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10:24 PM
Join/create games here:
^star please
you're a room owner, you can pin it
is this what it feels like to be mod :P
is this tutorial too short, or is it good enough?
Sounds good to me.
shall we test?
Access code: gxcuvl
10:29 PM

We're all in a certain location, like a circus or a space station. Everyone is given that location's name and their "role" there: acrobat, juggler, astronaut, alien...

Except one of us. One person gets *nothing* except a message telling them that they are a spy.

The non-spies' goal is to root out the spy and make a successful unanimous accusation.

The spy's goal is for there to be an *un*successful unanimous accusation **or** to stop the game and correctly guess the location.
2 person spyfall! takes certain ingenuity... :P
yeah, it's called "whoever accuses first wins"
...who are these people
did you make the game public? :/
ssnb is my evil twin
ah :P
what does "ffao" mean, anyway?
10:32 PM
just my initials
kind of unusual to have 4 names up here, so I understand your confusion
let's just try 3 people to see what happens
oh right, Spanish-speaking countries do that - makes sense that Brazil would do it too
deus you have the honor of starting :P
10:33 PM
alright: @thecoder16, how did you get here?
you do have a red "1st" next to your name though
oh, yeah, that's a thing
@Deusovi i got kidnapped
(The other user was just me :P I popped in to see what it was like, but don't actually intend to play as I am terrible at Spyfall)
ffao next then
10:34 PM
@Sp3000 (I'm bad at it too)
everyone here is bad
alright, deusovi, for how long do you intend on staying here?
Only as long as I need to.
@Deusovi, why are you here?
(deusovi's answer was very vague, seems fishy)]
(I don't think you can ask the same person a question twice in a row.)
(can you not? sorry)
10:36 PM
But I'm going to STOP the game here and guess that we're on the PIRATE SHIP.
yes indeed
my answer wasn't too vague, yours was too specific
and how...?
10:37 PM
this was a short game
not many places you can be kidnapped
why pirate ship
even less that make sense as an answer to signal that you know something
well you are trying to signal that you know the location
so i think that eliminated me as spy
oh, it certainly did!
it also told me where we were
10:38 PM
as it's a 3 person game, ffao should've instantly stopped
it did, but you also told the spy where you were
well, let's try again :)
You don't know yourself whether Deus or ffao is spy though :P
wait, we can stop at any time? I thought the vote only happens after the whole session is over
but ffao does
10:39 PM
I could be the spy claiming to know
so they shoudl've instatnly stopped after eliminating me
because 3 people
@thecoder16 then either of us could have stopped it and asked for a vote
remember, votes have to be unanimous, and one wrong unanimous vote loses the game
why are you here?
10:40 PM
of those options, embassy and military base seemed to not make sense with kidnapping. police station, you'd say by (police) car or on foot, and the kidnapping would've happened a while ago. crusader army and pirate ship were my only real options, and pirate ship seemed so much more likely
...wait, we're starting another game? hold on, lemme switch tabs
didn't realize that we were playing again so quickly :P
oops :P
I have business to attend to
welp alright then
(I didn`t realize either)
10:42 PM
game ended? ok
I thought you meant you actually had to leave
like, couldn't play anymore
oh lmao
10:42 PM
Access code: rbdmni
@Sp3000, you sure you don't want to play? we're all bad at it too
yes, do join us! that ffao or sp
you might want to convert that to hex
no idea
oh, hex
I was trying to do it alphanumerically
converting to hex gives 36 35 34 34 30
10:45 PM
"there's nobody here named feddo!"
@thecoder16 no, decimal to hex, not ascii characters to hex
but we know its ffao because he gave us a clue
and sp is not here
dang it, my puzzle is ruined
Currently puzzling and it's taken me too long, so I think I'll pass sorry
but cool lol
alright, start!
@Deusovi: why are you here?
<calls vote> <vote tied 1:1> <repeat ad infinitum>
10:47 PM
To make sure people don't make decisions they'll regret.
@ffao, what's that smell?
Someone must not have showered recently, there is a lot of people here
ugh... you can't tell if people are frantically thinking or awol :P
I'm so confused...
thecoder16, what do you see in front of you?
yeah, we should probably increase the time limit
oh hey, n_p's here!
we're playing spyfall
10:50 PM
not much, really. i'm blocked by people in front of me
@Deusovi how did you get here?
I drove, same as usual.
Woah, when was this created?
@ffao, how's the food here?
@Wen1now about 10 minutes ago :)
10:52 PM
So so, not stellar but not bad either
thecoder16, how long do you intend on staying here?
at most an hour.
timers up, shall we ignore it?
yeah, let's ignore it
it's meant for in-person and voice chat games
@Deusovi how do you like it here?
It's tolerable. Not great, but not terrible either.
so what's our rule for stopping?
10:56 PM
(dunno, should we set a question count?)
@ffao, what color is the floor?
once every 3 questions?
(we could always just keep going until someone either makes an accusation or guesses the location)
i think thats fine
A pastel color
STOP circus tent?
10:57 PM
This is fun spying watching you guys play
@thecoder16 Nope! Supermarket.
gah! i had it narrowed down
I was about to accuse you actually :P
yeah, i knew my questions were too vague
@Wen1now, @GarethMcCaughan - would you like to join in?
10:58 PM
better than last time though :)
I'm not really here, mostly observing
Not right now. Have to go to bed soon.
aw, n_p - you should join too
try it! it's interesting and we are all bad
Access code: rbdmni
10:59 PM
so I can stop out of turn, but can I talk out of turn?
like, to comment on answers
not to answer or ask yourself, but anything else is fine
Wait, how do you tell what/where you are?
But... I'm playing stellaris
Or has the game not started?
It hasn't started
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