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5:25 AM
Q: Why are Invisibility and Force Fields coupled together in certain super heroes?

BCLCFrom reddit: Violet from the Incredibles and Sue Storm from The Fantastic Four are both heroins whose power is both to become invisible and to create force fields. Now, maybe Violet is an homage to Sue Storm but, if she isn't, why is it both of them have these two powers coupled together? Is the...

Q: Why did Sankofa struggle with the leopard?

AdamantIn the novella Remote Control, by Nnedi Okorafor, the protagonist has the ability to emit a green radiation that is lethal to living creatures. Her power is considerable: she can kill everyone within miles, and at close range, outright incinerate several individuals. However, at one point in the ...

5:49 AM
Q: What is the meaning of the ending of "Remote Control"?

AdamantNear the end of the novella "Remote Control", Sankofa looks out over the shea tree farm and sees that: She then thinks to herself about the possibility that the biotechnology firm LifeGen would harvest the seeds and potentially replicate her remote control powers on an industrial scale. She then...

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11:54 AM
Q: cant remember name of this series of books and cant find it myself please help

avidReaderso the plot was somehow like a guy was uploadet to i think a android body and send out to scout for a new habital planet then i think a lot happend and when he returns another lot happens i think but in the end they set out on a lot of ships but here is a problem i think it was the US president o...

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2:47 PM
Q: Is there a faction using the Lasgun / Shield reaction?

ShadeJust rewatched the new Dune movie and had to explain to a friend why melee combat is a thing. I then started wondering: this could very well be used as an offensive weapon. Emphasis by me: Lasguns were the preferred weapon for armies. However, when shields were being employed, lasguns were gener...

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5:39 PM
Q: Did the goal to liberate souls from the Imprisoned Afterlife mean an end to Military Industrial Sorcery?

Silly but TrueIn The Red Star series, magic is introduced in the form of "Military Industrial Sorcery," essentially a form of magical engineered into the normal rote techniques of nearly every modern soldier throughout the world, transforming every trained soldier into a sorcerer armed with modern technology a...

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7:18 PM
Q: Did Captain Terrell and Cdr. Chekov have their phasers when they encountered Khan and his group outside of the Botany Bay?

user57467In the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, did Captain Terrell and Commander Chekov have their phasers when they encountered Khan and his group outside of the Botany Bay?

8:06 PM
Q: Movie or series involving a woman living with other people, who is attacked, and then defends herself and those people with machine/robot-like powers

DraxI can remember in bits of a trailer. There was a woman shown as living with people. Then when they are attacked, she seems to possess powers like she is a machine (robot), and defends her people. I saw this trailer in mid-2021. I think the language was English. The woman's hair was long, and I'd ...

8:31 PM
Q: Was Eclipse Comics’ Miracleman (Marvelman) comics essentially bootleg fanfic?

Silly but TrueThe ownership situation of Miracleman (Marvelman) has some questions, especially with regard to the new stories using the character which began to be published by Eclipse Comics in 1982, written by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. Perhaps the best authoritative resource begins here: https://www.comics...

8:56 PM
Q: If the House of Elrond is the Last Homely House east of the Sea, what are the others?

Captain KirkAs the books call it, Elrond's house is the Last Homely House east of the Sea. But if Rivindell is the last homely house, what are the other homely houses east of the sea? Or does Rivindell count as the last and the first because it is the only one? This question has bugged me for a while, and I ...

9:20 PM
Q: Book: A guy who gets trapped in fantasy world, gets married, finds happiness but gets flung back into his own world and tries to find a way back?

Rid XI think he gets married to a human-like elf person. I just remember feeling a sense of melancholy reading it. The guy gets put back into his own reality, the modern world and spends the rest of the time trying to find a way back into this other reality/dimension where he has a wife. I read it w...

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10:59 PM
Q: Why didn't Albus Dumbledore lift the Anti-Apparition wards like he did in the Great Hall?

Kyle VIf Dumbledore can lift the Anti-Apparition wards even temporarily, like in the Great Hall, why didn't he do it in the Astronomy Tower? Wouldn't that have allowed him to do more in the Battle of Astronomy of Tower? If he couldn't Apparate because he was weak, Harry could have Apparated him as he h...

11:24 PM
Q: ISO: A book about an ancient, ruined wall holding back some destructive force

Peter JonesFrom what I remember, the protagonist finds a huge, ancient wall and a powerful being (Archangel?) comes to arrest him because the wall is forbidden territory. The archangel ends up realizing that the protagonist was right to come to the wall and ends up defending against and dying to the destruc...


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