, they just need to hand a problem over to someone else if they're in too deep or can't handle it.
3:34 AM
I see ...
Also, ability is more important than age
I see ...
@Catija you mentioned ages 14-15, isn't that dangerous for them to communicate with adults?
Why would that be dangerous?
Uh... how?
Because that could be improper? If someone says an adult joke, for instance ...
IPS gets a lot of ... adult stuff ...
3:38 AM
... yeah, can't imagine why.
eh ... it's kinda natural, no?
@D.Hutchinson I think that any 14/15 year old who decides to become a mod is going to be aware of that.
You seem to be pretty divorced from what kids these days come into contact with... I assure you, that anything on the network that wouldn't be deleted for being rude/abusive/sexual ... they've run into before.
Also, dealing with spam or rude/abusive posts is kinda in the job description.
@D.Hutchinson wwhat why
3:41 AM
@Catija I see
@D.Hutchinson 14/15 year olds are a lot more mature than you're giving them credit for
@Catija hell, even things that are deleted for that
I see ... @ash
hmmm @ash @Catija seems that most of the IPS topics, for instance, revolve around ... sex, race, religion and workplace issues ... does a 14/15 year old know how to moderate such topics?
I guess it's more conceivable over at a gaming site ...
but for IPS questions ... that's harder to believe ...
@D.Hutchinson It's sort of a moot point since none of the IPS mods are 14/15... but moderating the site doesn't require expertise in the subject.
I see ...
Yeah, I guess I'm conflating moderation with subject matter expertise
Well... I don't... I get told nearly daily that I suck at IPS... so :P
3:48 AM
Oh, it seems that Mithrandir moderates this site, btw, and he claimes to be 15, I think
@Catija really? haha
on here, or where you work at UT?
nevermind :(
Um... When you say "moderate" what do you mean... diamond moderators are what I am for IPS... what Ash is for Arqade... Mith is a moderator on Literature. All users are "moderators" in so much as users with sufficient reputation get the abilities to help govern the site... but they are not the same as diamond moderators.
@D.Hutchinson Here.
I see ...
Yeah ... I guess I am perceiving diamond moderators as having (at least some) subject matter expertise in the sites that they moderate for -- such as over at Academia, Math, Physics ...
And moderators on any site are chat moderators everywhere. For example, I don't mod ips, but my name is still blue here.
3:51 AM
I see ...
@D.Hutchinson They often do... but not always. On beta sites, they often choose at least one experienced moderator just because they need someone moderating the site who knows the network and how the moderation tools work... the adage is: One network expert, one subject expert, one chaos monkey.
@thesecretmaster on the chat.se server... not on Chat.so or chat.meta.se.
haha ... what's a chaos monkey ...
I usually aim for one topic expert, one network expert, and one chaos monkey... — Shog9 ♦ Jun 7 '12 at 21:13
haha ...
Robert Cartaino on July 27, 2010

There’s a bit of a leadership vacuum inside the new Stack Exchange communities in public beta. We’ve put a lot of responsibility on each group to take ownership of their own site. The Stack Exchange team can act as guide, but we don’t always have the domain knowledge to understand the needs of each group. As the Network expands, this stretches our ability to assure that each community’s issues are properly addressed.

That’s why I am in the process of identifying and organizing a team of provisional Moderators from within each community (about three per site, starti …

3:55 AM
@Catija I dunno what happened to csed -- we had all new mods. We were very lost for a (short) while.
None of whom had very much network experiance.
@thesecretmaster Possibly because there weren't any people interested in standing up for moderating who had been mods? How long has the site been around?
Shog refused to tell me which of the three of us was the chaos monkey, though.
@Catija A month or two older than ips. I don't think anyone who had been a mod ran though, so that'd explain it.
@Ash regarding giving credit due to a younger mod ... I'd have to admit that I would be deathly afraid of talking about how to communicate sex issues with my significant other ... with a 15 year old moderator ...
so, it's not so much that I think less of them ...
@D.Hutchinson why do you asdsume you *have( to talk that over with a mod
mods are exception handlers not babysitters
@thesecretmaster Hmmm... I have heard of them pinging people who aren't on the site if they feel like it really needs an experienced mod... but I'm guessing you all probably don't get a lot of flags? Is the site pretty quiet?
@D.Hutchinson Why are you so obsessed with sex?
3:59 AM
@ash, I mean, in the sense that, if they answer my questions posted, they may leave comments and whatnot ... that prompt a response from me ...
@D.Hutchinson welcome to posting anything anyhwere in the internet? like you dont know the age or anything of anyone, there's a certain set of assumptions you are making
@Catija I'm not - but I feel the main topics that I could use IPS help with are probably sex, race, and religion topics
@D.Hutchinson Do you know how old I am? How do you know you're not talking about sex with your grandmother?
and workplace issues
you're assuming we're not all teenagers :P
4:00 AM
@ash that's true ...
@D.Hutchinson Then you clearly don't use our site at all. Very few questions are about any of those things.
I see ...
@Catija Suuuper quiet. 1qpd
@thesecretmaster Yeah, so probably that... combo of a quiet site with not having any existing mods using it. I'm guessing you got some help from the CMs? Who was your primary contact?
Pops :/
4:02 AM
@thesecretmaster Pops is great at getting new sites with inexperienced mods going... that's probably why he was helping you.
It's really shitty that they let him go. He was our contact for A&C, too... amazingly kind.
Very patient.
Yeah, he was great. I wish those layoffs hadn't happened.
brb ... need a chai latte ...
I think I'm the network expert now... which just means that I complain about lack of downvotes, watch review queues, and ask other network mods for advice about how to do things.
I've always been more interested in the network as a whole. I love moderating sites but I see it as a chance to get to know the system... what makes the network tick.
4:12 AM
I like to learn about the SE model -- how it actually works on sites of any scale, from cseducators to stack overflow
back ... @ash ... yeap ... say, for IPS or for Academia ... I expect moderators to be at least 18 years old, probably much older. but then again, I have very little experience with online communities ...
for gaming or other fun stuff like Skeptics ... not at all ...
I think IPS and Academia are serious topics, though ...
^ again, that seems to discredit younger folks, but I don't mean to
Younger mods can moderate serious topics. Mature young people exist :)
just more like ... deathly afraid ... to talk to a teenager about adult topics
@thesecretmaster true ...
That's your problem... not theirs.
@Catija I see ...
4:14 AM
@D.Hutchinson that says more to me anbout you thasn them
@D.Hutchinson Luckily you don't need to know that you're talking to a teenager because it's the internet
Half the mods are dogs, anyway.
@ash I would take that to be ... "ethical" ...
and "moral", I guess?
I dunno ...
What's unethical about talking to teens about sex?... you're forcing your ethics and morals on someone else... that's... not very ethical.
@D.Hutchinson I disagree wholeheartedly and think you are being incredibly closeminded and unfair
4:16 AM
@Catija One (that I know of) is a baby
@thesecretmaster I don't know what you're talking about :P
You're basically wanting everything to conform to your ethical and moral views, with no room for change
That sort of rigidity is going to cause you problems especially in online spaces like this
Although, I do hope that if you do someday find yourself on a site where you discover the mods are young or whatever and you don't approve of them, you still treat them with the respect that they deserve.
@Ash eh ... couple that with apaul saying something like why I was in the "teenagers room", and that he hopes SE staff with be keeping track of me and my motives, when in reality that Henry user, who I thought was a SE bot, just jokingly brought me in there.
so it was apaul's comment that jsut made me go, "wtf ... "
so, I was deathly afraid by that ...
I have no idea what you're referring to and what that has to do with the current conversation whatsoever
when I only wanted to come here to try and see whether we could work on IPS skills together ...
4:19 AM
Nice attempt to deflect the topic, though
@ash about my preferring to talk to moderators who are adults ...
@D.Hutchinson Can you please stop blaming other people for the stuff you're doing... you went into a room that claims it's for teenagers and told everyone there that you're a teenager... that is sort of strange.
@Catija Okay, yeah, then he brought any actions subsequernt ot that on himself.
@Catija yeah ... I can be silly and not know when to be serious ...
and I regret that ...
but yeah ... it was a joke gone too far, with someone looking to capitalize on it ...
Blaming other people rather than taking responsibility when you do silly things is not OK.
4:21 AM
true ...
@ash I wasn't attempting to deflect the topic - I'm giving reasons for why I would be afraid to talk to someone about IPS topics ...
You seem offended, and I apologize if I've offended you ...
4:43 AM
@Catija @ash I've spent most of my life learning technical skills - writing, math, coding - but only recently, say 2 years ago, acknowledged that I needed a lot of help with interpersonal skills. So, I went to a clinical psychologist for a while. And I learned a lot,
and we worked on exactly those topics I brought up to you: race, sex, workplace issues ... I haven't seen a therapist in a bit now, so, when I do want to work on IPS stuff again, I have in mind certain minimum requirements from the person that I talk to ... it even took awhile for me to even trust and open up to my licensed psychologist ... so it's also about trust issues, too ...
and I think it's natural to wonder whether one is qualified to be giving IPS advice ... it's not all that rigid of mindset ... and I certainly don't mean to be offensive, by taking precautions ...
No one on IPS is "qualified". Even if we technically are, we're just random people on the internet who are basing what we say on what you tell us... that's not of much value. We can't see your face, your expression, there's no way to judge the veracity of anything you say... any more than you can judge the veracity of what we say. If you need papers - someone with a license and a degree - you're in the wrong place.
... true ...
But judging people by their age... isn't going to do much for you... since most people don't tell you how old they are.
... and again... people can claim to be teenagers or grandmothers ... you still can't prove it.
... true ...
yeah ... I guess it's good to have the right expectations ...
@ash I feel bad that I likely offended you ... but I hope you understand where I'm coming from ... if not, that's ok, too ...
@Catija do you know of the classroom tool called Piazza?
5:00 AM
I see ...
be back later ...
shrug Offense would mean I cared enough to take it, and I was playing video games and thus not paying attention.
@D.Hutchinson I get it, but I don't approve or condone it, and I won't be the one giving you absolution, that's not my job.
5:33 AM
Hmm... Adventures in pot stirring...
@ash ok, that's fine - as long you get it, that my intentions were not of any form of age discrimination but more just wanting minimum requirements that I've been used to in the past, then that's great ...
It's nice to want it, but we're not going to give it to you, that's not how this place works.
yeah ...
Ultimately, you might find this place isn't for you. Which is fine, not every online place is going to work for every person.
5:47 AM
@ash your last 3 messages were pretty rude
Not really.
I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just pointing out you're asking for a lot of stuff from here that isn't how the network is set up to operate.
5:58 AM
ok ...
@apaul I made soup today, that's pot stirring ;)
The way I look at it is this, @D.Hutchinson You've walked into an Outback Steakhouse and you've asked them to serve you Wagyu steak tartare. And then you're telling them that you expect to be able to trust that it is actually that, despite it not being on the menu and incredibly expensive to prepare. Ash is the restaurant manager telling you that your expectations are misplaced and if you want them met, you'll need to find another place to do so. That's not rude.
Does this mean I can declare it ice cream o'clock? :D
Excellent starts passing out spoons and bowls
6:07 AM
... The thing is, if you force the restaurant to serve you and you eat it... you're probably going to get sick since steak tartare is served pretty much raw and it's not actually specially prepared meat for that purpose... it's just normal ... whatever Outback sells... meat.
So if you want something that will help you that you can trust, go to your specialty steakhouse... that's the safe, smart thing to do. We do better here with simple, everyday sirloins.
@Ash hmm ice cream for breakfast
@JarkoDubbeldam add cereal and then it's just like cereal and milk, right?
close enough
Am I still on time for the ice cream :)?
@catija yeah, that's true ...
that's a good way of putting it ...
6:16 AM
@Tinkeringbell You betcha. gives you a spoon and bowl We got lots of flavours and all the toppings you could want
@Ash great! Adds a lot of fruit so it seems like a decent breakfast
@Tinkeringbell there you go, you get how it works ;)
@Ash actually, that's my real life guilty pleasure summer breakfast ;)
Niiiice, I approve
At least make it frozen yogurt :P
6:18 AM
@Catija juk... No. It really needs vanilla ice cream or chocolate
Where would the guilty part go otherwise? :)
@Catija I read your subsequent messages - true, which means I can still ask good questions here ...
Eh. That was an odd thing for me to say, anyway... I think yogurt is about the last thing I want to ever eat... though TCBY doesn't have that same flavor/mouthfeel that actual yogurt does.
@Catija yoghurt is edible with lots of sweet fruits and some sugar ;)
@D.Hutchinson Of course... I'm not saying you can't... you just have to keep in mind that the people answering your questions aren't doctors or therapists... Well... some of them may be... but we have no way to verify their bonafides, so their claims are sort of pointless.
@Tinkeringbell And then it's not healthy at all :P
@Catija I like greek style yogurt
6:21 AM
I don't like any of it.
@Catija I said edible... :p
My husband got me addicted to maple cream top yogurt when I saw him last
Even the super sweet yoplait ones ... I think it's really the texture more than anything.
Though, I like pudding... but pudding seems more firm?
yeah ... true ... wow ... this was really helpful ... thanks @ash and @catija :)
@Catija yeah well if it's texture there's not often a way to save it...
6:23 AM
@Catija yeah, pudding is a different texture
Gotta go.... Too many people on this train there's one reading my screen right now!
@Tinkeringbell Yeah. darn... hee hee.
7:06 AM
@Catija new neighbor now ;) but it's fun again. There's still a crowd of people at the platform, the train is too short and I just hope we'll start driving again instead of everyone getting kicked out
Oh. Now we don't have a driver
This isn't going to work HELP!
I'm... going to sleep :P
@Catija sleep well!
@Tinkeringbell Happy Monday :) are you feeling better?
g'nite Catija
7:25 AM
@D.Hutchinson loads :)
Still waiting for a driver for the train
@Tinkeringbell glad to hear :)
welcome back
@Magisch morning :D
@D.Hutchinson thanks I guess... Was I ever gone? :P
7:40 AM
You were here this weekend?
Oh ... right ...
you asked about my moving to Tibet :)
@Tinkeringbell eek
earlier there was quite a big delay from utrecht to zwolle
@D.Hutchinson hahaha I meant that even on the days I was sick I was in the chatroom ;)
@JarkoDubbeldam still is. Mine is about 45 minutes late right now
that's worse than at utrecht :x
ah, I see
@Tinkeringbell What does your employer do in that scenario?
7:42 AM
"please take the Intercity". Was what they were telling us at Amersfoort. When there's about 1500 people on the platform waiting for that Intercity...
oh geez :(
@Magisch nothing. They wanted me on that project so they'll just have to accept the risk
well, at least it's not storming/raining/snowing
@D.Hutchinson I must admit I didn't really count all of em... Just counted the legs and divided by two :P
7:44 AM
@Magisch pretty much same for me, they know I have to travel a bit so they don't mind if 1) I'm late every now and then (happens like once every few months) or 2) work from home
haha ...
@JarkoDubbeldam haha then I would have turned around and start working from home
@Tinkeringbell should be a decent algorithm tbh
although you should account for one-legged people and walking sticks
and cats
@JarkoDubbeldam on a railway station?
@Tinkeringbell even on a railway station, cats have 4 legs
7:45 AM
I've seen more mice and rats than cats tbh
lol ...
well, those have 4 legs as well
so that's problematic
true ...
although I guess it's kinda hard to count those individually
@JarkoDubbeldam but what's the statistical probability of one showing there ?:P
I think the algorithm would be more effort than it's worth. I'll stick to counting :P
> Besides that, we do the scope of questions we accept here about Stack Exchange.
Someone want to edit in the missing 'limit'?
@Tinkeringbell Hi and good morning. Sorry to see that your meta question didn't go down to well. I guess I kind of knew where this was going when I deleted my previous question on this topic.
@Mithrandir done
7:58 AM
@D.Hutchinson There's absolutely no need to talk about issues with me... First off, I don't moderate IPS as a diamond moderator, only Literature. Second, mods don't discuss issues with everyone; they're a normal user with some extra powers for exception handling. Third, you don't know the actual ages of anyone on here. I'm fairly sure that @Magisch still thinks I'm in my twenties :P
As long as you're old enough to use SE - 13+ - age is irrelevant. All that matters is the level of maturity.
8:16 AM
yeah, that's true ...
@Snow It's doing pretty well... it's got a positive score, just the answers aren't very upvoted ;) It takes some time here, meta participation is low too here. I don't see that question as a failure ;)
I really do admire your irrepressible optimism...!
@Tinkeringbell Linky?
8:27 AM
@Snow Hahaha :) It's a thing you need to learn, we call it 'omdenken' in Dutch... (something like reverse-thinking in English?) ... Just take something negative and make it positive :P
Like, I just spent 45 minutes on a waaaay too crowded train... but at least my workday is shorter now!
Yeah, I could really use that skill...
"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."
Simplest way to start: When something bad happens, think 'now I have an excuse to eat a cookie' :P
@Mithrandir Make life take the lemons back. I didn't ask for no ***damned lemons!
Apparently I had already downvoted the answers to that meta question.
And apparently those comments were posted while the bot was down :(
8:29 AM
> “When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!”
@Mithrandir What comments?
The ones on meta? Do you flag those as well?
@Tinkeringbell doesn't look like it
:stalk stalk: 5 helpful flags on meta
@Tinkeringbell The ones mentioned in the question.
I only have 3 :P
in The Closet, 9 mins ago, by IPS Meta Comments
#2395 Tinkeringbell (11600 rep) | Q: What constitutes a 'lack of research effort' on IPS? (score: 2) | posted 2 days ago by Tinkeringbell (11600 rep) | edited 2 days ago by NVZ (8319 rep)
8:35 AM
@Mithrandir Oh those ;) They're gone now anyway, I had to ask Catija to dig them up for me
You don't need a bot for everything :P
No, but bots do make things easier.
Is it normal for test names to get really long?
@Tinkeringbell :I disagree. POWER TO THE ROBOTS
@JarkoDubbeldam Depends on the definition of normal for your project
@Magisch Nooo.... I want to do stuff :P
@Tinkeringbell for the time being it was a solo project, so I might have not been adding tests, so I'm retroactively adding tests now
but it's pretty much twice as long as any method name in the project :x
8:45 AM
@Tinkeringbell code more bots
meta-doing stuff
Well, since you only are supposed to test one method every test, just give it the methodname+Test.
Else you're doing something wrong :P
@Magisch Hmmm.... not really interested tbh :P I have a huge list of books to read and crafts to start/finish first :P
obligatory what-are-unit-tests
I know what they are but nobody here in my company uses any
o/ @ArtOfCode
@ArtOfCode Morning!
8:47 AM
@Magisch remind me never to work for your company
I've heard too many horror stories :P
@Magisch I'm the only one that sometimes writes them... when I feel like the cucumber ones aren't sufficient, or before making major code changes.
@Tinkeringbell well, I tried doing that, but it didn't really make sense to do that given the logic (or arguable lack thereof)
I get extra credit for that :D
Tip: Do not try to stuff a cucumber into your USB port to test your code.
it goes in the DVI port
8:48 AM
So I ended up with this: NotZeroBeforeEndLooptijdWhenMakingExtraPaymentsWithOptionFixedEnddate
Digital Vegetable Interface
@ArtOfCode It's not that bad
@JarkoDubbeldam If there's a lack of logic in the code, you're at a stalemate between refactoring and writing tests...
just ... special
@Mithrandir Enjoys not having dirty minds around :P
8:50 AM
@Tinkeringbell nah, it's not really lack of logic, but what I want to test is what happens after a method has been called 30 times
or a bunch of methods in conjunction
Last time I mentioned cucumber testing the convo went sort of in another direction @Snow! :P
@JarkoDubbeldam methodname+30XTest :P
@JarkoDubbeldam BunchTest :P
@ArtOfCode Like... a MakeyMakey?
@Tinkeringbell uh, but now there are multiple things I want to test
I'm finally at the station, bye for now! :)
speaking of logic
we have a function in vba 2003 access that is overloaded no less then 6 times at different levels of form, subform, subfunction and global function
based on parameters
pretty sure if I wrote a unit test for that it'd end up summoning cthulu
8:56 AM
I've always wanted to meet Cthulhu.
Go for it. :P
drafts letter to Tim P-
eh ... too lazy ...
goodnight, everyone
you have weird night times
pretty sure you've said goodnight at every hour of the day
@D.Hutchinson sleep well!
@ArtOfCode now I'm curious too ;) Is there a reason? @D.Hutchinson
Odd sleep schedule?
I go to sleep at varying hours as well.
From 10PM to like 4AM.
@Mithrandir meta.stackexchange.com/a/304618/369802 pleasure to meet ;)
9:06 AM
4AM? Psssh, amateur ;)
@Mithrandir and is there a reason? :p
@ArtOfCode I smell medically concerning amounts of caffeine
@ArtOfCode I do have to get up around 8.
Caffeine? Never.
@Magisch newp
@ArtOfCode no caffeine?
9:08 AM
didn't even like coffee until recently
still don't drink it that much
@Magisch now I have to Google whether caffeine has a smell
I don't like coffee but caffeine can be obtained through other means
it does not
it tastes bitter, though
@Tinkeringbell Depends on how tired I am, how busy I am, how interesting whatever I'm working on is, and how accurate YouTube is being with its song suggestions.
@Magisch eh, caffeine pills sound horrible
@Mithrandir wow.. I go at 10 PM or not depending on whether it's weekend or not :P
9:09 AM
@ArtOfCode do they? why?
@Magisch dunno, they just... do
@ArtOfCode one is roughly equal to a cup and a half of coffee
At the moment, YT is being pretty good.
and they don't cost much
much less then coffee
Mithrandir can i ask you something?
9:11 AM
Yes. What's up?
@Mithrandir I threw all the good recommendations into a playlist, and it recommends stuff based on that... which is pretty accurate
Um. How much time did it take for you to earn a golden badge after you joined SE?
Wow. Were you an expert at first?
Nope, I was just a newbie with a passing interest in Harry Potter.
@ArtOfCode Currently got this on:
9:15 AM
@Mithrandir two steps from hell: star sky / victory are also really cool
really anything from two steps from hell
Yep. Exactly.
They put out another song about 16 hours ago.
And being nosey.. But have you evolved after interacting with people here
@Mithrandir adds to playlist
@cinebird Well, I think I hit puberty after interacting with people here... but I doubt that's what you meant by 'evolved' ;P
I've definitely changed, but I'm also a teenager, so it'll be hard to differentiate between what's normal teenager development and what was influenced by SE.
still silently calling bs on that
9:20 AM
Haha nice. I meant were you aware of what it takes to give a standard answer to questions before joining SE?
Were you frustrated when your answers didn't work even after you put much effort into it?
I didn't write any answers until 6 months after I joined, and it got a fairly positive reaction.
Well lucky you.
What does your name mean?
It's Gandalf's Elvish name from The Lord of the Rings.
Okay. Any idea what Rand al'Thor means?
character from the Wheel of Time
9:24 AM
It's the name of the main protagonist from The Wheel of Time.
Thats the main character from the fantasy book series "the wheel of time"
double ninja
But only mine was formatted nicely :p
Haha yes
True. Lucky guy/girl
9:25 AM
Q: How did Gandalf get each of his various names?

GwenGandalf goes by many names in Tolkien's works. Gandalf himself says in The Two Towers: "Many are my names in many countries. Mithrandir among the elves, Tharkûn to the dwarves; Olórin I was in my youth in the West that is forgotten, in the South Incánus, in the North Gandalf, to the East I go...

Well i am more of a reality person.I love the real world. Much more than the fictional
Maybe thats why i am so boring
*googles "cinebird"*
You into drones?
Oh no. It is a coincidence that it matches. I coined up cinebird. cine from cinema. bird because watching good movies elates me. I feel free as if i'm flying
Well drones fly too. Now thats nice
Q: Talking with someone who goes on lots of tangents

bluevaporI'm not sure how to put this, but a family member can be very long winded/has verbal diarrhea/thoroughly exhausts a topic of conversation. It's hard to listen to him as he says so much I can't focus and end up missing something important. This happens face to face, over the phone, through email a...

Was sent this YouTube today. Thought the IPS crowd might appreciate it...
9:38 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Well, verbal diarrhoea is but a natural urge. Maybe he doesnt filter between whats essential and what's not? You cant beat words with words. Just let him exhaust himself sometimes.
@ExtrovertedMainMan How old is he anyways?
Q: Have we visited all the countries / territories as a community?

Mark MayoIt occurred to me that while we have badges for tag experts etc, it might be useful to try and identify who has been to which countries/territories, as you could then ask that person about it in [chat]. If you're interested, I'm going to add an answer below and turn it into a Wiki. Please edit i...

check it out
@Mithrandir Mith are you there?
How do you answer questions?
What do you mean?
9:42 AM
I mean what do you do first : Google it or try to think it out on your own? Or do you always cross check on the internet if it is correct?
Uhh. Depends what the subject is. What site are we talking about here?
@Snow ...this is supposed to be a joke, right?
How would you answer a movie question?
@Mithrandir What's that? Can't view cause at work
@Mithrandir You can tell it's a joke because people are laughing.
@cinebird Heh. I've got three answers on Movies.SE. One of them is an identification question, which are no longer on-topic there. The other two are Harry Potter answers, which I answered... using quotes from the books. I know the books very well, so all I had to do was look for the quotes to include them in the answers.
@Snow Oh, okay. I don't watch TV, like... ever.
I don't have one :)
9:47 AM
Ok thanks for sharing it Mith. You are truly nice
No problem, I'm always happy to help out. You can usually find me in my office if you want to talk to specifically me ;)
@Mithrandir it's... surprisingly accurate, actually
speaking of YouTube videos... I got sent this one yesterday
People are never gonna give up rickrolling, will they.
nope :)
Back in the day, you could easily sport a rick-roll simply from looking at the youtube code.
9:52 AM
dQw4w and that
too obvious now :)
I've been on forums where rickrolling earned you an immediate 10 day suspension.
spoilsports :)
It was sanity. For a while, it got really stupid.
Could I please borrow some comment upvotes on this comment so that people might take notice?
@Mithrandir I want mine back before tomorrow, or I'll start charging interest :P
9:58 AM
@Tinkeringbell I returned it here ;)
Q: Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of SE sites

AnaBack in April of 2010, Joel shared our assumptions about the role of small sites in the newly minted Stack Exchange network: If a site does not have enough activity at the end of 90 days, it will be closed down. Any existing Q&A will be archived and made available for download, but the site...

@Mithrandir hah, thanks :)
10:48 AM
Why so silent?
@AJ Work! :D
You're back at work? Nice!
Yeah, I somehow am glad too :P Sitting at home is fun, but only when it's holidays, not sick leave :)
Oh, and I was busy claiming money back, and writing a diary of all the things that have gone wrong so far concerning my train rides. I'm thinking of keeping a list for a year, and just see how long it can get :P
So far, I already earned almost 24 euro's in delay claims ;)
LOL. Good
And for today I'll get some money too, lemme check.
Almost 19 euro's earned this morning :D
And that's how you get rich sleeping :P
10:56 AM
Then maybe it's time for you to give us a treat. ;)
@AJ hahaha, well, since Ash already treated everybody some ice-cream this morning, and we all need to live healthy, I'll wait till next week :P
LOL. I can wait. :P
@AJ I hope you can forget as well :P
ice cream is full of carbs
@Magisch Well, if you have better suggestions? I'm not going to treat everyone on vegetables/fruit :P
That's not a 'treat'
11:00 AM
@Tinkeringbell This mind doesn't forget. :P
11:24 AM
Okay..... quick IPS question:

This morning I sent the secretary a reply to an invite, with a 'handwritten note' stating that I was sorry for not reacting last week as requested, but that I would still ike to attend, and that I would gladly hear of her when this wasn't possible.

Now, she sent me an e-mail stating that my participation wouldn't be a problem at all, and asks me 'are you entire better now'?

Soooo... am I obliged to react to that?
It seems obvious that she simply confused you with someone else or just assumed that you previously didn't respond because you were ill. I'd reply with "Thank you for the confirmation. I think you might be confusing me with someone else, I'd not been ill - I was just too busy/lazy/indecisive to respond last week."
@Snow No.... I was ill ;) I put that in the note too :P
It's just that I asked her to reply when I could not come, and she replied that I could come :P
And I'd hate to fill her mailbox with useless chatter, so I'm wondering whether this is just a polite phrase or something I have to react to..
Oh, in that case, you just need to reply that you're feeling much better. That's what I'd do anyway. Emails are easily deleted, after all.
Generally, if someone asks me a question, I assume they'd appreciate an answer.
@Snow True... and otherwise it'll be a lesson ;) Don't chatter if you don't want a reply :P
@Tinkeringbell good veggies are a treat
11:35 AM
@Magisch You're NOT getting vegetables. So, pick a sin ;) Or it will be no treat for you :P
I hate people treating other people on vegetables, I'm not going to be that person :)
last time I made dinner for people there were like 0 carbs in it
broccoli cream with carrots and some other frozen greens and onions and a steak
@Magisch You made dinner ;) I'm talking treats, not entire dinners ;) .... broccoli cream?
and I hope you thawed out the frozen greens?
no I just put them on the plate like that
still frozen and everything
@Magisch You're weird enough to do that :P
broccoli cream is a gift of the flavor gods
@Tinkeringbell eh
11:40 AM
I never had broccoli cream.... Does it taste like broccoli very much?
@Magisch Hahaha ;) Just teasing you :)
@Tinkeringbell The way I make it is I take heavy cream and carrots and some chicken soup base and then blend broccoli and mix it in until the consistency is nice
tastes a lot like broccoli but broccoli tastes awesome so thats a plus
@Magisch I beg to differ. I find broccoli on its own pretty bland. But the cream and carrots stuff sounds like it's worth a try
12:10 PM
Q: How to mitigate underperformance as a delegation strategy?

Bob LevyImagine a subordinate or peer who willfully employs a strategy of shoddy work and/or delay as a means of getting others to do it. A sort of parasitic negligence. Assuming you did not want (or were not in a position) to terminate the individual, how would you 1x1 call out the behavior as unaccep...

12:23 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan tb
@Mithrandir I thought I just said that? :/
12:37 PM
What's with our voting behavior lately? I've seen so many upvotes on questions that should be getting close-votes instead?
@ExtrovertedMainMan This one is now at -2/+2 for example, and only 3 close votes?
@Tinkeringbell more people using IPS as a side-entertainment at work
I should know ... :p
Is there an easy way to see how many answers a user has written to questions that are closed?
I could write a query for that
@Magisch Would you please? It'll save me a lot of work and I want to confirm a suspicion... :/
@Tinkeringbell gimme a couple minutes
12:44 PM
@Magisch It can wait ;) If you're working right now, I won't need it before later tonight :D
Q: How much vs how many

DarkheartIs the usage of "how much" in this context, correct? And if it isn't, is this expression "this is too much car for me to handle?" correct? So when can "how much" be used with countable nouns and vice versa?

@Mithrandir .... I knew that.
So does my grammar plugin... Why didn't it pick it up!? :P
@Mithrandir Well, since you pointed it out, it's now your job to fix it too :P
12:50 PM
Hmm... those numbers are less shocking than I expected ;)
@Tinkeringbell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Tinkeringbell done, plus fixed the other thing
I've not discovered a problem today :P
@Mithrandir I'm very very sure it's an user, not a user.... an apple, an (a,e,i,u etc...)
It depends on the pronunciation.
So, a user, an hour.
@Mithrandir Really? :/ You're not making the English easier!
12:53 PM
Q: Is it "a user" or "an user"

William shekspeareSince user starts with a vowel shouldn't we use "an" ? I've seen many cases of using "a" .

duplicate of duplicate
@Tinkeringbell English has lots of relatively simple rules. It just has more exceptions than words that actually follow the rules.
@Mithrandir hahaha :) Well, today I learned :) Thank you! :)
I like correcting people's English :p
For instance, telling @mag that 'than' and not 'then' is used when making a comparison
@Mithrandir If you do it constructively, I don't mind ;) I would love to do that sometimes to people's Dutch on e.g. Facebook
But it's generally not well-received :P
1:01 PM
People don't like being told that they are doing things the wrong way...
@Mithrandir Yeah, and combine that with a subgroup that also doesn't want to be told that it could go even better when... and you'll have found the people that'll never learn :P
@Tinkeringbell But why would you care what people on facebook think or say?
@Magisch It's not so much the people on facebook, but the 'friends' I have on facebook (mom, aunts, bff's) that find me really annoying and a bit rude when I do it to other people... So yeah, since I encounter those people in real life, I do care ;)
pff people in general
@Magisch Oh for that I don't care... I just do care for what the real-life people think of me :)
1:15 PM
@Tinkeringbell fatal flaw
There's some amazing crap on one of the Facebook groups I'm in.... It's a group where you can give away your old stuff (that's still too good to trash) for free... I'm almost ashamed to be there when I see the grammar and spelling over there.
@Magisch Not really, manipulative behavior works pretty well :P
Question? Am I technically allowed to downvote answers on questions that should be closed instead, just to make a point? :P
Good. Consider that campaign started then :)
Is there another solution to get users with enough rep to close vote to get them to close vote instead of answering?
Should I make a meta asking people to think before they answer? I think we already have one?
Because Reputation is so easy to come by, a lot of people don't really know what's on or off topic by the time the have the reputation to close vote.
@Catija :/ .... Well, take a look at this one: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/9412/…... I get the hint that at least one person doesn't care: they comment but answer anyway... :/
Sadly there's not enough of a pattern there to warrant calling such behavior out directly :/
1:37 PM
Eh... it's going to happen. I've been on some sites where they either delete these sorts of answers or admonish the person posting them, reminding them that, while we all want to help, it's important to keep the site scope in mind when deciding to answer questions. Answering off topic or too broad questions gives the OP little reason to improve the question.
It also makes it more likely that subsequent questions will be low-quality.
@Catija I'm going to convert that into some sort of auto-comment if you don't mind?
Answering questions that don't meet our standards encourages users to continue to post sub-par questions because they know that despite the fact that their contributions don't meet the standards, they'll get an answer anyway. Also note that if the answer has a positive score, the question will not be automatically deleted by the roomba. Answering off-topic/low-quality questions encourages low-quality contributions and brings down the quality level of the site.
@Mithrandir Good enough! (Actually, perfect :) ). Where's that list of auto-comments located again?
18 hours ago, by Mithrandir
@AnneDaunted You can find my three IPS auto comments (for "Try this" answers, "What should I do?" questions, and answers in comments) at Pastebin.
@Mithrandir Danke!
Are you going to comment, or shall I?
1:45 PM
Guess I will
I should have my list of auto-comments somewhere in an editable, shareable place...
...that should be encourages, not encourage
@Mithrandir Thanks :)
@Tinkeringbell I commented on 3/5 of the answers here, feel free to do the others :P
@Mithrandir Done ;)
2:00 PM
And there's one deleted.
(oh, sidenote: check if the user has close-vote privileges before commenting? Somehow it would be a bit mean to expect someone that hasn't even earned those to understand?)
Sorry @Snow, we're trying something new :P
Ok, so now we have to delete answers for questions that subsequently get closed. This just makes me reticent about answering questions at all now.
No, they don't have to be deleted... just hopefully try to prevent users from answering close-worthy questions. Just try to avoid answering questions that need to be closed.
@Snow No, you don't have to delete them, we just want that info out there... we've got a bit of a problem with users answering bad questions.... And we can't treat people differently ... :/ Hopefully, it will lead to a better community culture amongst our higher rep users ....
If a question is getting multiple downvotes and requests for info... that's usually a good sign that you shouldn't answer it.
2:03 PM
^ Exactly.
No, it's a good sign that the question needs fixing, if at all possible.
@Snow But why answer before that? It won't give an incentive to fix...
Yes. And questions that need fixing shouldn't be answered until after they're fixed.
@Tinkeringbell go ahead.
in The Reading Room, Feb 14 '17 at 6:22, by BESW
@Shokhet I like closing new users' questions when they can be fixed with a quick edit. It gives them an easy, rewarding first experience with the close process because it gets resolved so painlessly.
2:05 PM
An so IPS joins the lest of stacks where serving the stack becomes far more important than helping people.
I don't agree with this, so I'll let you guys carry on with it.
@Snow At the end of the day, the best way to help people is to make sure that we can answer it well. And that means that sometimes we have to close questions until they're fixed, and close-worthy questions shouldn't be answered until after they're fixed.
It's not very useful to the OP if we answer with an entirely different situation in mind than what's actually going on because they didn't include enough details.
@Snow We're still beta, we need a community and a voting culture. Don't go saying we don't help people. I've edited more questions than written them myself :/ I like the principle of 'a quick edit to help the OP getting going'.... I'm sorry to disappoint you again, but right now the voting culture is a bigger problem than people not getting the help they deserve.
@Snow the "if at all possible" is operative here and most of the time the answer is not without a miracle
2:15 PM
(tries to decide if I should initiate suicidal prevention measures or not)
That comment needs to go, at the least
sounds like copypasta
@Tinkeringbell comment is gone
@Snow It doesn't help someone to answer a question they aren't asking.
Q: How do I handle my mentally brutalizing, physically torturing, bullying and harassing father?

user11500My father is one of the most inhumane person I have ever known in my whole life. I think he is probably one of the most neurotic person in the world. I have suffered mental and physical torture and brutality from him and he has tried to break me to the best of his ability but I only became more p...

@Snow It's better to empower them so that they can effectively ask for help in the future.
2:18 PM
@Catija can you ... uh I don't know what y'all do in situations like these but can you do it? for the question above
@Mithrandir, would it be a nice thing to do to ask users to come to chat if they want to better understand our site scope (or refer to the help page or something)... For that latest autocomment?
Maybe we should somehow stop the downvotes? :/
@Snow There are solid arguments for both sides, we need to be mindful to maintain quality without getting so pedantic that we run the community into the ground.
@Tinkeringbell That's an interesting idea but the question does meet the criteria for downvoting.
@Mithrandir so copypasta
2:22 PM
It's a balancing act.
@Magisch Oh okay... not so bad.
@Tinkeringbell wat
don't upvote bad content because it might make the poster feel bad
too far
Do not upvote to keep the score at 0.
@Mithrandir That's from meta (and was looked up before I realized the copy-pasta thing)...
That's no longer relevant ;)
2:23 PM
:42421259 Please don't upvote to counter balance... It's counter productive.
You had posted two messages.
I had assumed they were related.
But apparently not.
@sphennings It does now that I know that it's copy-pasta ;)
@apaul I was thinking of this, but it's not that ;) I never upvote bad questions, but it's suggested here that if someone needs professional help, to keep the question score at zero: interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1374/…
If we want to change that, we might want to revisit that meta.
@Tinkeringbell Feel free. I'm not going to expend a lot of effort explaining it to every user again and again, though.
@Mithrandir I was just thinking about the blatantly off-topic ones, we could edit in a link to the help center once Catija is content with her excellent meta post ;)
@Mithrandir Now I'm not really following you, but since I already decided the thing wasn't relevant ;)
2:27 PM
one about the autocomments, the other about the abusive father pos
Oh yeah, they weren't really related ;) ^ Exactly :)
Sorry. I should really link more ;)
So... I've had a somewhat disturbing morning. I'm thinking about asking a question about the situation, but I'm unsure about how to word it to avoid a crap storm on the main site.
@apaul Should I start building a moat again?
Aparently my eldest stepson has been getting indoctrinated by the far right online... Mostly through memes and YouTube videos.
@Mithrandir possibly... ?
@apaul That sounds rough. How old is your stepson?
2:34 PM
sounds like collateral damage
not a lot you can do there
@apaul Oh dear.... any chance of leaving out the 'far right'... --> You could just focus on 'I'm worried about the internet giving him false hope/ideas'?
Q: Hearing burglar alarm of neighboor

C.NorrisI moved recently to a new apartment with my gf. When we are in the bedroom we can hear a burglar alarm (or another ultrasound like this). The sound isn't really loud but it's enough for beiing disturbing the night (and keep me awake). I already met neighbours for asking if sound came from them, ...

@Tinkeringbell Unfortunately I think the specific ideologies are apart of the issue and possible solutions...
@apaul In one sentence what are you trying to ask?
2:36 PM
VTC: Unclear
What is your goal here?
I have a hunch a question like this will instantly turn into grandstanding and a politics debate on main
@Magisch I think that's highly dependent upon the specifics of the question.
@sphennings How to separate fact from propaganda? Or more specifically... How to get a 16 year old autistic to recognize that there's an agenda behind the content he's seeing?
I think the specific ideologies involved are relevant because people are targeting kids like him.
@apaul I think you could speak of generalities on that one since everyone is claiming that the people they don't agree with have an agenda.
@apaul I think you may be also concerned if other predatory ideologies were targeting your son.
@apaul I guess it really depends on whether you're trying to start a conversation about thinking critically about the news in general, or specifically about the news that your son is consuming.
2:43 PM
Sort of a "are you young and socially awkward, and frequently rejected by women? Blame the feminists!"
@sphennings It's not really news though. It's stuff woven into video game YouTube channels and memes.
The 'feminists' get blamed here too...
in The Closet, Jan 4 at 17:48, by Smelly
I marvel how this forums can be an outlet for crazy people and how the feminist crowd is active here. Since is it a crime looking at someone? Gosh. — Rui F Ribeiro just now
in The Closet, Jan 7 at 19:39, by Smelly
if she's a feminist she only has herself to blame, lol. — user1450877 just now
@apaul That's particularly rough. I wish I had some advice to give you. I can say that a decade ago when I discovered PUA forums I had a moment where I almost bought into the adversarial rhetoric. Unfortunately what worked for me then isn't relevant to your son now.
So uh, are we punishing people for disagreeing with close votes now? interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/9404/…
@Mithrandir @catija d'you think it'd be worth adding these at interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/a/1609/31 ?
@EmC No. We're discouraging users from answering close-worthy questions.
@EmC Is it too harsh?
2:54 PM
@apaul is it redpill?
it's redpill isn't it
@Tinkeringbell Downvoting seems harsh, yes
@Mithrandir I think it might be better to put the notice underneath the question instead of each answer? Might feel less like a personal thing?
@Mithrandir We're not a hive-mind here
@Tinkeringbell Commenting under the answers insures that they see it.
I've answered questions that others later put on-hold, because I felt the question was answerable as is
2:56 PM
We've got some pretty well-defined guidelines for when to close a question by now. If you still decide to answer...
@EmC Not saying I didn't... But I lately noticed people answering things and getting upvotes for it after things were closed ... So I decided to be a bit more pro-active since it was bothering me... :/
I'll just repeat this:
53 mins ago, by Mithrandir
If a question is getting multiple downvotes and requests for info... that's usually a good sign that you shouldn't answer it.
I only asked if it was technically allowed, not if everybody would join me
@Tinkeringbell Fair enough
the auto comment makes it sound like you two are carrying out official policy
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